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  1. I say go ahead. And if you feel guilty about the money, donate an adequate amount to a charity/cause of your choice.
  2. I wanted to get started on my gift shopping today and was wondering if anyone had some input on these: a) Trivial pursuit: We have an old original game and the family edition (too easy now that the kids are bigger). I thought more/different questions would be nice. I would be open to buy an entire game but would prefer just getting cards. Does anyone have experience with this and recommendations? b) DS15 has been playing some chess lately. I was wondering about getting him a book or something similar. He does know the general rules and how to play but has been showing interest in ope
  3. Huh, I didn't notice that it was an old thread so I kept reading all the advice to go and thought, doesn't a single person think it might be because of COVID-19/that it might be a good idea to cancel? Took me a while to figure it out!
  4. I am actually not sure how long it takes to get a degree in medicine here in Germany (though I am fairly sure more than four years, at a minium there must be residency requirements etc.) but part of the reason is probably that it is not split into an undergraduate degree and then med school. If you want to study medicine you start right after graduating high school and just concentrate on that. So it should be shorter than in the US as you don't take any of the general undergraduate courses.
  5. Okay, we are always just three and this is what we have: a (tiny) turkey/turkey breast or chicken, sweet-n-sour bean casserole, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, and one or more of the following: mashed potatoes, corn, rolls.
  6. Not sure what your rules are exactly but here churches did require masks only for walking in and out, not while sitting down, for a while (numbers were fairly low at that point). The idea is that when seated you will not be closer than six feet so masks are not necessary. I realize it doesn't make much sense due to singing/air transmission etc. but at that point our numbers were so low that I felt okay with it. Numbers have since risen a lot and I am currently staying home from church so not sure what the procedure is currently.
  7. I don't think it will really be necessary to pay anyone to get the vaccine (at least initially). First of all, there likely will be far less vaccine available at first than needed so only a fraction can get it anyway. Then I do believe there will be a lot of pressure on getting it from various sides: You want to travel and enter country X? Prove that you had the shot. You want to go on a cruise? Prove you had the shot. You want to attend a large conference? Prove you had the shot etc. By the time sufficient vaccine is available and all the people eager to get it (or forced to in order to live
  8. Have you considered that it may mostly be frustration? I am far from perfect when it comes to conservation/sustainable living but would have a hard time with someone I cared about not believing that "climate change is super important". Because it is. It's just a fact. I can understand not acting on it - obviously that's not great but there are lots of things we know we should do and don't. But someone just not believing facts (or believing things that are clearly untrue) would deeply frustrate me.
  9. Probably a mix. Obviously, I wouldn't know if I don't remember. I generally wake up I think (or don't remember). Quite often I can tell while I am dreaming that it is a nightmare and kind of think to myself, "This dream sucks. I better wake up." And I do.
  10. Probably not. I never have as it is only recommended for certain groups where I live. I have considered it this year due to COVID (potentially overloaded doctors/hospitals, less chance of getting both etc.) but don't think I will as they are low on flu shots and they are still supposed to be used mainly for at risk populations.
  11. For me, the same thing backfires. I/we don't really eat leftovers but I can't throw things out either. So I just stick stuff in the fridge and leave it there until it definitely isn't edible anymore. I generally try to cook amounts that we will eat so there aren't usually large amounts of cooked food - it is more half-used cans of ingredients etc.
  12. In my opinion there is a (strong) correlation between hard work and success. But everyone starts at a different place and yes, that is far from fair. If you are born into a rich, educated etc. family and maybe are fairly good-looking and smart you will likely be successful even with little work. If you are born in a disadvantaged position it will be much harder. But with a given start, hard work will usually lead to more success. And success isn't the same for everyone. One person may be successful if they get a high-powered job, win prices etc. while for another success may be a decent j
  13. Honestly, I would just let it go. As far as disobedience goes, it is rather minor - noone got hurt, nothing was damaged, noone was in danger. I am sure whoever it was got a pretty big scare and given that you said that the kids are in general well-behaved I would just let it be.
  14. I have. Wasn't really worried about it. I might feel different about a resort though (i.e. using restaurant, activities, pool etc.).
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