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  1. I toss some fresh herbs into the vinegar and let it sit in the fridge a few days before using it. Helps remove some of the vinegar smell and herbs such as rosemary are great for your hair as well.
  2. My daughter had an Australian Shepherd. Beautiful dog both to look at and in temperament. She was very gentle, playful, intelligent. Only thing I can think might potentially be a downside to some is the dogs coat. It's quite thick, will need regular grooming. HTH
  3. If you're looking for a cheap set of dpn's you might want to check Amazon. I bought a complete set of bamboo 7" for $25 (US sizes 1-15). They're not my favourite needles as I prefer metal, but it's wonderful having any size I need available.
  4. I do sub categorize and budget each amount accordingly but that's what works for me, it wouldn't be necessary for the system to work if you didn't want to do it that way. The hardest part is starting out. We needed a bit of a boost for that first month, and since then it's run very smoothly. My dh keeps up with the overall outgoing expenses in whatever money program he uses, but I am the one who knows how much I have for groceries or clothing at any given time. He looooves that it's as simple as saying "I need a new pair of jeans" and the money is budgeted and already saved for that moment.
  5. Dh and I split what we're responsible for. I cover groceries (food/household/pets/etc), gifts, clothing, and also budget a small amount of ready money for myself. Dh covers everything else, bills, vehicle expenses, eating out, etc. We set this system up years ago by averaging out how much we spent on each of my categories and now he 'pays' me an amount each paycheck which I then assign to each category. It's similar to the Dave Ramsey method I suppose, though we don't use envelopes or cash only. I don't spend over what I have assigned in each category.
  6. Stratego! I recently discovered it was his favourite childhood game. I'm really looking forward to seeing him open it. Wish I were as excited about playing the game with him, I'm useless at strategy games. :tongue_smilie: A utility light and retractable extension cord for the workshop/garage. Boring but things I know he wants. Gift certificates to a massage place across town, (no, not THAT kind of massage place!) He was in a vehicle accident day before THanksgiving and suffering residual hip/neck problems. Chiropractor and GP both advise massage in the coming months. Maltesers and other swe
  7. :lol: How funny to see a picture of MY HOME TOWN on these boards. wow! I wish there was a decent picture of the magic roundabout full of rush hour traffic. The pictures here show the road and markings clearly but it's more difficult (I think) to see how it all plays out for drivers. It's a crazy scheme but it works brilliantly, there are rarely accidents on the roundabout itself. I feel like a proud mum seeing the roundabout grow and gain fame :tongue_smilie: . I remember it when it was first introduced as a temporary idea and had old tires in the centre as markers. (Swindon is a test
  8. My parents, usually a small individual gift (2) Dh's parents usually get a joint gift (2) or should that be (1..?) Dh's Grandma gets a token gift, she loooooooves junk and knicknacks so she's easy to buy for! (1) Our 3 teenagers (3) I buy for Dh from my gift budget (as well as those noted above) (1) He buys for me from his own budget, shall I count him here? (1) Total: 10 If I have any professional photo's they get sent out according to how many I have to give. Grandparents are top of the list, then Dh's aunts/uncles, then my siblings, etc. I don't think of those as gifts and we r
  9. I have the Knit Picks Options (metal). I like them but they are very slick and pointy. I have a few cheap metal needles, Boyle brand I think, and they just don't glide as easily, and the tips are much blunter. ONe thing to consider with the Knit Picks harmony is the colouring. I have the 4" dpn set and I find it very difficult to see yarn against the woodstain unless I'm sitting in very bright natural light. The tips are pointy on those as well. I also have a cheap set of bamboo dpn's and one pair of straights. I don't like the feel of the grain when one needle slides across another but the
  10. I currently use the English style (That's a surprise, eh?! hehe) but really want to learn continental to alleviate carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I did both today while knitting a miniature Christmas stocking with colourwork, (main colour in right hand, english style, and contrast colour in left hand, continental style). I am so pleased with myself!! :hurray:
  11. My husband grows a full beard in cooler months just to please me. I love it! He'll go down to just a 'tache or goatee during the summer and I do notice that change. Sometimes takes me a day or two to notice when he's growing his beard back though. When I was a child my dad would shave half his moustache and walk around like that the entire day until we noticed. Even funnier given his very white skintone and thick black facial hair. I've not seen him in a few years but apparently he now has a full beard (he never had any type of beard when I was a kid), and it's so white he looks like Santa.
  12. Years ago I had a dream I was at a party, folk lined up down a hallway and at the end in a doorway was Jeff Gordon (nascar driver) dressed in a baked potato costume. He was waving at me. I don't follow nascar and have no clue what the deal was with the baked spud thing. Weird!
  13. I'll give it a go if you like, or you can look for ideas on this site. Dream moods
  14. These stories are so touching. Amazing how deeply we can love our pets, isn't it. My much loved cat died last year and the vet never did find out what was wrong. Her health went downhill fast and it was a sad time with me left feeling I didn't try hard enough to help her. This situation with my dog is less upsetting as this is not a life threatening injury but I want to do what is best for him and that may just be avoiding putting him through surgery given his age.
  15. I haven't read the 70s food thread or the responses here so I hope I'm not the only one to admit I fix this! It's one of my dd's favourite foods. Not something I'd ever had growing up in the UK so I morphed a chicken pasta dish my Mum makes with a tuna noodle casserole recipe and it seemed to work. Pasta, basic white sauce with parmesan for flavour, peas, tuna, crushed cheese crackers on top.
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