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Cautiously optimistic: I can walk again!

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Now that I have two new stents in my femoral arteries, and am feeling much better, I went shopping tonight. DH drove in case I got too exhausted or in too much pain to drive home.


We went to Home Depot - parking lot to paint department, where I picked up chips, and back to car. We went to a couple more stores and a restaurant, where we parked out front. I walked from the front to the back of Petco.


Since October, I have not been able to take more than a few steps without being in agonizing pain. My internist said I have sciatica, along with disk problems in my spine. When I went to my cardiologist, I told him I thought it might be caused by peripheral artery disease (which I have had for years).


Lo and behold! I realize that I may still have sciatica, so that is why I am cautiously optimistic. The only time I've been able to walk without severe, agonizing pain in the last four or five years has been from last May to last October. This was because peripheral artery disease was misdiagnosed as bursitis. I had 3 stents put in my abdominal aorta last May, and it was like a miracle, even though it only lasted 5 months.


It feels so good to be able to walk again, though! I haven't been anywhere in months because usually I could make it from the parking lot to the store, and then I'd be in too much pain to continue.


Plus today I was able to walk downstairs without holding onto the bannister. Usually I have to haul myself up and down by holding the bannister.


I still have a lot of lower back pain from having to lie flat for 24 hours after last Tuesday's procedure. Being able to walk again will help that, I think.


I don't know why, but I've been very tired since Tuesday, and sometimes feel lightheaded (not dizzy). Maybe it just takes older people longer to recover. I do have a 50% blocked carotid artery and a blocked coronary artery that the cardiologist is watching. When I see him in 2 weeks, I'll ask if those could be the cause of the lightheadedness.


I appreciate everyone's prayers last week. I'm beginning an intensive program (Dean Ornish, MD) to reverse heart disease on Monday. This program's components include a strict vegetarian diet, exercise, stress management (yoga or meditation), and the support of family and friends.


The nearest hospitals that have formal programs are a couple of hours away, so I am going to do this on my own. If there is a lot of improvement after 6 months, I'll ask my cardiologist to look into starting the program at our local hospital.


If you are so inclined, I'd appreciate prayers. I need the strength of purpose necessary to do all this. The two main motivators of people who have tried this program over the last 35 years are fear and hope. The people who are motivated by hope have a much, much lower drop out rate.


I have hope, but I don't know if it will last. I'm always enthusiastic at the beginning of projects.




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I am so happy you are feeling better! It is amazing what happens when you body gets the blood it needs! lol I am certain not only your back will feel better, you whole body will, as is starts to get the proper mix of nutrients, exercise and blood/oxygen. I hope the new program works for you and that you get some results fast enough to keep you motivated.


:grouphug::grouphug:Prayers:grouphug: and positive thoughts for healing and motivation.



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Thank you all for your kindness and support.


Today I went to a huge furniture store (50,000 s.f.), and I looked at every single thing. No pain.


The sad news is the Ekornes Stressless chair I loved costs about $2,700, and I'd have to get three of them plus a sofa, or I'd never get a chance to sit in it. Gosh, if DH hadn't been bugging me to leave, I'd still be sitting in that chair.


Now I'm daydreaming about winning the lottery.

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WHat great news! Prayers on you being able to do the Ornish program. Use some of us as your online buddies in doing this. I am certainly willing to be a support for you. PM me and we could support each other. I have other medical issues but we could still be supports for each other.



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I am glad you are feeling better. I hope it continies!!!


Being cegetarian may be hard at first but you CAN do it! And, you WILL find new favorites.


I became mosyly vegan at the beginningof the year. I did have some corned beef yesterday. Blech. I do NOT miss meatnor dairy AT ALL. I love my tasty cooking now. Do NOT settle for food you don't love. Vegetarian cooking is DELISH. Uou just need time to find new ways of cooking.

:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:i hope you continue to do well!!!

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