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  1. Thank you everyone for all the fantastic selections! I am going to have a bunch to line up for him now.
  2. My son just finished The Giver and liked it! This was huge because I truly couldn't get him to read much of anything before. He asked for his next book and has been unimpressed with the selection in our curriculum, which is historical fiction. I really want to get him a book that is engaging, thought provoking, and possibly has a movie to watch at the end. We did this with The Giver and he really liked comparing the book to the movie. He already saw The Hunger Games so that is out. A movie isn't a must, just a bonus. I am not trying to stick with dystopian literature. I just need so
  3. What level should I get if he hasn't ever done this type of thing before?
  4. My son is doing 8th grade here at home this year. I am utilizing Writing with Skill Level I and would like something for grammar. I am not looking for anything complicated and I really don't want anything with diagramming. My son hasn't had any formal grammar, just literature and good spoken english in the home. I think it would be good to do some basic grammar this year. I would like it to be easy for him to do on his own as I work full time and will look it over, but I won't be there to teach it. Any recommendations? I am open to anything that is easy to implement and learn.
  5. You aren't wrong. I would use TOG lite because I do like the different topics explored. But I think you are right, it is easier to add than subtract. BYL might just be the ticket. Thanks for the welcome back!
  6. I would like my son to study the civil war and continue working through the civil rights movement this year to tie it in with whats been going on with our world lately. I have found Build your library level 6 to be very appealing and looks easy to use but I wonder if I would like more book choices I could get with Tapestry. I believe I would start on Y3U3 in tapestry. Any thoughts. My son will be in middle school.
  7. Mbelle, did you notice my user name? Funny! What did you love about Eastern Hemisphere specifically?
  8. Well it has been a few years since I have posted but all is good. I am a nurse now and 3 of my 5 have graduated. Actually #3 is graduating tomorrow from PS. My 4th daughter is in high school in PS and my son has also been in PS. Next year I am homeschooling him because he missed 21 days of school this year due to flare-ups with his Crohn's disease. So, I am going to have him do 7th grade at home. I am an RN Case Manager and I visit patients in their homes so I my schedule is very flexible. I'll be able to monitor his progress every day. So I would like some opinions. I have decided to us
  9. Kathleen, I wanted to check in with you to see how this all turned out for you. As it is, my mind has changed dramatically over the last few years as I am now a single mom of 5, homeschooling 4 and my oldest and I go to college full-time together. Michelle

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    Heart of Dakota: Missions to Modern Marvels Includes: Economy Package WITH Presidents Study (Not included: Student Notebook Pages, Presidents Student Notebook Pages, Faith at Work Student Workbook) The US History Atlas and What in the World? Vl.III are used in RTR so they are also not included Science: Includes everything (including NEW Chemistry and Genetics & DNA Experiment Kits) except "The Elements" which was consumable. Includes: Write with the best $470ppd paypal only email me at cmahmhprz@aol.com


  11. Resurrecting this old thread to ask if anyone ever thought of using ACE Biology Paces and Lab DVD's with Biology 101? The actual DVD lessons are $274.00 but if I were to use the Paces + Lab DVD's + Biology 101 it would only be $131.73 versus $357.39. Any thoughts? I need something for my daughter next year.

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    Includes: Well-Kept Secrets of a Biblical Education / Diana Waring Empowering the Shy Child / Carol Barnier Powerful from the Podium: Essential, Successful Communication Skills / Jeff Myers Balancing Act: To Structure or Not To Structure / Catherine Levison What Does a Relaxed Day Look Like? Finally Answered / Shirley Solis When You Feel Like Quiting / Jonathan Pennington Victories: Moments Small and Large Which Define Christian Parenthood / Doug Phillips Preparing Sons for Life... The Mom's Part / Shirley Solis Mentoring Your Daughter / Shelley Noonan Making Sense of Your World: Being a Thinking Christian in a Silly Culture / John Stonestreet Choosing Curriculum to Fit Each Child / Cathy Duffy Teaching With Tapestry of Grace / Marcia Somerville



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    New email me at cmahmhprz@aol.com 6.50ppd



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    I have All About Spelling Levels 1, 2 and 3 For Sale today. Everything Level 1 includes: SOLD Thank you WTM Friends!!! Teacher's Manual Student Kit (cards separated already) Letter Tiles Letter Magnets Value: $47.85 Sell for: $30.00ppd Level 2 includes: SOLD Thank you WTM Friends!!! Teacher's Manual Student Kit (cards separated already) Value $39.95 Sell for: $25.00ppd Level 3 includes: SOLD Thank you WTM Friends!!! Teacher's Manual Student Kit (not separated, complete) Value $39.95 Sell for: 30.00ppd Additional Item: Cobweb the Cat Reader - New value $19.95 Sell for: $15.00ppd Buy Everything w/ reader - $90.00ppd Buy Everything w/o reader - $80.00ppd PAYPAL Only - Email me at cmahmhprz@aol.com THANKS!!!



