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I'm looking for cheap long distance (not using cell phone)

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We love our magicJack! We have a Minneapolis number eventhough we live in Guatemala and for $20 a year we can call anyone we want to. It has a great connection and it's wonderful.


We had Skype, had some weirdo come on asking for my dd(who was then 13) and wanting to know where she was when I was texting someone else. We got rid of it. Creeped me out.

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I used to buy long distance calling cards -- $5 for 1000 minutes! They lasted for 6 months -- though my MIL has had hers for 18 mon. and it is still working.


I found ours at a little deli/convience store, but I've seen similar ones at grocery stores. I just used my phone's speed dial to program in the 800 number and our access number, and it was really not a hassle at all. I just couldn't beat $10 for long distance for year!

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