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  1. Looking into logic curriculum for next year and my key need is budget friendly. Are the dvds necessary for Memoria Press’ Introductory Logic (and the following books)? Could we do the curriculum without the dvds?
  2. I’m originally from Pitkin county- I live in junction now and hear the flight for life often. Pray for every one.
  3. Save it- my husband just got a new job after 2 job losses in 2019, and they’ve already reduced pay by 20% indefinitely. It could get cut more, he could lose his job. We were just about to look into buying a house so all plans are on hold until future notice.
  4. Honestly, I can’t remember the name! Sorry.
  5. Wanted to update you all: I ended up seeing an acupuncturist and he said I had a parasite and gave me some herbal remedies. It seemed like a total hoax but I don't have any problems now and can eat any food. I enjoyed seeing him because he told me exactly what each session would cost.
  6. Saxon math 8/7 ? Saxon grammar 7 Dive earth science Maybe the next Dave Raymond history, if it comes out. Logic? Maybe a brave writer writing?
  7. Right now we can afford the monthly cost and the amount for treatment is questionable. From the amount I've seen for insurance we can't even afford the monthly rate.
  8. The only state programs we qualify for are, ironically, school lunches 😂. I don't fully understand as we basically don't have money for anything. We even go to a dental college for dental work because a local cash rate is way too expensive. The state marketplace is about 3x what we are paying right now. I may have to take my search outside a 100 mile radius.
  9. Hi everyone, I came to you guys because your collective knowledge is very impressive. Last December I stopped eating dairy and saw a lot of improvement in my nightly stomachaches and really smelly gas. Then this past spring/summer I started having daily diarrhea, stomachaches, horrible gas. I started eating foods you'd eat when you were recovering from an illness: applesauce, toast, mashed potatoes, rice. I was able to add in chicken, eggs, bananas, brown rice, butter, jam/jelly, very small amounts of cooked carrot and berries. Red meat and fruits/veggies really bug me. I can't eat fruits or veggies without getting diarrhea. I am taking a probiotic and I was taking digestive enzymes, but forgot about those. I should restart them. I have Medishare and have had them for 18 months but maybe I don't really understand it as I am afraid it's going to cost me my whole annual family portion, which we technically have but it's our emergency fund and we have no way to replace it (in fact my husband will either receive a paycut next year or be moved to part time- he is a pastor: no benefits). We live very rurally. There are 5 different gastroenterologist doctors at two offices listed in a town 2 hours away. One office never answered their phone. The other sent me to billing to verify they took Medishare and they never called me back. I'm looking for both options on why I am having this problem, what I can do about it, encouragement that it won't drain my savings, etc. [Some possibly unrelated info: Two years ago I paid $800 to help my son with his stomach issues (which have completely resolved) and never actually received any help). My grandma was diagnosed with colitis years ago and just avoids trigger foods.]
  10. I dropped off our paperwork at the CPA today and now I am anxiously waiting! I think this year will be different anyways because it's our first full year as self-employed/ministry. We have owed state taxes the last two years.
  11. Saxon math 7/6 Saxon grammar 6 John H. Tiner for science, his choice of book, currently undecided. We've been watching, yet not completing any assignments for Dave Raymond's American history. Will probably continue with that. Visual Latin, maybe.
  12. A 1000 left after expenses but only saves 100? And she's complaining about not owning a home? After mortgage, utilities, groceries, health insurance, and other expenses NO debt (other than mortgage), NO eating out, and no monthly savings (we get paid biweekly and save those extra 2 paychecks, which probably get eaten up in emergencies or taxes) we are lucky to break even. We only own a home because of the rural housing loan and can buy without a down payment. Honestly I didn't finish the article. I hate when people complain about costs when they have so much wiggle room and honestly, wasteful spending. Many of us out here do without nice things and have to scrimp just to get by (not to even save).
  13. Saxon math 5/4 I'm considering doing treasured conversations this summer with him and my 10 year old. Reading, a variety of books.
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