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Last night I dreamed...

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I was on the Oregon trail, & then SWB showed up to show us a shortcut. The shortcut took us to Half Price Books, where the general manager was God, & I got struck by lightning for buying too much curriculum AND for not bringing books in my schooner wagon.


Which leads me to the other part. I was too distracted to pay enough attention to SWB or God because I was trying to figure out if 'schooner' is pronounced 'sKooner,' 'SHooner,' or 'Sooner.'

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Oh, my gosh. :D


I dreamed once that the secret service showed up at my house to check it out before a visit from Spy Car, to make sure it was all safe, because it turned out he was actually some famous Bill. But this. SWB and God and whatnot. You win.

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That is hilarious. Are you glad you woke up?


No! What if it was a warning? What if it really means I shouldn't buy any more curric? :w00t:


Do you know what I found at the big 1/2 Price yesterday while the power was out? SEVEN "You wouldn't want to be's," 3 of them *specific* titles I've been wanting. Two Miserable Presidents. Joy Hakim's Am history (not telling whether or not I bought it). The history magazine, Cobblestone. Am hist Horrible Histories.


The list goes on. AND I got $12 off for the kids' summer reading. (Although it occurred to them on the way home that they should be able to pick their own books. I'm working on convincing them that they did.)


And 10% teacher discount. :drool5: I really am in danger of being stricken by lightning. :leaving:

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