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  3. One of the moms said if I didn’t want a drug like Ritalin (she said this was the same as Adderall*) that my insurance would basically make me try those before agreeing to let me switch. She has BCBS but not necessarily the same plan. She named one but I am not not very familiar with the meds. She said lucky for them the first? med they tried worked but the dosing was the thing they had to work out. She said some are time released. What worked best for them was two small doses with one administered after lunch by the school nurse when the first has worn off. I had no idea they might need to take a dose at school. *they aren’t the same but maybe in a similar category? Maybe that’s what she meant.
  4. my experience is that drowsing is better than a snap trap. maybe your mice are smarter than mine and get right in for a sudden death. but we seem to catch just one leg and have to dispatch eh mouse n the morning after they have been struggling half the night and dislocated their leg in the struggle or several times we have found just the tail in the trap - we guess it pulled it off in the struggle to free itself. So a big mouthful of water would be a lot more peaceful way to go.
  5. That sucks. I’m utterly miserable. Been up and down all night with various symptoms.
  6. Just for a laugh, I'll tell you I saw caffeine chewing gum at the store tonight... Yes, this was part of the logic our behaviorist used as we decided to wait for my ds. Turns out, now that we have genetics, that he shouldn't be on a stimulant med at all. There's also data that anyone beginning meds has better outcomes (parents are more pleased, etc.) if the parents get behavioral training first. So you're right, I was saying no benefit to waiting, and yet those are benefits. And I think for the more challenging situations (ASD, ODD, FASD, etc.) that's a valid question, what that path needs to be.
  7. We are trying chewing gum and listening to classical Brain Music while doing schoolwork with the twins. their peadiatrician wants to start medicating them- but we feel that if we introduce chemical restraint now than they will never be given the opportunity to try and self regulate at all. I am not convinced that they actually have ADD- and their impulsiveness is more part of FASD and ODD and trauma and all the other things they have been diagnosed with
  8. He is Risen! I'm headed down valley to hear the full Messiah, after checking cows. Dd will check whilst I am gone. Several of our twin calves are not doing well--one is still getting tube fed. I'll probably sew when I get home.
  9. Hallelujah! Happy easter!
  10. We've had a discussion of phosphatidylserine in the past. I was going to say won't help but then googlefu pops up some studies. I *think* maybe I read they were trying to make a medication version. Again, I think the trouble is significance. Ok, the product I'm remembering is Vayarin. Not sure what the current availability is or what the studies are showing.
  11. Happy Easter Everyone! church call Mom? take down fence and put up temporary fence?
  12. At home I use honey in tea, lemonade, sweet salad dressings, etc. It costs more, but it's delicious. On the go I use liquid stevia drops.
  13. He is risen indeed! Headed down valley later for Messiah
  14. Lemon Buttermilk Sheet Cake:
  15. Junie

    He is risen!

    Hallelujah. He is risen indeed!
  16. I missed it, but that's not true. I know quite a few unmedicated ADHD hunters who do just fine. Incompetent hunters are a problem. ADHD involves misplaced attention, not simply a lack of ability to attend. The extensive walking, fresh air, nature, quiet, and mindful aspect of hunting is very good to them and maybe even therapeutic. And of course it's good self-discipline.
  17. Pen

    He is risen!

    He is risen indeed. Alleluia! Happy Passover (still my time) and Happy Easter !
  18. Probably true, but oh, but how those early hours suck for those of us who aren't sunny, morning people. I'm barely coherent before 10 am. No matter how much sleep I've had, no matter how I go about the waking-up process.... mornings suck if I have to get out of bed before 9 am, and triply suck if I have to be presentable before 10. An ideal day for me would be to sleep until 11:15 am and go to bed around 3 am. My "alert" hours are between 7 pm and 1 am. DH jokes about it because I am DRAGGING myself along around 2 pm, barely functioning & exhausted... then by 5 I'm starting to perk up, and by 7 pm I am ready to conquer the world! It takes me a LONG time to wake up! lol He is a morning person. We're not sure how we're still happily married. Luckily, our two oldest can function in mornings. I wouldn't call them morning people, but the early ACT/SAT starts haven't phased them (it phased ME moreso because I had to drive them to said stupid-early tests...). Last kid, unfortunately, takes after his mama. As long as he comes home and crashes afterwards for a couple hours, he's usually okay.
  19. Thanks @LJPPKGFGSC ! I found a used copy of it online and am going to get it to see how much information is available in it. I also found Mary Johnston's book "The Private Life of the Romans" online and it seems to be a good reference for learning about the daily roman life in case someone else is searching for this information:
  20. DD just nailed down a summer job today. In the past, she's worked at one of two places and interned at another. This year, we really wanted her to do something different. She'd put in several applications, but had no responses at all. She's out of state at school currently, so she can't show up to the "job fairs" a lot of these places have for their summer job positions. Luckily, her sister bumped into one of the bosses at one of the places dd1 had applied (DD2 knows the guy) and he said he'd absolutely hire DD1, so yay!! We were starting to worry that DD1 would wind up working at the same summer job she's had in the past, so this was a big relief! 🙂 So - this is the first summer that all 3 of my kids will be working pretty much full-time summer jobs. 😶 That's a strange feeling!
  21. Have any of you received results yet?
  22. Except probably for the people involved in the college admissions scam ... those guys could have a replacement take the tests in hotel rooms, apparently. sorry, I spent too much time today reading about the scam and just had to comment on how there is a strict rule for us and not so strict rules for the scammers.
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