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  1. Thanks very much, all. Yesterday was a hard day.
  2. The Amazon Basics pouches work great. I picked up a cheap Scotch one a few years back as a daily deal for a steal. It was such a good price, I gifted one to his kindergarten teacher that Christmas!
  3. I'm not one to usually ask for prayers, but... We thought that, after several completely uneventful years and a clean EEG just last month, that DS21 was out of the woods with his epilepsy. As of this morning, that is no longer the case. :crying: This is especially hard because he is going to have to put his newfound personal freedom (license, car, etc) on hold for the next 6 months. I'm heartbroken for him.
  4. Latin is the one thing that I'm absolutely clueless about. After lots of reading, I've narrowed it down to Latin for Children Primer A (Classical Academic Press) or Little Latin Reader Primers A & B (Catholic Heritage Curricula). Ack! I can't decide! FWIW, we are Catholic and are planning to memorize some Latin prayers next year, and DH would like to take DS8 to a Latin mass during the year.
  5. The public high school is 0.8 miles, door-to-door, from my house. DS21 used to walk and was *still* tardy almost every day of his senior year. The grammar (k-8) school for my district (the city has 4) is next door to the HS, so it is 1.0 mile to the lower school (k-4) doors. FWIW, we have 1 public high school, 4 public grammar schools, 1 Catholic grammar, 1 Catholic HS, and 1 Islamic grammar school in a city of @49k people.
  6. There are also two Veronica Mars books! I :001_wub: Veronica Mars. It was right up there with Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me. I used to turn the ringer off on the house phone so no one could call when it was on!
  7. I opened up DS8's SM grade 2 CWP to the 1st chapter (addition & subtraction) and chose the first problem on the page: 8. Faith and Annie have 520 beads altogether. Faith has 230 beads. If Annie loses 74 beads, how many beads does she have left?
  8. We did the CWP for level 2 during the year, along with the texts. I do have all the level 3 books for next year already, but I wasn't planning to start them until September. If we run out of math games (or if that idea goes sideways too quickly), I may pull that out to work on. Thanks for the idea!
  9. It's being shipped USPS economy mail from CA to MA. The publisher specifically states "2 to 3 weeks." I just looked and my last order came in 12 days. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. Wait, is that a thing that really exists? Wow. I'm pretty jealous that people can just go to a homeschool book store! We are probably going to play some math-y games and maybe work on his speed on his math facts. Keeping my fingers crossed that the books come sooner, rather than later!
  11. DS8 started Beast Academy 3A at the beginning of the month, after finishing Singapore 2A&B. I had originally only ordered the first book, in case he didn't like it. Turns out, he loves it, so I ordered the rest of the level 3 books this past Monday, as I knew it would take 2-3 weeks for the cheaper shipping. Well, he just finished the book this morning! :ohmy: (I didn't realize how far along he was in the book/workbook.) Now, we have to come up with something else to do for math until the other books arrive. He is not going to be happy with me - he want's to start the next book right now! Boo! :cursing: </rant> [Edited to add that he did the workbook, too. D'oh!]
  12. DS8 is finishing his first year home (2nd grade). He did Singapore 2A&B, and finished in April. We started Beast Academy 3A at the beginning of the month, and he is nearly finished. He *loves* BA, so he will continue with Beast Academy during the summer, hopefully finishing 3B and starting 3C by the end of August. I am planning to use Singapore 3A&B as his primary text next fall and continue to let him work through BA as he pleases. I will buy the 2nd grade texts as they are released, but I probably won't buy the workbooks (unless he ask).
  13. This sounds just like my DS21! If a large bill comes in (dental, eeg, whatever...), we help him by paying a portion of it. We are moving to less and less of this, to wean him off and get him completely responsible for his own bills.
  14. These chickens aren't organic, just 'organically-fed". This was just the first place that I found semi-local. I'm going to keep looking. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. Local-ish to me is $5.75/lb.
  16. If you buy/sell local, pasture-raised, organically-fed, whole chickens (Cornish roasters, to be exact) from a local farm, about how much do you pay/charge per pound? I would like to start buying from local farms more often (chicken, beef, pork - we already have local milk delivery) but I'm not sure if I can justify the expense. Thanks!
  17. The C25K running trainer app from Zen Labs (on my andriod phone) was great. It can play over your music (I played it over music from the Pandora app) and tells you when to speed up/slow down. I got more than half-way through the program before I found out I was pregnant with DS5. I actually ran for 20 minutes once! Without stopping! ETA: (I did repeat a week or two, because I wasn't ready yet. You can repeat days as many times as you need.) I'm now again in your boat - early 40s, just over 200lbs, and winded climbing stairs. The baby is about at the point were I could possibly be gone for 45 minutes or so without him freaking out (gym is a 7 minute walk from here), so I'm hoping to start going to the gym again soon. Good luck!
  18. I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet (younger 4 boys spent the day coming down with/getting over miserable colds - me, too) with a glass of homemade limoncello & lime seltzer before going to bed. Oh, and the man-child just came upstairs for food and said "happy mother's day." so, there's that. :wub:
  19. My oldest offspring, who works in a supermarket that sells BOTH greeting cards AND flowers, seems to have forgotten what today is. I can't decide whether or not I should yell down to him and ask him what is special about today or to just go to bed. :crying:
  20. :lol: I'm being serious here - I always wished that I could go to the desk and get another coupon book (or use my mother's extra coupons). I just didn't think that it was allowed! I buy flour/sugar/chocolate chips/coffee there mostly, but sometimes there are good coupons in that book!
  21. WAIT A MINUTE! They let you have ANOTHER coupon book? You can buy more than one item using more than one coupon? This changes EVERYTHING... *starts plotting my next trip to BJs*
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