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  1. One of DS's teachers just returned from a 2-week absence. Turns out his young kids caught covid and he caught it from them. Never heard anything official from the school; he told the students himself when he got back. Rumor has it that two cafeteria workers are also out with covid, but again, nothing official. I am wondering if they are using the "if everyone was properly masked then no one is a close contact" rationalization to not inform us of potential exposures. DS is vaxxed but AFAIK the school doesn't know which students are or aren't; they've never asked. Masks are required in our county school buildings. However, when I went to Open House last week there were a couple of unmasked parents and no one said anything to them.
  2. Our county's is updated daily, but the numbers are questionable. There is a chart showing "new" cases and one showing "active" cases. A case is supposed to be counted as "active" until the individual (could be student or staff) returns to school. Unless these new cases are returning to school after only a day or two, numbers are disappearing into thin air. Close contacts and "probable" cases (those who had symptoms and are awaiting test results) are also shown in separate columns from "confirmed" cases on both charts. I was starting to think that maybe I was just misunderstanding the charts, but DS said one of his friends pulled them up at lunch the other day and was talking about how they didn't add up.
  3. The Big Ideas Simply Explained series from DK: https://www.dk.com/us/promotion/big-ideas/
  4. DS returned this week. Masks are required in our county, he is vaccinated, and he eats lunch outside. He is really happy to be seeing people. However, he is uncomfortable with the lack of social distance on the school buses. He has to transfer from one bus to another each way and rides with kids from three other schools plus his own (3 high schools and a middle school). As of today there have been three covid cases reported from his school, fifteen from one of those other schools, none from the other two. He will not be on the buses every day, as sometimes DH can drop him off and sometimes I will pick him up, but the ride feels like the riskiest part of his day.
  5. Apparently horses were once used in the making of diphtheria vaccines antitoxins, but are no longer. Perhaps this is what she is referring to: https://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/2013/08/how-horses-helped-cure-diphtheria.html https://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/10/health/10hors.html ETA: Sorry, I didn't read very closely. It was diphtheria antitoxins, not vaccines.
  6. In my county, 48% of the total population has received at least one dose. 43% fully vaccinated.
  7. We watch 1776 every year.
  8. I would not want pumpkin spice anything at 4th of July. In the fall, sure!
  9. I'd venture to say that administrative concerns about numbers that could tie into funding and/or supply allocation are a much more likely scenario than a horrific secret placebo operation. The Walgreens and Kroger pharmacies where DS, DH, and I got our shots didn't have any rules about coming back to the same site, although IIRC we also made our second appointments when we scheduled the first. I rescheduled DS's due to a practice AP exam and felt lucky to snag one at the same Walgreens, but that was back in the earlier days of vax availability where it was like a free-for-all with everyone refreshing websites to find appointments.
  10. When we were at the clinic (run by CORE) for DD's first shot, a woman who came in behind us was turned away for a second dose because she'd gotten her first shot at a different site (run by the county health department). Both sites were only offering Pfizer. They told her she had to go back to the original site for the second dose. I couldn't help but overhear as I was standing there filling out paperwork. It surprised me; the county health dept's web page was advertising the CORE clinic, so they seemed to be affiliated, and Pfizer is Pfizer. I also had to sign something saying that we understood we were required to return to the CORE site for DD's second dose. It said "NO EXCEPTIONS" in all caps. It makes me wonder if the issue is how sites report their numbers. Like if having someone go to two different sites screws up the numbers of "fully vaccinated" versus "never returned for second shot" that each location turns in, so they made a stupid rule. At any rate it seems really wrong to turn willing people away.
  11. I take gummy D vitamins just because I prefer them to pills, so I'm more likely to actually remember them. The brand I currently have is Vitafusion but I've also used Rainbow Light.
  12. DD woke up feeling fine yesterday. Fever was gone and only complaint was a mildly sore arm. So basically back to normal at 48 hrs post-shot.
  13. DD started running a fever (101.9) late last night, 12 hrs post-shot. Took Motrin and went to sleep. Slept until 10:30 am today, then was feverish, dizzy, and queasy when she got up. Fortunately the dizziness and nausea only lasted a few minutes. She took more Motrin and spent the day lying around watching TV. Still running a low fever (100.4 without meds) before bed tonight.
  14. DD got her second shot earlier today. No dizziness this time! That was a pleasant surprise, since she had dizziness with the first dose and has a history of dizziness/fainting with other shots. She says her arm itches and hurts more than it did the first time. It doesn't seem to be too bad as she is energetically singing and digging through a Lego bin at the moment. 😆 Will update tomorrow - wondering if she will get the same body aches that DS, DH and I all had the day after our second doses.
  15. My mother is 72 and has IBS. She had both doses of Pfizer back in January/February and neither caused any IBS-related side effects. Just fatigue with the first, fatigue and muscle aches with the second.
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