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  1. Did the same, and am back on the forum looking for my tribe. The site has changed since I was last here, and so far I really like it. It didn't recognize me, and I needed to sign in as a new person. I'd love to find a group to talk about our new journey with public school, and be able to honor our efforts of past homeschooling.
  2. You all are just fascinating like my DD! I'm having one of those reflective moments and looking at what I can do to encourage her. Her older brother has gotten a lot of attention (first child thing), and while we of course tried to make it even, she has been a little quieter about her interests and talents while DS has been very vocal about where he wants to apply himself. She is the type that might fly under the radar if you're not paying attention. I love hearing about all your experiences and thoughts.
  3. Oh, that is interesting! I'd like to encourage her, but I really don't have much of a background in writing am looking for insight into what is going on in her fascinating mind.
  4. My DD (8 1/2) loves to sit down and make up names. She fools around with words and makes lists of new names. Daily. She may bring out her Teddy Bears and write down all their names, then catagorize them by families and list all their interests. She will line up the oranges and create names for them. One day she got her brother's guitar pick punch and made 60 or so new guitar picks for him, then came up with names for all of them. I find her interest intriguing and am wondering what all your brilliant minds think about this behavior. She likes to write stories, too. She does that on the days she's not creating new names. I'd love to know what this says about her learning style, interest, and talent, so that I can encourage this interest in a creative (and maybe educational and productive ) way. Any thoughts?
  5. Ask your doctor about doing an ultra-sound to check for fibroids. I hope you feel better:)
  6. Thanks for all your thoughts. Care to share where you stayed and if you'd go there again? How about restaurants? Any favorites around Italy?
  7. We were invited to join our old parish priest and his family that are traveling to the Vatican City in May to celebrate the canonization of Sister Maria Guadalupe Garcia Zavala. It seems like an amazing opportunity to witness the canonization of a new saint by a new pope, and maybe even an audience with his Holiness. So, where do I start? They haven't selected a date for sure, and I'd like to spend 10-14 days in Italy. We would be with our priest for a couple of days at the Vatican. Perhaps some time in Rome, some in Venice, I'd love to see Cinque Terre, Florence.......everything! My DS is 12 and DD is 9. Where would you go with kids and a DH who wants everything planned? He's a reluctant traveller, but I think flying on an airplane with a priest might make it ok:) I really don't know where to start to make this happen, and I dream of travelling with my family. Kelly
  8. His piano teacher pointed out its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Hmmm......I think I might just take him in and see if St. Valentine will help me out:) Kelly
  9. DH still doesn't think its necessary and that I'm over reacting. His pinkie is dark between the knuckle of his hand and the next one up. He can bend both, but not far. Aaagh! Any other stories I can use to shore up my argument?
  10. Hubby doesn't want to spend the money, so everyone's stories really help me when I try to convince him of the risk not doing anything can be. Thanks!
  11. Easiest way: do activities as a group so there isn't any pressure and your son doesn't come across as too needy. Just get some guys together, invite some girls and go for a hike, or to a music fest, or some activity that they can relax and have fun. It expands his group of friends without anyone feeling like they're a target.
  12. I've already seen a GP, so it would just go back to him, unless I schedule another appointment with an ortho. Still do it?
  13. Fascinating. I'm going to look into these authors. Any more?
  14. Help! He was playing ball and jammed his pinkie finger enough for it to swell from the knuckle down. He's in a fair bit of pain, but it has improved since yesterday. We buddy wrapped the finger and gave him ice. Even if the finger is broken, don't they just wrap it and tell you to be careful? I don't want to impair his piano and guitar playing in the future, so is there something else I should be doing? We can get x-rays if necessary, I just hate to do it needlessly. Kelly :bigear:
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