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  1. Did you end up getting the guide Rosie? I am umming and aahing over buying "Our Whole Lives K-1' by Barbara Sprung. There's not any samples that show the layout of the lesson, etc, and the only site doesn't even show post costs to Aus,, but I am over awkwardly flapping around this area. I just have a feeling I will fork over a chunk of money for a book that has under an hours total lessons. I wish they just had online versions of this :(
  2. Eat to Live - Dr. Fuhrman (Nutritarian) Reboot with Joe Juice Diet (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) Nourishing Traditions (Sonlight's High School Nutrition based on the studies of Dentist? Weston A Price) The China Study (well known study) Wild Fermentation Foodwise: Understanding What We Eat and How it Affects Us, The Story of Human Nutrition The Biodynamic Food and Cookbook: Real Nutrition that Doesn’t Cost the Earth Wholefood Heal, Nourish and Delight by Jude Blereau Trim Healthy Momma (Definitely NOT something I would recommend for children) And there wa
  3. I have it because my son is obsessed with Lego & Robotics. Wedo is basically the younger version, then Boost is the version that will be out midyear which is the next level up, followed by Mindstorms, which is the top level. I decided we would just follow them all the way up. To me, it was worth it, because I knew it was something my son would engage with and love, which he does. Now my youngest could happily play it, but thats just because hes playing it and its something different and new, and interesting, but ultimately she would either break something or lose interest,
  4. If you arecoming at it from the Waldorf point of view, one reason would be because by then your childs Outer Shell will have started to grow. Children under 9 don't really have this, so stuff that happens before then can really hit them hard, and stay with them (even subconsciously) throughout life. If they have built up their confidence and "shell" at home, they are more ready to handle the enslaught of cliques and remarks at school later on, and with much more balanced emotional health too. :)
  5. There's a book called funky science that I got for my daughter: https://www.bookdepository.com/Funky-Science-Experiments-Hinkler-Books-Pty-Ltd/9781743088777 Its pink and super girly girl, and has all sorts of experiments, sorted by area (physics, chemistry), named appropriately (Rock Star for Earth Science for example). Its wouldn't suit my other two kids, but my eldest is the super pink, sparkly one and this sort of thing made her squeal with excitement. Other than that, my favorite books are the Backyard Scientist & Janice VanCleaves books. As my favs include anything that ac
  6. I like Mollie Katzens books. She is well known for her vegetarian cookbook, which has been reprinted a couple of times (Mousewood Cookbook), but she has both vege & nonveg cookbooks. Her childrens Books are fantastic http://www.molliekatzen.com/kids.php They have the adult info & recipe, followed by the pictoral version for children. I like to go at nutrition from three points of view: 1. Getting the kids in the kitchen as early as possible and letting them explore with healthy ingrediants, followed by cookbooks like Katzens & https://www.amazon.com/Kids-Kitchen-Independen
  7. Ecclecticmum


    I think mine consisted of: Play Lots Have Fun Get Messy Snuggle Together Read a Lot Go See the World :laugh: Not sure of the Publisher? :rofl:
  8. I know you bought them, but thought I owuld add notes on my own ones. I liked the arches one, but something I don't think people understand is that they are SMALL. They are very short, meant for 3-4 year olds to play under, so even without the arches they are like very low shelves. So I loved the look of them, but the cost for what they were was ridiculous. I got my husband to make us some. So he made them about 2? years ago for me. and I can fit under the center of the arch without bending (although I am a shorty). Its tucked away in the corner of my very compact house and I have a c
  9. Mine will be straddling the 3/4th grade line, but as SN, he'll be at his own pace. Updated 13/02 Updated 26/02 Happy Phonics & Lots of Reading, maybe a comprehension program once up and reading (I don't want to overwhelm him and have to keep his lessons short). For LA, I really don't have any goals past "get him reading" at this stage. He wants to go back to also using Teach your Monster to Read & Reading Eggs, Following Bravewriter Lifestyle with Siblings. He also does Literacy Plant & Brainpop, so will continue those. Using Skwirk to cover standards & Filll gaps. Miquon
  10. Updated 13/02 Updated 26/02 Continue with Complete Education Australia Moving to FIAR Maybe continue with Miquon Easy Peasy Math. Kitchen Table Math + Life of Fred, Move to Beast Academy Later On. Transferring to Rightstart for whole family, Imaths to cover Grade Level Standards. Topic Based Activity Bags "Showbags" I do up for her (pretty much an activity based unit study, she loves them) Exploration of Art Techniques & Media, maybe add Artventure Rebecca Rupp's Home Learning Year by Year, Twinkl, Anti Coloring Books & Tin Man Press Board Games, DIY Games and basically lots
  11. Honestly, I have no idea. I plan a field at a time, and have several ideas for the threads that follow current stuff, Ischool year round, so below is as far as my head has gotten for whatever comes after the current curricula. Updated 13/02 Updated 19/02 Updated 26/02 Guessing: *Online: Brainpop & Literacy Planet (she loves them, so will use them till she runs out of lessons. Icivics, and sites similar. Skwirk to cover standards, Bravewriter Lifestyle with Simblings *Continue Shakespeare Studies *Math: Changing to Rightstart soon,even though it will add hours to my time (She has
  12. MATH - Cyberchase, Umizoomi, Odd Squad, Peg + Cat, Mathtacular, Numberjacks ART - Mister Maker, Atelier, Art Attack HISTORY - Drive thru History, Horrible Histories, Liberty Kids, Little House on the Prarie, Time Warp Trio, American Girl SCIENCE - Magic School Bus, Wild Kratts, Bill Nye, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Captain Planet, Sid the Science Kid, Science of Disney Imagineering, Moody Science (Christian-Based), Beakmans World, Chopped, Zula Patrol, Planet Earth, Fizzy;s Lunch Lab, Sonlight's Discover & Do, How it's Made, Microcosmos GEOGRAPHY - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? L
  13. I think it pretty much suits anyone who likes classical or formal CM style curricula. My eldest is just sensitive and gets frustrated easily/has anxiety. The book you read is pretty okay (our Australian Story), and it has questions, cut and pastes, dictionary work/alphabetising, additional book suggestions for the history/reading side, all the usual cm stuff (copywork, dictation, narration), it has little Picture Studies, Art/Lit/Poetry Study, Researching etc. I do like that its Australian and works through Australian history and is CM. In my personal opinion, the age its correlated to is
  14. I love my proclick. I like that it makes circular holes, thus making the edges wear more evenly, rather than cornered holes that tend to rip. I also love the proclick snap coils, they help the spine stand straight and not schlump, easy to edit, fold back upon itself, pages don't come loose or rip out. its the only time/reason I have considered getting anything of the sort. I'm actually planning to purchase another one. I've had mine for about 4?ish years.
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