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  2. I'm playful today. I think a good snowball fight should chill us out in time for second school today.
  3. It was all on machine, but I think you could do it by hand. I avoid hand sewing most of the time, but the directions for traditional piecing would work as well by hand as by machine.
  4. I know the effort that took! I usually just hunt in the store and get the ones they (or I) want. Have you seen the people packs? Target has a space one.
  5. I wasn't even go to follow the link before you posted bc I think there are plenty of studies proving the contrary. But, oh, my there are so many flaws with that article. She discusses the SAT in terms of some singular test with articles going back to the early 2000s with no acknowledgment that the test of 2019 is not the same test. And, anyone who has had a kid test without studying and then test with studying knows that scores can be impacted. (And what about kids who test with vast discrepancies between ACT and SAT scores? Guess kids' "intelligence" falls out of their heads with one test vs the other?) Garbage.
  6. Thank you! My father, though I love him dearly and I know he only wants to help (and I have asked for his advice from time to time), has a lot of things to say, mostly revolving around the fact that boys need dogs and need to be in the country so they have room to run and fall and do physical things. Which I don’t disagree with, but as DH is a pastor, we live in a parsonage and have people breathing down our necks about the state of the house and the yard, his “advice” mostly just makes me feel even worse and like things are hopeless! You made me feel better🙂
  7. Ordered books for kids for Christmas. Plus a Dave Barry Christmas audiobook for our entertainment while driving and sitting in traffic! I know Amazon can be evil and annoying, but I do love shopping in the comfort of my home, doing in just a few minutes what would take hours of trekking around. Next up: Get dressed to go out. Rescue the brownies from the oven. Check math Serve lunch
  8. human care is done pet care is done medical care is done I have the keys and title ready for the tow truck driver when he arrives. I am listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums again. I like that they have a lot of the really old carols mixed in with new jazzy tunes.
  9. Yes. Need to play more games. Just seems like all my time right now is taken up by teaching DDs10&8 and keeping DD1 from climbing everything! Plus, he spends almost all day playing outside, so we try to play catch-up together in the evenings. Helpful to remember!
  10. This one is kind of cheesy, but every year we get the boys Lego Mini-Figs for their stockings. Lego releases little single packs, but it's a mystery grab bag -- there are 16 in the series each time, but you don't know which one you're getting in the pack. There used to be little dots on the packaging so you could kind of tell if you were getting duplicates or not, and DH would spend a while standing in the store checking, yet we'd always end up with one or two repeats. This year, whether strictly ethical or not, DH ordered extras/bought extras, and last night we sat and felt all of the packages trying to identify unique pieces in each one to determine what they were. We were able, we're pretty sure, to identify every single one in the series and return the duplicates, so that, if we were accurate in our package-feeling, the kids will have all 16, no duplicates, for the first time ever. We won't know for sure until Christmas if we were successful or not, but I really hope so and think so.
  11. DH has been complaining about his laptop for two years. I am replacing it for him. 🤗 I am also excited to see DSs reaction to the record player and jazz LPs.
  12. It's going to sound soooooo cheesy, but my DH ❤ He is consistently selfless and encouraging and I can count on one hand in 22 years of marriage when I've felt like he's been rude or selfish with me or the kids, which he could definitely not say about me 🙄 and I so often think about how he would react when I'm in a tricky spot with one of the kids. But at the same time he's relentless about telling me how amazing he thinks I am and how he doesn't deserve me. Which would be annoying if I didn't know he absolutely means it lol! So, yeah. Eat your hearts out, ladies, I got the best one out there and I admire and respect him so so much! I tell him all that a lot, so he knows, but I don't think he really realizes how much he inspires me to be a better person, so that I can live up to what he thinks about me a little bit better.
  13. It gave me the time frame it would arrive, 12th-18 with the free shipping. Anything faster to our area is very expensive. I am very frugal about some things, and I hate paying for shipping. ETA But I expect it to ship the next day via a slower method, not sit in a warehouse for a week before shipping. Somehow that is more stressful. No progress.
  14. I hear you, and by no way am I saying he is negative. He is the greatest, sweetest little guy. Just feel like right now I am in over my head, his sisters are so different!
  15. Yes to this, too. My dad threw an absolute FIT one year when we were visiting (a different visit than the Christmas disaster) when we wanted to go by a Lego store while in town (we were, at the time, living in Brazil, and a specific something had just been released, that our boys wanted, and it was literally our only chance to snag it while in the US). Our boys would have been, at most, 15, 12, and 8 at the time. Maybe a year younger. My dad swore up and down "only one of the boys is even young enough to be interested in Legos, we're not going an hour out of the way for that!" (not exactly an hour "out of the way" but he thought so, so.....). We couldn't even buy Legos for their kids (his wife's, same ages as my oldest boys)....they'd literally be in the aisle looking at Legos with us, find something they wanted/liked, then look at the age limits on the box to check if it was allowed; Dad had made a rule that the lower limit had to be within 1 or 2 yrs of their age (not the upper limit) or they couldn't get it. 😞 He'd flip out if he knew our 19 yr old still has Legos on his list (and all 3 still spend hours playing with Lego when all together.....). Why it's so hard for people to grasp is beyond me.....thank heavens we have other relatives who more or less get it and don't fuss too much.
  16. I will check these out, thanks! He doesn’t explode, just....flops and growls so far, but I don’t want it to get to exploding! DD8 was, and still is to some extent, very dramatic as a toddler. I remember sending her to her room and her crying and yelling, “I can’t breathe, this is my last breath!” Needless to say she was breathing just fine! 🙄 She was also the one who, when I sent her to her room another time, took the screen off the window and was hollering for help! So glad we didn’t have neighbors on that side of the house at that point! She has calmed down nicely. DS is nowhere near as dramatic, just....resolute and a persistent little bugger, lol!
  17. Well, I was super happy. I got in touch with one of my husband's hiking buddies and got some good mountain photos of their favorite places. I had a panoramic 12x36 printed on metal and ordered a barn wood frame for it. I also ordered 4 photo mugs each with a different mountain pic wrapped around. Like a golden sunset, a foggy morning, and 2 others. I've been so excited to give it to him. But I was upset and told him not to get me anything for Christmas because I would hate it if he tried to get me an expensive gift to feel better. He, in turn, said to not get him anything... so... and the stuff hasn't arrived yet from Shutterfly (ordered 2 weeks ago!) though I've had the frame for a week. I hope it turns out well. I'm super excited to give my 10 yr old daughter a sewing machine! She will love, love, love it! And absolutely not expect it. My 5 yr old will love having his own rollerblades! No super wow for my 8 yr old but he'll be happy with what we found.
  18. I forgive myself for all the self destructive and risk taking behaviors I engaged in throughout high school and college before I was shown that the hole I was looking to fill could only be filled by Jesus.
  19. D'S 17 wants a cello, so we are going in with my mom and dad to get him a not horrifically expensive beginner one. He wants one and has asked multiple times for one, but I don't think he actually expects to get one because I've told him multiple times that we don't have room and he doesn't have time to teach himself, so it will be fun to see the surprise on his face 🙂
  20. I'm curious, was it supposed to ship or you picked pokey ship? I like doing Pokey ship, because then I can earn $$ for digital stuff. Of course then I forget what brilliant things I was going to buy with the digital credits.
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