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  2. Zeus on the Loose is one I can think of. There is a timeline game that I saw and almost got but ended up making our own in stead. What I did is that I cut out timeline figures I found free online, wrote the dates for them on the back, cut strips of paper to represent years each, and layed them out across our living room floor (we didn't go back all the way to the beginning of the book...). I shuffled them and put them face up. I put a few cards where they would go on the timeline for reference. If it was your turn, without looking at the back of the card, you had to make a guess to where it went. You got points for getting it between the correct two cards to right or left, even if you were off on where it went (game got harder as we got more cards). It was fun. We stopped when the timeline got too crowded.
  3. When people ask, "Why do people care?" they should picture them them looking at a 10k property tax bill or filing for state income tax while trying to cut their personal budget again. Yes, if money is spent people will care and honestly they should. It may be educational to go to an amusement park to learn physics but it's not the most cost effective way to do so. When you say kids ought to go to Disneyland on the taxpayers dime, you are taking that money out of people's pockets. You are saying your neighbor ought to pay for your kid's Disneyland trip.
  4. What's an umbrella policy? In the UK we have separate policies for cars, house, life but nothing called an umbrella. Is it public liability? Here that's written into each policy.
  5. Do you know what you are allergic to? When it is allergy season, I shower before bed to catch any pollen, use an air filter in my house (one by the TV, one in my bedroom), and change my pillowcase as much as every night. Also you could be allergic to dust mites, or they could be exacerbating your seasonal allergies. Buy new pillows, encase your mattress, etc. I'm sure the sinus infection is the major dealio at the moment, this is just free advice for the future 😊.
  6. Depends, but honestly, that seems like a recommendation from 40 years ago.
  7. VCU orientation for students was one day of parent/student info (parents separated from students), then students spent the night and were picked up the next day. It was done very well and ITA that it was basically to ease the transition and reassure parents. I don't remember JMU's orientation because we did a visit, then Dd and I (and my best friend) went back for auditions (music ed). I know dd went a week before school started and the students did a sexuality/drug/alcohol lectur and had to take a course online before arriving that covered that sort of thing before they got there. They had fun activities to foster relationships and "build the Rah-rah culture" i.e. I LOVE JMU stuff.
  8. If I were an engineering student accepted to VT there's no way I'd go to Sweet Briar. The reputation difference alone would make me turn it down. Sweet Briar almost closed, too; while I don't know the current situation, I can understand why they made the offer. Nothing against them--it's a lovely school w a good liberal arts rep, and some other majors, too, but just not in the same ballpark as Tech for engineering.
  9. I read the transcript, and my impression is that this author is trying to sell books by repackaging and relabeling something that has existed for decades as if it's (1) a new phenomenon and (2) a huge problem. The actual facts that she cites do not line up with the claim that hook-up culture is rampant on college campuses and causing serious problems. In addition to the fact that students are actually having less sex than they were a few decades ago, the author admits that fully one-third of students never hook up at all in four years of college, and the percentage of students who are really into hooking up is a mere 15%. And it will come as a surprise to exactly no one that the majority of those 15-percenters are white males who are "conventionally attractive" and "upper-middle-class or wealthy." So... frat boys with fancy cars get laid a lot in college? This is news? Also, the fact that the following quote was provided as evidence of hook-up culture is pretty absurd, since it sounds exactly like every guy who ever whined about being "friendzoned" since time immemorial. The fact that this guy thinks there must be something terribly wrong with the culture if a girl he wants to have sex with doesn't want to have sex with him, even though she says she likes him, is an illustration of male entitlement, not proof of the dangers of hooking up. 🙄
  10. An aside, some time back I bumped into a few twitter feeds of ocean/wildlife photographers in/around Shetland that she might find interesting. I check fairly often. Because sea otters make me happy.
  11. Hi guys, I am not a doctor or an aesthetician or a makeup counter professional. Just a sufferer of cystic acne since age 12 I'm now 45 and no sign of clear skin ahead. Until discovering this...adjust accordingly. You'll have clear skin in less than a week if it's going to work for you. 8 steps for clear skin 1. Blue Dawn dish liquid and a BufPuf (go easy) 2. Isopropyl Alcohol toner 3. Neutrogena T/SAL (NOT T/GEL) let lather sit on face 5 minutes 4. Selsun Blue Extra Medicated Shampoo let lather sit on face 5 minutes 5. 10% benzoyl peroxide cream/gel apply to entire face 6. 1% hydrocortisone cream apply on and around cysts only 7. Mix some Selsun Blue and water in a spray bottle, mist face 8. If you wear foundation let the prior steps dry and use Philips Milk of Magnesia plain unflavored version mixed with water as a face primer (start with 50/50 mix and adjust as needed)
  12. Yes, definitely heard the angst. But we are tied to the Correspondence School supervisors' allowance. So when they get an increase, we demand the same. No reason to rock the boat without them.
  13. Listen, if I don't begrudge public schoolers one or two not-so-educational field trips in a year - and I really don't! - then I am not going to draw the line at homeschoolers who use public funds doing the same thing. You know what's educational about a trip to the amusement park? It's the student's reward for slogging through math all year when they'd rather have goofed off. They got their education, now they get their treat, and I'm really okay with that. I'm not okay with the HSLDA being their usual obnoxious selves.
