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    I am selling these gently used books (most are like new, except noted below): 4th of July Story, The Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys (ex-library edition) Brigid's Cloak Caedmon's Song Chanticleer and the Fox Coming Home Daniel Boone Coloring Book (one page has some outlining in marker) Dear Benjamin Banneker Farewell Symphony, The Ferdinand Magellan Gulliver's Travels Henry VIII and His Wives Paper Dolls Iroquois Indians Jamestown Colony, The Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press Life in New Amsterdam Life on a Southern Plantation Making of a Knight, The Marguerite Makes a Book Mario's Angels Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World More Perfect Union, A Netherlands, The New Americans, The Paul Revere's Ride Pieter Bruegel Renaissance, The (History Opens Windows) Sad Night, The: Story of an Aztec Victory and a Spanish Loss Sea Clocks: The Story of Longitude Three Young Pilgrims Vikings, The Voyage of the Mayflower, The William Penn



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    WWE workbook. I ended up not using this with my son. First 5 pages have writing on them (dictation/ narration) as seen in photo below. postage included in price


  3. My parents are wanting to gift my soon to be 16yo with a trip anywhere in the world with them! He is thinking of Israel/ Holy Land. So.......trying to search for a spring/ early summer 2015 trip to Israel for a teen + grandparents. We definitely want the Christian perspective, but not *just* a religious trip. I'd feel more safe if they were with a tour company the entire time. I've traveled internationally without a tour company, but I just would feel better knowing that their plans are all set from the moment they enter an airport until I pick them up. Ideally. Any recomm

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    All from non-smoking home. Click links to see product description Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sanseri WISE Guide Basic and Advanced Phonogram cards, laminated Spelling rule cards, laminated Chart Pack phonogram bingo My WISE Grammer (both sets, A-O) (scroll down to see it -- samples on the site) One primary learning log and one black learning log (my son wrote his name on the cover in pen, but a little white out and it will be fine) This is over $150 new


  5. Debate -- and the skills necessary to engage in rhetorical events -- is taught systematically throughout the Challenge program. This is only our first year in Challenge, but it is a really well designed system. It is based on the 5 canons of rhetoric: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery Challenge A - gives students the basic foundation of information for debating -- geography, basic science grammar and research skills Challenge B - students learn logic, research skills, and begin to formulate opinions and research about current events. Challenge 1 - students participate in
  6. I found the HIG to be very valuable here, too. I used SM (US editions) with my son from K through 6th grade (we made it up to 5B). I loved algebra and like you mentioned, found the word problems to be much easier if done with algebraically than with the bar graphs. So, I needed the HIG to teach myself to think in the SM math way. Your son sounds a like like mine -- math was not something he was naturally inclined to enjoy, although he always seemed to understand the concepts fairly easily (but not intuitively) once explained to him. Unfortunately, he is a victim of The Guinea Pig S
  7. I just received an email about Lee Binz's free webinar about high school transcripts. A little info: Webinar Registration Our online presentation will be held on: Monday, April 15th, 2013 12:00 - 1:00 PM Pacific Time Find your Time Zone Here Hawaii-Aleutian....10:00 AM Alaskan.................11:00 Pacific...................12:00 PM Mountain.............. 1:00 Central .................2:00 Eastern ................3:00 Atlantic.................4:00 you can access the link to register for it at: Spring Into Transcripts (https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/17353
  8. It's important to remember with TOG (a curriculum I have used for the dialectic levels, UG and LG) that it was written by a homeschool mom with high school students on down. Marcia Somerville created it so she wouldn't go crazy (my words, not hers) homeschooling her houseful. The high school plan drives the pace, and the dialectic-on-down study topics at their level. This way, her whole family could be studying the same topic, engage in projects and activities and still have a robust education (and it is robust). I recommend TOG when your oldest student gets to the dialectic level, then
  9. Like someone said, I think you make it what you want. With my two in foundations (2nd and 5th) for the first time next year, I plan on spending about 1/2 hr. a day working on memory work. My 5th grader will be in essentials, and he really does need to bone up on his writing and grammar this year, so I expect that will cover a good portion of our morning. Other than that, I'm going to make some quality literature read aloud decisions because that is something that we haven't done much of for the past few years. Now, for my Challenge B high school freshman, Challenge is his school work, so
  10. I either liked her fb page or signed up for her mailings and heard about one and registered. She had another in February -- so I suspect she holds them regularly.
  11. Have you attended one of her free webinars? If not, that might give you a taste of record keeping and what is involved for high school. I attended on in January. It was helpful, but I'm not one to be nervous or worried about record keeping for high school. Our local support group had an admissions counselor from the local state university speak about high school transcripts and college admissions, so I knew I was headed in the right direction.
  12. The Old Schoolhouse just did a comprehensive review of nearly ever level of Essentials in Writing, except 2nd grade (I don't know why). I reviewed the 8th grade program, and I thought it was solid, but my son prefers IEW, so we'll stick with that. Here's a link the home page of the reviews: http://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/essentials-in-writing-review/ for a general introduction, but for all the linkys to the reviews themselves: TOS EiW review
  13. I thought I'd let you all know what I decided - hopefully this blesses someone else who is contemplating CC for high school . Thanks to those who responded on this thread and those who sent me private emails. I am so grateful for your willingness to share your decision making process and experiences. I really know that God is directing this path and I feel much peace about it. We've decided to go the Challenge B way. There are many, many cool things that the students at this level will be studying: mock trial, current events, and logic being among the highlights for this mama/teacher
  14. Angela or others, OK, have you known anyone who has chosen Challenge B for high school over Challenge 1? Have you known any students who came into Challenge 1 never having CC before? As I mentioned in my original post, we come from TOG, and my son is used to challenging reading and challenging discussions -- he's not used to as much writing as CC schedules, but that is OK -- it will be good for him, and is closer to what I expect for high school than not (although there is not WAY we wrote a paper every two weeks). Assuming a decent or better tutor, how did the child fare? I honestly h
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