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  1. Audible is having a two-for-one sale on selected Great Courses. I need help choosing! Any recommendations for courses you found worthwhile? (This would be for *me*.) If it matters, DS8 will be going through SOTW3 and chemistry next year (3rd grade). I have a B.S. in mathematics and an M.Ed. in math/science ed; history, economics, etc were never my strong suits, so that's where I am looking...
  2. I'm going to call the neurology nurse on Monday and see if they have any recommendations for adult doctors near-ish us. Our pediatrician's office sent us a long list of adult doctors, but none of them are closer than 20 minutes away. I just don't want to switch to someone who then won't work with our specialists, since they are "pediatric" specialists. This is a good point. He won't be driving for the foreseeable future, so I can drive him once or twice if it is out of his comfort zone, and once he starts driving again it won't be such an unknown. He hasn't been going in more than once or twice a year for a few years, so maybe being farther (further?) away isn't as big a deal as I thought it would be. Thanks!
  3. DS21 needs to find an adult doctor. DS has epilepsy, food allergies, and (greatly improved) asthma. His neurologist at Children's Hospital in Boston has said that he can stay with him as long as he wants and I'm guessing that the allergist would say the same. However, his Children's-affiliated pediatrician sent him a letter saying that he wouldn't be seen in the office again after he turns 22. Fair enough. But, they sent us a list full of their recommended doctors for him to chose, and they are all located in/around Boston; that's a 30+ minute drive from there, without traffic. (Pediatrician's office is 15 minutes away, but they only admit to Boston.) DS works an irregular schedule that changes week to week, and he's a new driver (actually, currently he can't drive for 6 months), and he's not confident driving to unfamiliar places just yet. Besides asking for recommendations on facebook, how does one go about finding, meeting, and ultimately choosing a new doctor for a new adult who has prior specialists already in place? (My doc is also 30 min away and DH doesn't really have one, so we are no help.) What steps do we follow and what questions do we ask? Thanks for any advice.
  4. I second (third?) the antihistamine/decongestant. It will dry out the ears/relieve compression on the eardrums a bit. See if it helps? As a toddler/preschooler, DS8 got multiple, antibiotic-resistant ear infections that caused temporary hearing issues. Never got tubes. That stopped as he got older and hasn't been a problem since. Good luck!
  5. This purse, this wallet, this pen, and my paint chip swatches (never leave home without them!).
  6. I was raised in a very strict "sit there until you eat every last bite" household and was traumatized by it. I've had to work to get (somewhat) over it and not be horrible to my children the way my father was with me. I have found that The Feeding Doctor and Ellyn Satter (both FaceBook links) have helped me tremendously.
  7. Coincidence that this showed up in my email today? It's from the lead authors of the math Common Core standards...
  8. I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for, but I use Feedly for following blogs/sites I'm interested in.
  9. I have 8 years public school teaching experience; 3 years were in a rural-ish regional vocational school, 1 year was in a well-to-do suburban high school, and 4 in a regional vocation school that was 85% minority. I mainly taught inclusion-level 10th grade math. I spent one year teaching freshman physics out of my certification on a waiver. DH is also a public high school teacher; he teaches physics and astronomy. I have been out of work since DS5 was born. My license will expire this summer, and I am trying to figure out what classes I need to renew. Barring any extenuating circumstances, I would like to stay home for a minimum of two more years (though I *may* have homeschool plans typed out for the next 18 :lol: ). I hope to some day go back to my last voc school - I loved working with those kids. Also, I need 2 more years to be vested in my pension...
  10. Thanks, all. I'm making my goals for my 5yr old for kindergarten next year and wanted to make sure that I wasn't just focusing on academic stuff. Of course, I'm not going to be upset if he can't tie his shoes or spell his last name by the end of K, but I need things to aim for or he will just play Legos all year!
  11. What non-academic things should a child know and be able to do at the end of kindergarten? I'm thinking along the lines of: know their phone number, tie their shoes, make a sandwich, etc. What else?
  12. We have 5 sets for each kid (because boys' tshirts & boxers come in packages of 5). They re-wear Thursday night's pjs on Friday (Thursday is when their laundry gets washed) and Tuesday night's pjs on Wednesday night. We have warm weather and cold weather sets.
  13. I second the Bullet Journal. I use a smaller journal for myself, and am going to buy a larger journal to plan for next year. (This year I used a regular teacher's planner, like I used when I was teaching high school. It worked okay, but I would like to add some other things and a BuJo will be better for this.)
  14. This is me... I've tried this before, only to find myself in the middle of a spending spree later in the month! Gah!
  15. I have a 21yr old son and then boys 8, 5, 3, and 7months, for a gap of 13.5yrs between boys #1 and #2. The 21 yr old has not yet moved out (no college yet, he went to work out of high school). Honestly, as he spends so much time out of the house for work, friends, etc, I don't think it will be that big of a deal (for the little boys) when he moves out completely. It might even be more exciting, as we will hope to have a regular visiting time to his place; I think the kids would really enjoy this. Good luck, mama!
  16. The last few months were very spendy here and one of our tenants isn't paying his rent so I really need to 'no spend' June (and, maybe, July). I've tried to do this multiple times before and have never really felt successful. Does anyone have any tips or helpful ideas that get you through a 'no spend' month? Anyone else need to 'no spend' this month? FWIW, my pantry, fridge & freezer are fairly well stocked, so I'm going to try to keep the grocery spending to $400 for bread, dairy, eggs, fresh fruits/veggies, and probably a bit of meat towards the end of the month. We have 7 people - 3 adults, 3 young kids, and a baby who has just started solids. (I usually spend $750+ on food.) I am also in desperate need of thermal curtains for my bedroom, so I will buy those if/when I find them. The only other non-food expense I can foresee this month is Father's Day.
  17. Thanks very much, all. Yesterday was a hard day.
  18. The Amazon Basics pouches work great. I picked up a cheap Scotch one a few years back as a daily deal for a steal. It was such a good price, I gifted one to his kindergarten teacher that Christmas!
  19. I'm not one to usually ask for prayers, but... We thought that, after several completely uneventful years and a clean EEG just last month, that DS21 was out of the woods with his epilepsy. As of this morning, that is no longer the case. :crying: This is especially hard because he is going to have to put his newfound personal freedom (license, car, etc) on hold for the next 6 months. I'm heartbroken for him.
  20. Latin is the one thing that I'm absolutely clueless about. After lots of reading, I've narrowed it down to Latin for Children Primer A (Classical Academic Press) or Little Latin Reader Primers A & B (Catholic Heritage Curricula). Ack! I can't decide! FWIW, we are Catholic and are planning to memorize some Latin prayers next year, and DH would like to take DS8 to a Latin mass during the year.
  21. The public high school is 0.8 miles, door-to-door, from my house. DS21 used to walk and was *still* tardy almost every day of his senior year. The grammar (k-8) school for my district (the city has 4) is next door to the HS, so it is 1.0 mile to the lower school (k-4) doors. FWIW, we have 1 public high school, 4 public grammar schools, 1 Catholic grammar, 1 Catholic HS, and 1 Islamic grammar school in a city of @49k people.
  22. There are also two Veronica Mars books! I :001_wub: Veronica Mars. It was right up there with Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me. I used to turn the ringer off on the house phone so no one could call when it was on!
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