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  1. He's living home and commuting (only 20m by bus) so it's not too tragic for me. He took a summer class (Pre-Calc) and got an A+ (he just missed placing in to Calculus and the class was all review) so he is feeling pretty confident! Today was his first day of the semester and he's already called me twice - once to see if his Chem textbook came in the mail (it hasn't but should be delivered before 8pm) and once to see if I had read the "woke" book he was assigned for English (I haven't). He already knows a few kids in Chem and English and he is currently on his way to the gym.
  2. Thanks for all of the help. I asked the woman who is organizing it and she said 1. I don't have to speak that long and 2. she wants "inspirational". So I think I'll be fine. I can talk about our family without fear that it will go on too long, since I will keep it to more like 5 minutes - and I can just use some of our experiences as a good example of God's faithfulness.
  3. FYI - not every Sbucks in the city has a bathroom. Some are small with little to no seating and no bathroom. I mean, there is probably one in the back for the employees but it is not available for customers.
  4. Our oldest got married in February of 2017. We did not pay for the whole thing! We gave them some money towards the wedding, they put in money, and his parents contributed a lot. I think they paid for the open bar on top of their original contribution, which I understand was about what we put in. Also...they invited some of their own friends to the wedding, which we did not, so I think they gave more because of that. They also paid for the rehearsal dinner. We would have contributed but they viewed it as their party. On top of our contribution we paid some extra towards the dress which was a bit more than she had anticipated. We also had to cover things like our youngest daughter's bridesmaid dress, our son's suit, hotel rooms for us and the kids, the bulk of the shower. The bridesmaids gave it but two of them were our daughters and the girls combined didn't have all that much money so we stepped in. All in all - it was a lot of money. We live in an expensive area - NYC - and they got married in New Jersey, which is almost as bad! Our second daughter is engaged now. We offered her the same amount and I don't believe that his parents are contributing least, they haven't offered yet. She and her fiance are putting in a lot. They're planning a bigger wedding and are having a longer engagement becasue of it. Basically - our girls have know for years that we could help, but not pay for it all, unless they did something small. OH - they cut costs by 1. having a friend of a friend do the photographs. The women is a professional food photographer and she charged way less that a wedding photographer but still did a great job. 2. No flowers in the venue - it was beautiful enough. So only bouquets for the girls. 3. Getting married at the venue instead of their church - the church charged even more. 4. No dj or band -they made a spotify playlist and the boyfriend of one of the bridesmaids managed it. My husband set up his laptop at the venue so it would go through the speakers and it was perfect. 5. No limos. The venue has a hotel so they were all just there already. 6. The dress was from BHLDN and about $800. iirc. A lot less than some dresses!
  5. My homeschool Math class (Jann in TX) Pre-Calculus with Mrs. Nowell - Hit. My son learned a lot and really enjoyed the class The Potters School Pre-Ap Chemistry with Mrs. Selby - mixed. Solid class that my son disliked. I'm not crazy about TPS compared with other online classes we've used but once we got used to the website it was ok. Memoria Press Senior Thesis with Dr. Dray - Hit. My son thinks that Dr. Dray is a great teacher and the writing went quite well. Write at home Literary Analysis workshop with....I can't remember the teachers name!! Hit. The amount of feedback was just right for the price. Homegrown music class - Hit. We used the DK/Smithsonian Music: The definitive visual history book with many, many Youtube videos as well as Bass guitar lessons that included some music theory, which led to him doing a lot of independent research. Ge taught himself a great deal. Homegrown Govt/Eco - good enough, but I designed it to be good enough, not great, so I guess it was a hit? We used older (like 5 or so years) introductory college texts with lots of current events. Quizzes from the texts, no tests, just short writing assignments. Homegrown Lit - overall Hit. Just reading and discussing together. Jensen's Punctuation - hit. He did the first half last year and then this year he did a page or 2 of the review section per week. Just the right amount of review.
  6. The Astor Chinese Garden Court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been my happy place since High School. It has a certain scent - the wood, I expect - and running water. I can link to some pictures here.
  7. @MorningGlory Your Physics was his favorite class in all of High School!