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    Sonlight P3/4 - Fiction, Fairy Tales and Fun For Little Learners $10.00 ppd Paypal only Language and Thinking for Young Children - $6.00ppd or BOTH for $12.00 SOLD Thank you WTM Friends!!! EMAIL cmahmhprz@aol.com Condition: Both very gently used, like new A very practical tool to guide you through Core P3/4 and help you capitalize teachable moments to share with your little ones. Parent's Companion makes teaching your toddler as easy and rich as you want it to be: At this early beginning, please feel free to "just read" your children's favorite stories with them. We don't want you to feel that you must do something. So the supplemental resource we've created for you to use with Sonlight's Level P3/4 is designed—on purpose—to be very practically simple, yet very easy and fun to draw from for those "teachable" moments when you know your little one's eyes, ears, and mind are wide open. You can enjoy Level P3/4 by just cuddling on the couch and reading with your children. But if you're like most Sonlighters, we know you want them to continually delight in their "learning adventure" and thirst for more. So your special Parent's Companion helps you: Fuel their imagination (and memory) with easy, creative activities for every story included. Stir your own vision with encouragement, inspiration, and links to more optional resources. Enjoy simple checklists to track your progress (no strict schedule to follow). Your Parent's Companion doesn't have a "schedule" like you'll find in the Sonlight Instructor's Guides for later levels. We simply list the stories by trimester and suggest that you check them off as you read them. If your child wants to read Give a Mouse a Cookie fifteen times in a row—let her do it. And if she wants to skip a book or two "ahead" in the list: go ahead and do that. The goal here is: have fun together! It goes way beyond the checklist to help you know you've enjoyed each story at least once. Your Parent's Companion offers pages of inspiration you can use to create bonding opportunities—build the relationship between you and your preschooler—and foster in them a lifelong thrill in the discovery process. The Parent's Companion is great for you, too. Take in everything from quotes and tips to make homeschooling easier and more rewarding to practical notes on organizing and cleaning. There's plenty of "bite-sized nuggets" of help you can use to keep your home running more smoothly all year long—even outside of school time. Language and Thinking for Young Children - $6.00ppd What are pattern stories, and how do they help your child's thinking? What is the best way to expand your child's vocabulary? How can you get more learning from field trips? These and many more questions are answered in this manual, which tells you what to teach and how to teach kindergarden and primary children in many areas of language. Contains a full year's lesson strategy. No workbooks needed.



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    All About Reading Level 1 Deluxe Kit SOLD Thank you WTM Friends!!! Hi everyone! I need to sell this AAR Level 1 kit asap because my mortgage is due tomorrow! :) This kit was very gently used for 3 lessons, purchased NEW this year. It is like new otherwise. It is a great deal! I can only accept Paypal. Please email me at cmahmhprz@aol.com. I will be watching my email closely tonight so first come, first serve. Thanks so much! NEW Value $140.00+ - Will sell for $80.00ppd Includes everything currently listed on the website except the tote bag. We gently used this kit for the first 3 lessons Teacher's Manual Student Activity Packet (1st three lessons used) Student Packet Readers: Run, Bug, Run! Cobweb the Cat The Runt Pig Letter Tiles w/Magnets Phonogram CD-ROM Divider Cards Reading Review Box


  17. I was actually just going to say that there are probably a lot of people who come to WTM boards that are on food stamps. I get so sick of people judging and making comments about this sort of thing. Thank goodness you get it and you said it. Everyone should read this post a few times.
  18. Let's just regulate everything. That would solve it all!
  19. Not accurate to the legend, but a wonderful story nonetheless is the BBC TV show "Merlin" which you can see the first two seasons on Netflix or Hulu. LOVE IT!!! OH and I would say it is very good for kids as well.
  20. Ancient Egypt Egypt: Rediscovering a Lost World 2006NR2 discs Relive the splendor of ancient Egypt through the eyes of three of its greatest explorers. Through dramatic re-enactments, you'll experience Italian explorer Giovanni Battista Belzoni's removal of the colossal bust of Ramses II from the pharaoh's memorial temple in Thebes in 1815, Jean-Francois Champollion's translation of the Rosetta stone in 1824 and English archeologist Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922. The Prince of Egypt 1998PG98 minutes Born into slavery and cast adrift on the Nile to esc
  21. This is exactly why I never signed up. So many in my neck of the woods are all over this program, but it went against everything I believe about the education of my children, and I resisted. There have been a few times I have slightly considered looking more into it, but then all I have to do is look at the program and I am done. Michelle
  22. I would say we are a mix of Charlotte Mason (we're HUGE on Living Books as well, see my blog below:tongue_smilie:) and Unit Studies. We also work towards maximizing our children's strengths through deeper study. I am not big on classical style but I hang out here because... well doesn't everybody?:lol: Michelle
  23. Yes I wondered if we could take a rolling cart as they are banned to some I have been to. I checked the Midwest Conventions site and they are allowed. Michelle
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