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  1. That's crazy! Why can't everyone get the special price? I just looked at the first lecture that came up for me, and The Origin and Evolution of Earth is regularly $52.95 and I can still buy it for $3.47. (Screencap attached).
  2. Are you a member and are you logged in? If I was looking at a list of titles, they showed regular price. If I clicked on one title to read the full description, the sale price showed up on a 'buy it now' button.
  3. I was looking at a couple of history of science courses on Audible, listed regularly for $30+. When I clicked on one to read the description, it was available to buy for only $3.47! I snatched up a few science titles, and am looking to see if there is anything else I want that is so cheap. Just thought that I would share.
  4. Thank you very much for the link!
  5. I'm so mad I'm shaking... DS finally got hold of a person to talk to. His SSN didn't work because they rescinded his job offer because he doesn't meet the medical requirements. He noted on the medical form that he's epileptic (controlled with medication) and they are saying that he can't do the job. The job that requires SITTING AT A BENCH ALL DAY. I'm just furious.
  6. If no one answers the phone, he will have to drive down there to fix this today.
  7. He and I have both tried it. I'm guessing one of the other times he entered his number he might have typed it incorrectly.
  8. Sadly, no. They really do mean 48 hours. ::bangs head::
  9. GOOD NEWS! They are allowing him to complete the last task! BAD NEWS:. His SSN still won't work. He has 48 hours to complete the task and it's a three day weekend and I'm not sure anyone will be there to answer his call and straighten this problem out. He'll be home in an hour to work this it. Keep your fingers crossed.
  10. It's a background check system. I have no idea why it didn't work, but the help desk person said it wasn't unusual.
  11. He was interviewed by people from the company, originally. This contact person is just in charge of the paperwork, drug testing, etc. My mother works there and is going to talk to someone in HR to see if he can get another shot at the final hoop. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.
  12. A while back I posted about my oldest having an interview for a job that he didn't initially want, and what I was going through trying to get him to take the interview and consider the job. Well, he went to the interview, he did well, he was offered the job, he decided that he actually wanted the job, and he has spent the last few weeks jumping through a million hoops before he could start the job. There was a hoop last week that he had trouble with - the website he needed to create an account with didn't recognize his SSN and when he called the tech support hotline they told him to call t
  13. He is homeschooled, though he did do a year part-time at nursery school when he was three. This is just one part of his personality. He's not rigid in most situations or about most things, but if you tell him he *has* to say something, especially to someone he isn't comfortable or close to, he shuts right down/gets angry. If I model it first, he usually picks up the hint and follows suit. I just need the therapist to lay off of forcing the issue until DS is more comfortable with him, and then I think he'll be fine.
  14. He's not diagnosed, but he does have some issues with rigidity that have been decreasing with time. If the therapist doesn't force it, I'm sure it will come with familiarity. However, I'm afraid that DS5 will shut down completely to the therapist if he continues to push it before he's ready.
  15. This is what I'm thinking I'll do, thank you for the words I was looking for. He goes to speech ONLY for articulation issues, not for expressive or receptive speech. Maybe this is the therapist's default, but it was upsetting to DS5 and I don't want it affecting his comfort level with the therapist.
  16. He's working specifically on /r/ and /l/ sounds right now, so I'm fairly certain that this wouldn't have been related.
  17. When DS5 came out of his speech therapy appointment today, I could see on his face that he was not happy. When I asked him how it had gone, he told me that the therapist would not let him leave the room until DS had said 'Goodbye" to him. He told me that he didn't want to, but the therapist made him say it before he could leave. I'm not sure how long this took, but it couldn't have been more than a minute or two. DS5 does not react well to being told to say 'thank you', 'I'm sorry', 'please', or similar things to people that he is not very close to. Last night I reminded him to 'Say goodni
  18. Thanks, everyone. Power just came back on. I'll check the freezers-we didn't open them at all. It was over 9 hours without electricity. I can't remember losing power for more than an hour or two every before.
  19. We had a serious wind and rain storm overnight and the power went out around midnight. We don't live in a place where the power goes out often or stays out very long. However, this seems different, as there was so much wind damage. I spent half of my monthly grocery budget this weekend stocking up my freezers and refrigerator. How long before I have to start worrying about all my food going bad?
  20. DS3 had serious nursing issues, and I first took him to a pediatric ENT at children's hospital in Boston and that was an expensive, bloody mistake that didn't help. I drove the 3 hours to Dr. Kotlow and the laser took 5 minutes total (tongue and lip ties) and breastfeeding was immediately improved. Around the same time, DS5 was evaluated for early intervention due to articulation problems. (He never had trouble nursing.) I brought him to Dr. Kotlow at age 3 for the lip and tongue ties. As he was older and had already had a bad experience with a dentist, he was given Versed first. The proc
  21. Fruity pebbles. The smell was spot on but the taste was.... lacking. (I don't usually eat Oreos, but DS22 works in the supermarket and insisted I try one.)
  22. Thanks, everyone! I went with the 'Melinda'. Now, I just have to wait for it to be sewn and mailed...
  23. I have the mini crossbody found here: https://betterlifebags.com/collections/design-your-own/products/dyo-mini-crossbody (sorry, on my phone).
  24. I'm always wearing the youngest boy in a back carrier when we are out, so I prefer a cross-body bag, but do like the option of having the shorter handles. These aren't normally in my price range, either. However, this is going to be my Christmas gift PLUS someone gave my husband a $50 gift card PLUS they are 15% off through Monday.
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