  14. school continue to figure out camp schedule on Excel. I just need to be able to print it out at this point. . . Dh's birthday! I'm going to be ambitious and will make a flourless chocolate cake for dessert not sure what to make for the supper part. Town hall? I'm a bit overwhelmed by my own things but I got an email from a city council member urging me to come and now I'm conflicted. . .
  15. Today
  16. Allergra-D is my drug of choice for allergies.
  17. Been helping dh with the fence. Our motto is: Measure once, cut twice. (Actually it’s measure a billion times and cut a billion times.).
  18. Why is it a privilege? It is your child and your responsibility to rasIe them. All the kids I saw mentioned in the article though we're 7 and under though. I would like to see what a high schooler would use the money for - a couple of AOPS, WTMA and Lukieon courses would take care of $2800 quickly. And I don't see why the charter needs to keep $4000 to $6000 per kid - for what? I don't see why they are given that much since they don't have the overheads of public schools
  19. I will say (based on different FB groups) that people in CA who use those dollars to homeschool, either to buy curriculum or to use it on top of their homeschool curriculum for lessons or field trips are feeling very, very panicked about possibly losing the money (among other things, but the money is the chief concern that I see). So any negativity about the way the system works, especially with the bills currently being floated feels like an attack. And sometimes it is, honestly. There are a lot of people on the left and right that don't have favorable opinions of public charters for homeschoolers. And if the only difference between being able to afford to homeschool or not is that $2 or $3k from the state, then it puts some people up a creek if they are eliminated. But it seemed pretty plain to me that the HSLDA guy interviewed in the article wasn't trying to hide anything about the mission of the organization or their stance on charters, or that the HS community in general is divided on public charters. 🤷‍♀️ The funny thing is that I can get all the stuff I view as "extras" if I sign up for Inspire or another charter, but they won't pay for my bare bones CLE math workbooks because it's got Bible verses on some of the pages. So it's not as if there are no lines drawn anywhere or oversight of anything.
  20. Depends on if she'll spend much time in the dorm room, what the room comes furnished with, and if she'll have much of anything she wants locked up. If a locking trunk would end up not being needed to double as furniture, and if it would be overkill for securing valuables, perhaps all she needs is a dorm lock box of some sort. Or a diversion safe -- bleach, peanut butter, or roller brush version 😁 DS#1 had a dorm with enough furniture that his locking trunk would have just been in the way for use as furniture, so it spent the entire time under his bed. Don't know if he ever used it to lock up any of his electronics, or if he just kept them (along with his wallet) handy and with him in his backpack along with his wallet. 😉
  21. Which may be the problem. Do HSLDA represent the people the article was about? If not why ask them.
  22. It is quite a lot less though and have you heard the worry (paranoia?) Of some of the older homeschoolers when asking for an increase after 30 years being the same is mentioned? But yes, taking money from the government need not mean surrendering control.
  23. According to the DSM-5, the diagnostic difference between ASD and Social Communication Disorder is basically just the presence or absence of restricted/repetitive behavior/interests. SCD is like ASD-light. My DS 7 was originally diagnosed with SCD, but that psychologist didn't actually rule out ASD with any kind of diagnostic tool. She thought he didn't "seem autistic." Things got harder as he got older, not easier, and his therapists kept recommending him for therapies that our insurance wouldn't cover with a SCD diagnosis, so I took him for a second opinion from a multidisciplinary team, which determined that we are in fact dealing with autism, not SCD. And as it turns out, SCD isn't supposed to be diagnosed unless ASD is conclusively ruled out, so the SCD was a hardcore misdiagnosis. When they evaluated your DS, did they use the ADOS? That's the gold standard for diagnosing or ruling out ASD. Many will supplement with the ADI-R. HERE'S a good explanation of SCD. THIS page lists the current diagnostic criteria for ASD and SCD. And for reference, HERE is the diagnostic criteria from the DSM-4 for Asperger's. To me it actually seems more restrictive than the current criteria for ASD (basically the DSM-5 ASD criteria + no significant language delay + no cognitive delay + no delay in adaptive behavior).
  24. Endodontist - mine is worth his weight in gold. Front tooth implant? You better believe I’d be heading to a specialist for that. I’d want someone who’s done so many of those s/he could get it right with eyes closed. I would not trust the job to a typical dentist who probably does front tooth implants once in a blue moon, sorry. JMO of course.
  25. Have you tried any of the seasonal allergy support supplements? They DO work. D-Hist is the best, but there is a generic with the exact same ingredients (De-Hist on Amazon, lol) and it costs less and probably works just as well. *Edited to add that my dd takes this and if she needs an actual allergy medication she will take it as well on a really bad day without any issues.
  26. I LOVE the Homeschool Store. Been going there for over 10 years. Randy is awesome! No news on the Scotland front, ya'll. Anyone willing to pray/send good vibes, we would appreciate it. And I really have to shut off my computer, watch Lord of the Rings, and go to sleep. I'll catch up tomorrow. Night everyone!
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