  8. I was thinking more of how I tailored each book/program/curriculum to each child for each subject. Even when I reused something, I used it differently. I know that the families that use all one program do a lot of work! But I don't want to emphasize the planning work I put in, even though I would like to. What you said about not giving up was very helpful - thanks!!
  9. at our Homeschool Graduation/End of the year night. My youngest is graduating so I am DONE. We have a service where we give certificates to all of the children, honor the 8th grade graduates, have the 12th graders walk in cap and gown, give gifts and diplomas, pray for the graduates, flip tassels, etc. We always have a speaker give a shortish sermon geared to the graduates and sometimes one of the graduates or parents say a few words. This year they've asked one of the pastors in our group and me. I'll have about 10 minutes. I have no idea what to say! I'm not at all shy but....I don't want to make it all about me. I want to encourage everyone there. I find myself worrying that I will discourage some of the families if I speak to much about my approach, which has been eclectic, equal parts Charlotte Mason/SWB/whatever seemed right to me, and, honestly, a great deal of work. But many of the families in our group use a program (like ABeka or Calvert or My Father's World) and just use it with all of their children. And I am not sure that I want to emphasize a commitment to not giving up, even though I think that is something that really kept me going, as I don't want anyone to think that putting some or all of their kids in school for a time or even permanently is a bad thing. I don't want to preach - the pastor is doing that. I guess I want to emphasize doing whatever they think is best and then trusting God and giving it their all. Really knowing themselves and their children. Being both consistent and flexible. Any thoughts or experiences that will help me out?
  10. Today is our last scheduled day of school - and there is nothing to do but talk some more about our last book, The Brothers Karamazov. He finished most of his work last week and took his final math test yesterday. Our homeschool group does a graduation every year and that won't be for a few more weeks. We're both looking forward to it! This morning we registered him for orientation in a month at his college, which is when he'll register for classes, etc. He'll be commuting in the fall so he's not going away and it won't be that big a change. My older girls all lived/are living at home through college so I know what to expect. I keep waiting to feel sad but I don't. Twenty-two years of homeschooling four children. I feel...Accomplished. Done. Successful. Pleased. Proud. Free.
  11. Even though he didn't really need to take the writing portion of the SAT, I thought the class was great for my son. He needed the practice in reading directions carefully, making a plan, and getting it written in the time given. Writing on the fly is very difficult for him. And I thought it was great that he got to learn how to approach the ACT essay as well, even though he wasn't going to take the ACT. Switching between the two kinds of essays was a good experience for him.
  12. As far as female shooters...when I was a teen a 16yo girl shot up an elementary school near her home. I believe she injured several children and killed 2 adults. The Boomtown Rats wrote a song about it - chilling.
  13. My husband is retired NYPD and we've always had guns in our home - still do. Two of our daughters dealt with depression/anxiety as teens, one was hospitalized. We keep the guns in a safe to which even I don't have the pw and we later bought a locked box for all the medication. I don't know how this boy got to his Dad's guns but I am not going to assume that he - the Dad - is criminally responsible.
  14. My husband gave me a very nice card, but he didn't do what I really wanted - all of the dishes, even the ones I created - as he had a toothache and went to bed after church. By the time he was up I had cleaned the kitchen - twice. My son told me after church "Happy Mother's Day. You are appreciated." I know he used that passive voice to be jokey - we've talked about it enough in his writing - but I would liked something a little stronger. My daughter said nothing till dinner time (we had bought cold cuts so they all could have an easy dinner, minimal mess) and then she and my son brought me a card. I could tell that my husband had bought it for them to give me, which was very sweet of him. We all had a good laugh and it was a great card so it was kind of nice. And my older girls called. Overall, it was not bad!
  15. The only thing I request every year is this - I just don't want to cook or do dishes. So we almost always order in. Restaurants tend to be super crowded so I don't want to go out to eat, though we have occasionally had fast food. I prefer KFC to cooking/dishes!! But this year I am still Whole 30ing so I can't even imagine what we will eat. Sadly, I will probably make something in advance for myself and order pizza for everyone. This year we may go see my oldest and her husband on Saturday and then my second will come over after church. I will probably get a few cards, perhaps a gift card or a candle or flowers. Always something from someone, but never something big or from all of them.
