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Good thoughts/Prayers/Karma energy please!


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I am going to court on Monday. My husband refused to pay the support he was supposed to per the Court's temporary orders. Monday is to address his "order to vacate" the court's order.


Then on Wednesday I have to go to court because I filed that he is in contempt due to not paying.


He just filed a motion this morning (11 pages long) of every reason why he should not have to pay me a dime during this time. He makes 5X more than me! 


I have been struggling financially for the last few months and now I am really up against the wire. I have about $1000 left in my savings account and that is it. Meanwhile my STBX has been living large, going out for $200 dinners with his girlfriend, buying $500 concert tickets, going on vacation to Stowe VT and Martha's Vineyard, just to name a few. I have laid out all the money he has been spending .... I just hope the judge really listens to everything. 


My STBX is pulling out all the stops to bury me. We have such a simple case (one house, two grown kids, a 401K and some investment accounts) but he wants to give me nothing. Not a dime. I am hoping the judge throws the book at him, although I am still not convinced he will pay up.


Any good thoughts would be appreciated. This has been going on for almost 2 years now. I just want my life back

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I have many expletive laden descriptions for your ex, but only hugs for you!


I hope the judge buries him and you get some justice and your life back.

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:grouphug:  I have another friend who has been going through 5 years of trauma due to her WhenWillHeEverBeHerEx. He's a jerk, maybe a little mentally off balance, and went from being a hard-working, sober, responsible adult to party animal wild man who still holds down a very decent job, making big bucks and she struggles to help her kids. Maybe he's waiting for the youngest to become an adult, as the other 2 have in the past 5 years.  :glare:

Every story is a little different. Just wanted to chime in and send good thoughts your way, juju we call it; plus prayers and good vibes. I think even hoping your STBX mans up and gives in would be a good thing to reach for. Bless you.  :grouphug:  

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