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  1. BTDT. My father voluntarily contributed some money each month; however, we never felt comfortable accepting it. We would have taken care of everything ourselves happily. As it was, we spent more on him than he contributed, but successfully hid that fact from him. He lived with us for 3-1/2 years, which was a treasure beyond price. Unbelievable amount of stress and labour for us, but so what? He died nearly one year ago, and we all still miss him deeply. Seems foolish ever to build plans around an inheritance. One can die any day, including before said inheritance arrives. Dad's attorney occasionally pushed us to set up a lease agreement. We told him that was unacceptable. Social Security payments never were in jeopardy. Medicaid was not an issue because where we live, one must first enter a nursing home as a private pay resident, then hope/pray that a dual-certified bed becomes available. Places will not accept a prospective resident who wants to begin as a Medicaid resident; administrators will invent all manner of obstacles to accepting such a patient.
  2. I had four c-sections, and the pair of OBs said they would ask me to stop after six. They were top-reputation doctors in the city where we were living.
  3. Your age is not at all a problem. Your uterine health may be in the danger zone. Sounds like a high-risk pregnancy, if one occurs, that would require close monitoring and very careful management. Mine were born when I was 31, 34, 39, and 44. All healthy. Miscarriage at age 45.
  4. Thank you! Anyone using that Sonlight core which revolves around the twentieth century could incorporate this series.
  5. Venting because DH received a $287 speeding ticket for driving 33 mph in a 20 mph school zone. He was observing the zone and stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, he forgot that he was still in the school zone, so took off at regular rate of speed. This was NOT in the budget.
  6. Thank you for some background information. I think I was coming from a perspective that the patriarchy movement is no more than a small splinter within world Christianity, and maybe only a sturdy twig-size within homeschooling. Thus not of great significance within the big picture. At the same time, my nature always has been to steer clear of people with either a cult- or a fan-following. Suchlike makes me suspicious, whether it be religion, politics, sports, or entertainment.
  7. Within recent months there have been medical news articles published about the dangers of extended use of anticholingergic drugs, of which Benadryl is an example.
  8. Also an aspect of being 20. I have lived with insomnia for forty years now. I don't believe that there is a "one size fits all" solution. You will have to try various remedies until you find something that works. In my own case, "what works" helps for a while, then peters out, forcing me to try again with something else. (Over forty years, there are a lot of "repeats" in the mix.) Research seems unified to avoid tablets, computers, televisions, cell phones, and the like from sundown onward. At the least, stop two-to-three hours prior to retiring for the night. Every night I cover bedroom clocks, radios, telephone, and DVD player with washcloths to block those lights. Light-blocking curtains don't even help as expected, because light comes into the room from around the top and side edges. Melatonin often is cited by reflex. Do, though, read some of the "con" articles about using a hormone for this purpose. Reduce stress is advised. That is buffoonery in my case, but I hope helpful for other people. Alcohol does not aid sleep. Valerian is great -- so long as you don't mind getting up during the night to urinate. Prescriptive meds have a long rap sheet. I confess, nonetheless, to sleeping by means of doctor-suggested trazodone for about four years, long ago. . . . and the list goes on . . . MY SINCERE BEST WISHES, DR. BAUER, FOR YOUR RELIEF ! ! !
  9. I had to come upstairs to our PC in order to post this. For several days now -- (started on the 13th, I think) -- I am ejected from the board system with every action, when I use an iPad Air. Some message about cannot identify my system security code, or some such. I know I should have copied this down before coming upstairs, in order to provide useful information. I never have downloaded Tapatalk. (One is using the data plan whether with Internet or with app, so what on earth is the advantage?) At any rate, this is a consistent problem for me.
  10. I did not know what this thread was about, so investigated. I now have laughed my way -- with joy -- through all of the one-star reviews on We are overhauling our "stuff" as fast as scant time allows, but shall not buy this book.
  11. Are you ladies discussing remedies for the redness? or for the bumps? I refused to take an antibiotic for the rosacea breakouts. I did consent to using the (prescription) Finacea facial gel, and think very well of that product. I have not had the breakouts/bumps for a couple of years now, and I pretty much don't worry about the redness. I don't wear makeup (don't care for clogging my pores). I don't feel that there are many effective products out there, so I appreciate this thread. I don't think anyone is going to "call us" on mentioning specific products that help. There certainly are plenty of companies out there that do nothing other than take ones money!
  12. Pantry! Yes! A few years ago, as a Christmas gift, my son and husband built and installed additional shelving for our good-sized, but poorly planned, pantry. Now it is the envy of all who open the door.
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