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  1. The Common Core State Standards in MA have two possible pathways: Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2 or Integrated math 1, 2, 3 (And then more advanced options for senior year/advanced students) If your child is ready for algebra 1, they are ready for math 1 (which combines topics across math).
  2. I posted first day homeschool pictures today... We went on a field trip and spent the day at the beach. Ha!
  3. They often have a huge markdown section in the back of the store where you can find great deals on Le Creuset and Staub Dutch ovens. I got my LC there -it was a return due to a cosmetic defect, and was over 60%off!
  4. Apricot is my favorite. My kids prefer strawberry vanilla, blueberry lemon, raspberry cocoa, and cantaloupe vanilla (tastes like creamscicle!)
  5. While the thought of not having another baby makes my heart hurt, this post makes me think it might not be *so* bad.. Sleep sounds lovely right about now!
  6. I ordered it for DS8, even though he is finishing up BA 3C right now. I will probably also read the guide to DS5 through the fall, as he loves looking through the books even though he can't read yet.
  7. I have 3 kids listening to audiobooks every afternoon. The library has lots of titles through overdrive but the majority have waiting lists. I always check the library first, but I'll buy titles that will be listened to over and over again (Harry Potter, Magic Treehouse, etc).
  8. My 3rd grader learned/plays chess with ChessKid. He also uses Scratch for coding.
  9. My 8yr old spent last summer (at 7) listening to the Percy Jackson series on audiobook. He really enjoyed them.
  10. There is a ministry in my area that provides meals (dinner and breakfast, I believe) to anyone who needs them, everyday, for free, restaurant-style. Customers simply show up, are seated, choose from a small listing of options, and are fed, free of charge. Maybe there is something similar in their area? For what it's worth, it's run out of a Catholic Church and is called Cor Unum Meal Center.
  11. Thanks, everyone for your input. My rational brain and my emotional side are at polar opposites. Best to just keep talking it out with DH...
  12. I had 3 losses (four babies) between #2 and #3, including a 2nd trimester loss. I feel your terror. It never goes away.
  13. DH looks at me today and says, 'Are we going to have another baby, or what?' Yikes. I love babies. I love nothing more than being pregnant and having a newborn at home. But... I'm 43 now. (DH is 37.) I'm nursing the 10mo old, and will be for at least another 18 months. I have been nursing babies/toddlers for the last 5.5 YEARS without a break. I'm so touched out. I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the last 9 years. Also, my oldest is nearly 22! I would have another in a heartbeat if I had been able to lose some (any) weight after the last baby, but I'm 50lbs overweight and the last two pregnancies were just *hard* on my body. My anxiety was through the roof the last time, too. That all being said...I would love another baby.. I just can't figure out if I am done. Will I look back and regret not having another, or will I get pregnant again and regret it? So, how do you determine when you're DONE?
  14. They're is a Facebook group called 'Massachusetts Homeschoolers Connection'.
  15. I took it out of the library weeks ago and haven't started it. Thanks for reminding me!
  16. I was never interested in history, so I remember nothing of my history education. This is something that I'm trying to rectify right now, as I am trying to teach my DS8. I live 30 minutes north of Boston, on the NH line. My dad's next-door neighbor's kid has a Confederate flag on his truck. We see a few here and there, moreso as you enter and go north into NH.
  17. I reliably get pregnant immediately after the baby sleeps through the night for the first time. I would kill for 8 straight hours of sleep right now, but I don't think I would get pregnant again for it. :-\ I'm too tired! I had one cycle at 6 months which was totally bizarre, but that was 4 months ago and hasn't happened again. I may try temping next month when DH goes back to work, but I know that alone won't really be good enough. I need to reread my copy of TCOYF soon.
  18. I get this a lot. When I'm out with the four younger boys, I inevitably get asked 'You have four boys?', to which I respond, 'No, I have FIVE boys.' If I'm asked his age, people often just stare at me, dumbstruck. (Youngest was born a week before oldest turned 21.) What really gets me is when people say that I really have 'two families', because of the age gap between DS21 and DS8. That always makes me stabby...
  19. Taking Charge of Your Fertility recommends the OvaGraph app. I'm breastfeeding, so I haven't started bothering with charting yet.
  20. My mother made a face recently when I mentioned possibly having another. (We have 5 boys and I'm 43 - we aren't trying/aren't avoiding.) Physically and mentally I'm done, but emotionally I'm not because I love me some squishy newborns. I also feel like having another just to spite her!
  21. My DS8 also would stay up for hours after lights-out before he was able to fall asleep. I bought him a small book light and he brings a book to bed to read until he feels tired. (He shares a room with DS5). He's been doing this for nearly a year now. His regular bedtime is 8:15-8:30pm, and he wakes up around 7am. Some nights he's asleep by 8:45 and others he's up until 10, but at least he's rested and not stressed out anymore about not being able to fall asleep. Just don't let him read Dracula before bedtime - ask me how I know. :banghead:
  22. This is pretty awesome. Wish I had known this before my losses..
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