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Help me come up with a literary middle name


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Our first DD has the middle name Elinor, named after the character from Austen's Sense and Sensibility. (Although we really should have named her after Marianne instead :p) I thought Jane would be a great middle name (Jane from Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre) but I don't love how it sounds with our front runner first name. Anyone have ideas for me?

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Thanks for all the ideas! I got distracted last night arguing the merits of Scarlett O'Hara with DH. It's alright to name my daughter after a flawed character, right? :)


My husband really wanted to name our first Elizabeth with Bennett as a middle name. He turned out to be a boy, though, so we still haven't done it. :)


I love that!


Watch for what the initials will be. My daughter is grateful that we did not give her the middle name of Frances (even though she likes the name) because her initials would have been the forever embarrassing . . .






I like the name Amelia a lot, but the initials do not work. KFC would probably be even worse though! :lol:


Ann :) oops Anne (my middle name is without the "e")


My middle name is also Ann, but on my name list I wrote down Anne, of course!

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Eliot was on the short list for DD the Elder, but we ditched it upon finding out Sting had used it. But that was long ago now.

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As a musician, I also am sensitive to the rhythm of a name. Elinor is a lovely name, btw! I favor a one-syllable name following it. The suggestion of Rose added after Elinor provides both euphony and good rhythm. Gives a "full stop" before the surname.


A two-syllable middle name provides a "semi-colon", or brief pause before the surname.

A three-syllable (or longer) middle name provides a long musical phrase from the beginning of the given name to the end of the surname.


Of course all this is subjective! :001_smile:

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Eowyn or Arwen?

I think those are both lovely names, but my sister would be jealous if I used them! Also, DH isn't a LOTR fan..



Continuing the Austen theme-








I hadn't thought of Darcy, but I love it! Super cute. I was telling DH last night that Darcy is a better character than Elizabeth.

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