  16. My sister is a High School English teacher. If it had been financially doable, she would have homeschooled. Not right away when her kids were little, but after seeing the ridiculousness of how Common Core was implemented in NY and how it affected her young children as well as her ability to do her job, she told me she really wished she could bring them home. So she has spent a huge amount of effort getting her kids scholarships to some top private schools in the area. They are all doing well now, thankfully.
  17. Since I've had 5 c-sections my doctor would not do a hysterectomy. I was concerned that an ablation wouldn't be enough but it worked very well. It's been about 5 years and I'm sort of mid-menopause (getting my period about half the time) and while I am eager to be DONE, I am glad that it is happening naturally.
  18. Brooklyn's in the house! Not quite born and raised (I was born in in Manhattan, uptown) but close! But I don't live in the funky fresh neighborhoods or in the upscale neighborhoods. By living in what I would call a working class neighborhood, we've been able to live a middle class lifestyle on one income.
  19. Yeah. Probably, the less reaction they get the sooner they will stop.
  20. I also tossed mine and told my husband/kids to be careful when they are out. I have spinach and arugula in the fridge now so the salads will continue!
  21. I'm still doing it. I lost 20 or so pounds in 3 months. Then I started a Whole 30 right after Easter. I'm still tracking because the habit is very good for me...but I am not concerned about going over my points due to fat, steak, etc. I'm not supposed to weigh myself on the W30 but I am still weighing once a week...while I am fine with the other W30 rules I prefer to continue my WW routine. Anyway, I've lost another 8 pounds this month. WW is great for me right now - and I hope I continue on it becasue the weight loss has been consistent and quite easy. I NEED to pay attention to what I eat and how much - otherwise I just eat mindlessly. Connect is very encouraging and counting points still feels fun. I started the W30 for health reasons (RA, suspected dairy allergy, etc). I will do the reintroduction and decide on what I will eat regularly over May but I expect to stay on WW for the foreseeable future.
  22. We use King Arthur and Bob's Red Mill and like them both.
  23. I'm 52, my youngest is almost 18 and graduating this spring so I am retiring from homeschooling and feel ready for all kinds of new stuff. My oldest is 27 and has been married for a year and I have just admitted to myself that I think it would be pretty sweet to be a grandma! She is not intending to have children quite yet, as they haven't been married that long. But she is looking for a new job that would offer maternity leave so they are definitely thinking ahead!
  24. I have tried and failed to do this kind of thing a few times this year. Yet I have been on WW since January and lost 26 pounds - no trouble. I started a Whole30 10 days ago - no trouble. But the minute I make a list of things to do with a time frame, like Bible/exercise/water/shower before breakfast - nope. I might fit those things into the day but I can't get a routine going. Maybe it is just a personality thing. Like maybe I just work well with the flexible "rules" on WW. Even W30 is pretty flexible. I can't eat certain things but they don't tell me I have to have eggs today and chicken tomorrow - make sense? WW has the perfect amount of structure for me and it has been easy to incorporate W30 into that structure. Maybe I need a program for my days, not just my eating. But I think that would be too restrictive... Just thinking out loud.
  25. I have a few comments on the TPS Pre-AP Chem class. First, I agree with everything Joyful said. But I wanted to mention a few other things. My son does not like this class. He dreads the lab reports and thinks Mrs. Selby expects too much. He thinks Chemistry is boring, so he is not thrilled with the text or the lectures. He doesn't like all the weekly resource videos and refuses to watch them because he's contrary. He complains about how much work it is. He moans about how much he has to think and study and plan ahead. The due dates for assignments are not staggered, so every few Mondays he has homework AND a test AND a lab report due. His current average is 95.64% (TPS is very precise!) because he actually does the work and is learning, even though he complains a LOT. I do believe that he will be well prepared for college chemistry, especially since he is interested in engineering (because he loves math and physics). I asked him if he would recommend this class to a friend and he said yes. "It's a fine class on the whole. I don't like parts of it but I've certainly learned a lot, even if I didn't want to." The formal lab reports are always a nightmare - for me! - with the last minute drama because he puts them off till the last minute, but he said this "If you say things properly and put some effort into it, you'll be fine." IOW - we recommend this class! ETA: One thing he does like is the math. He wishes there was more!
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