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  1. I totally agree. I had experienced "burn out" last fall and placed my children in private school. It lasted four months until I brought them home. The one on one instruction wasn't there. When a concept wasn't grasped, the teacher told my son "We have to move on." and my son remained clueless. Many things were memorized and not learned. The teachers were very nice but I know my children and expected more than what the school had offered. Thankfully, some veteran hs moms came to the rescue when I brought my children home. It makes such a difference when the support is there and the time away fr
  2. Blessed Heritage is a wonderful resource for African American Literature and the author, Belinda Bullard, also gives a wonderful list of resources and information at the back of her guides. These are literature based U.S. History guides. She has a lower elementary level and a junior high level. Her history guides are inclusive. She teaches African American history within History itself and doesn't exclude other contributions from other races. There is a youtube video of the entire "I have a Dream Speech" and History.com has some videos as well. There is so much more to African American Histor
  3. You can't go wrong with either. Android has multiple free apps. Several have entertained my daughter in waiting rooms, etc. Both systems have Amazon Kindle, Nook, Audible, Borders and Android also has Google Books and other e-readers as well. I don't know why most Android apps are free vs. Apple but I guess that's something to consider. I have an HTC EVO 4G (android) cell phone which has a pretty huge screen so I use it to read e-books to my daughter. She loves it. If I were to invest in a tablet, of course, I would pick the Samsung Galaxy Tab. P.S. Someone mentioned that Angry Birds is f
  4. If you can't find a writing class, Apologia's Jump In is a great writing program for a reluctant writer. The lessons are short and fun but get the job done.
  5. We've always been year rounders. After a 4 month hs break (Kids tried private school), we are back at it but I'm going to school "lightly" during the summer. It's been a hectic year for us.
  6. I would definitely go with Key to series. I have 7th graders also and the fraction books were really helpful and they are inexpensive as well.
  7. Wow! This really encourages me to stick with ACE. ;) You've received some feedback here but as I said, you will find tons of support/answers on Homeschool Reviews.com, ACE and SOS yahoo groups from users also. There are many users via that forum as well as the yahoo groups that have used it and had successful graduates. One mom has several children and all pursuing their doctorates in their fields and one who is actually in medical school. I'm not here to sway one way of the other. I don't like people doing the same to me. I also don't like to bash a curriculum that doesn't work for us becau
  8. We have used both. Actually, I've used ACE then went on my own "rigorous" route for years and now back to ACE. Unfortunately, life changes so our hs route changed also. You won't receive any positive reviews of ACE here because after all, this is a classical forum and ACE is not considered classical nor "rigorous" for that matter. Just as every curriculum, ACE isn't for everyone either. Yes, it's mastery, colorful and promotes indepedence just like SOS. I think ACE is easier to teach compared to SOS because SOS had glitches as far as the answers being placed in the computer. The system require
  9. WG only takes about 15 minutes a day so yes, it can be used as a supplement. As the pp mentioned, it's grammar in all it's glory. Wonderful program!
  10. Yes, that question has been asked several times but I understand why the board hasn't changed. Several posters have children in different stages so we would definitely hop around a bit.
  11. CLE: Reading, LA, Math, Science and History Apologia: Writing (Jump In) and Bible (Who is God) Rosetta Stone: Japanese Logic: Logic games Art: How to Teach Art to Children Music: Vox Music Masters CDs and Piano lessons PE: Karate and Flag Football
  12. My youngest loved Kumon books and Starfall.com at that age. Kumon books taught her how to work scissors. I'm not sure if that was a good thing because she likes to cut up everything now. :lol:
  13. I agree about dropping BJU Reading. Reading is a part of MFW as well as dictation and narration assignments.
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