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stocking stuffers for dh


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Dh is hard to shop for.  He is very particular about clothes.   I have no idea what to get him for Christmas as a gift much less stocking stuffers.  So i'm starting with the stocking stuffers in hopes of getting inspired.






Ideas please!

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Guitar strings? (He probably has a favorite brand)

I've just discovered Worksman's Friend Barrier lotion. I got some for my dh who enjoys working on his car. Usually his hand are not 100% afterward (mostly around his nails) regardless of  how much he scrubs. This stuff is great! He worked on his car all Saturday and most of Sunday and still has nicely clean hands! 

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These don't relate to his interests necessarily, but when I did dh's stocking last year, the two biggest hits were surprisingly a tiny tin of Nivea for Men hand cream and a little shammy for cleaning his glasses. They were both things I grabbed on a whim, but he has really loved having them.

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Not a stocking stuffer, but last year I got Dh a set of Helly Hansen Rain gear for sailing that he really liked. He goes in the ocean for week long trips sometimes so it is vital gear but having nice brands makes it much more comfortable.  It was from Amazon and had free returns, so I bought it close to Christmas so the return window would still be open after the holiday.  I bought two sizes, to make sure he had the right size (thin/tall so goes between medium/large) and returned the other set. I think they were about $50 a piece for each jacket and pant, so about $100 total.

Another holiday I bought him good sailing boots for rain.  I don't remember he details on those, just found them on a really good sale one day and lucked out. 


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Small notebooks, particularly with graph paper, from Field Notes are a big hit with dh and his brother. 


Magnetic putty. Bouncy ball. 

Our stockings always feature snacks and fun writing utensils, because they're cheap and everyone can use them or easily give them to someone who can. 

I don't buy for hobbies because it's so often a waste of money if it's not what the person wanted. dh and I have gone years without buying gifts for each other, bc we basically buy things as we want them. And it's all our money, so, y'know . . . 

Everyone gets a stocking (yes, I do my own, lol). When the kids were younger, we would make a point of having a few gifts to open bc they would be disappointed otherwise. These gifts were usually picked out and purchased by the recipient ?

Does your dh want gifts? If he tells you not to worry about it, then don't worry about it (I mean, definitely make it clear that you plan to do this, lol).  Fill a fun stocking. If you have kids who will want him to have a gift, tell him to pick out a shirt or something. 

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