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ipad apps for homeschooling?


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I tried to search the forums but couldn't find what I was looking for, specifically.


We are getting an ipad for the family for x-mas and I would like to incorporate it into our homeschooling curriculum. I'm envisioning being able to focus on one while while the other works on the ipad. I am looking for suggestions for the best apps. Free ones are great, of course, but not necessary if it is a good one.


I have an almost 9 year old son and a 5.5 year old daughter.


For my 9 year old, I'd like an app or two to reinforce his math and spelling (i.e. not teach him these things but let him practice them in a fun way). I'd also like a geography app and any cool science apps (I have The Elements and SkyWalk in my wish list already.) Logic and mind-puzzles would be good too.


For my 5 year old, I'd like basic, introductory math (i.e. simple addition, numbers greater than 10, etc.) and phonics or early reading apps. And, again, logic or mind-puzzles.


Any suggestions for us? Any other "must have" apps for kids and family?


Thanks very much!



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Little Pim videos can be downloaded onto your computer and then synced onto the iPad. When you sign up for the newsletter, you get a coupon that brings the video down to about $12.00 I think. It mostly covers food, table setting and a few verbs. There is a little pim app, but isn't worth the money.


You can download ebooks and audio books from your library. If your local library has a small collection, get a card from the library in your largest city, and they should have more.


I have not been impressed with the available selection of edutainment apps :-(


And the lack of flash makes most online games inaccessible.


I adore my iPad, for traveling with, and online browsing, but my broken down netbook is far more functional as a learning tool. Netbooks do get hot though! The iPad stays nice and cool and has EXCELLENT battery life.


I'm hoping iPad edutainment apps get more available, soon.

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My kids (5,7 & 9) all really like Math Bingo. For more serious practice, we use some other math drill apps. There are several. A free one it Math Drills Lite. My youngest prefers ones that offer multiple choice.


States and Capitals Challenge is fun and great for practicing the states and capitals.


Spelldown lets you input your spelling lists. It offers practice/tests and a game

like hangman that uses a bee instead.


For music note drill we use NoteTrainer and Note Goal Pro.



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My kids adore Stack the States and the same developer just came out with Rocket Math (released 12/1/10). Also we like Eye Math and Math Girl and Grammar Jammers. We love our iPad.....it's an early Christmas gift from my mom....I call it a grandma grant for our homeschool. I also love being able to watch Netflix on it. :D

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These are all such great suggestions! Thank you all so much and keep them coming. I am furiously adding to my wish list.


We got the ipad the other day but haven't taken it out of the box because I had to wait for my new computer (my old one was so old it wouldn't support an ipad - thankfully that was paid for by my boss!)


It is going to be a surprise x-mas gift so I need to get it out and load it up while the kids are sleeping.


I'm looking forward to trying some of these out (there are so many to pick from!!).



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Mango and Byki both have a foreign language app on android and iphone. If your local library subscribes to their service (the King County Library in Washington does) then they are free or you can subscribe to them yourself. Byki has Latin, but I like the mango style better, which we use for Japanese.

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We have:


A bunch of australia ones (so useless pretty much for Americans :p ), But they are stuff like: Danger Oz (shows what deadly animals live near you) A Field guide app for my area, a TV Guide (so I can have alerts come up for items I want the kids to watch), and a bunch of other misc ones

- IBooks - I put all my PDFs on here (FLL, SOTW etc)

- Prehistory of Man (I think thats what its called, I got it since where doing SOTW1, the kids love it)

- Brainpop


Just off the top of my head, heres some other interesting ones I looked at (I don't have them though)


- Lifecycle App

- March of the Dinosaurs

- Brittanica Kids series of apps

- Map Trek

- search for Iplan, the makers of that Ihomeschooler or something its called, then search for the makers, theres a whole bunch of interesting apps like RS4K chemistry etc

- Bob Books

- Dissection - Theres a lot of dissection apps out there, frog,rat etc

- Pocket Pond

- Theres also one thats a virtual tour of Rome/Ancient Rome

- I have forgotten what its called, a lot of people here use to (especially Spy Car) for writing over PDFs, my brains a bit frazzled :P


What I usually do is look at all the different subjects we are currently doing and type in keywords (e.g. for History: Ancient History, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Mummies, Pyramids, Story of the World, Archaeology, Ice Age, Evolution (or Creation), as well as stuff like ancient places (Pompeii etc). I also tend to go a bit further and type in every single "brand" I use (like RS4K, which is how I found their app).

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