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favorite magazines for kids


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what are some of the magazines your child recieves. My kids love getting mail, and well their mail is far and few between. So i thought i would add in some magazines for them, but not sure what yet. I have a 6yr old girl and almost 10yr old boy.

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My 6yo girl loves Spider. I am thinking about God's World News for next year as well.


Spider has literature - short stories, poems, folk tales, etc., as well as art, recipes, projects, lots of good stuff. And no ads! I think you can check it out at the cricket magazine website (I'm sorry I don't know the url off the top of my head, but I'm sure google does. ;) )




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Each month the focus is on a different animal or animal group. We've been getting it for almost 3 years and my DS 7 and 5 devour it. Also, Ranger Rick and My Big Backyard. Love all of these for the appropriateness of the articles and activities and no ads.


We got National Geographic for Kids for a while but I disliked all the ads and a lot of articles were things like "How the Movie Spiderman Was Made." When I wrote to cancel and explained why, they offered me a great deal on the actual National Geographic magazine, which we now receive and love. Last month's issue focused on China was great for us all!

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13 yr old gets National Geographic

7 yr old gets Highlights

5 yr old gets Your Big Backyard (she's an animal lover)

3 yr old gets Highlights High Five


5 yr old loves some old Ranger Ricks we have so we'll probably get that soon too. I'd also like to get them a mag with more fiction and poetry, like Spider or Cricket. My oldest had National Geographic Kids when he was younger but I didn't renew it because it has advertisements.




There is a listing of their mags on that link. There are some really neat ones for older kids, like Muse and Odyssey. Calliope and Cobblestone are history based and look like a fun idea.

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Guest macmomma7

My kiddos LOVE!!!!! Highlights and Zoo Books. There is also a mag for Disney Princesses. That might score with your daughter.


my kids are 8, 6, 4, 2, and newborn. All but the newborn love the mags.

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Kids Discover is a good one.


And God's World News, and there was another by Focus on the Family...Clubhouse Jr. I think it was called. Don't know if it's still

available...way beyond that stage now :001_smile:



(did I hit 20 yet?)

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