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  1. This discussion of whether single-payer will cost more or less than what is already 1/6 of the U.S. economy fails to mention that the reason insurance costs are so high is NOT due to the actual cost of medical services, but due to the fact that insurance companies, many hospitals, drug companies, etc are all FOR PROFIT BUSINESSES. Having a for-profit health care system is an abomination.
  2. Hugs. Prayers. As the mother of an epileptic, I will keep you and your son in my thoughts.
  3. Thanks. I'm working on a chromebook which won't let me download those files. I'll try on DH's computer tomorrow.
  4. I bought Little Latin Readers, Primers A and B for DS8 this year. We haven't started them yet, but they don't look too workbook-and.
  5. Does anyone have both the Simple & Powered Machines set and the Simple Machines set from Lego Education? Could you tell me if the Simple & Powered Machines set includes all the pieces from the Simple Machines set (plus the motorized stuff)? Is there anything else that I should buy (besides a second motor) that would make the set better? I'm looking to buy a set for DS5 (who falls asleep thinking and talking and planning Lego creations). We just bought him the three Lego Technic Ideas books, and we need more Technic pieces to go along with the books. Thanks!
  6. Our library is giving them away at the front desk!
  7. I have 4 very large cookie sheets that I use frequently. I brought one with me to the store to make sure that they would fit in the dishwasher before I bought it. (The old washer, here when we moved in, wouldn't fit even one, never mind four at a time.)
  8. I pre-ordered the newest edition of the Kingfisher science encyclopedia and am eagerly awaiting its release in October. So, I really don't *need* any more science reference books but, as I said, I'm a sucker for math and science reference books. ;-)
  9. Have you read 'Project Based Homeschooling'? It's a good book on how to incorporate interest-led learning.
  10. I've been referring to our homeschool as The Wayside School for Wayward Boys for a while now but DH prefers St. Michael the Archangel Classical Academy. My oldest student is 8 and we don't need to use the name on anything official, so it doesn't matter yet.
  11. Morning basket Teaching my 5yr old to read Diagramming sentences! I'm going to read through The WTM literature list for 3rd grade along side DS8 - he'll read adaptations of most books at his reading level and I'll read the original (or, I'll read the original to him). This is exciting for me because I haven't read lots of classic books (I was always into science fiction).
  12. *sigh* I think I'm going to have to host one of those obnoxiously happy and perky Usborne facebook parties so that I can buy the entire lot at once at a discount. Ugh.
  13. I would give her an antihistamine to see if it helped ease the ear pain. If that and a dose of ibuprofen don't help, I would call your doctor's answering service and ask to speak to the doctor on call. ETA: eye junk is a clear sign that DS8 has an ear infection, every time.
  14. I just saw that Usborne has Illustrated math (3 levels) and science (bio, chem, physics) dictionaries. I'm a sucker for math and science reference books - are they any good? I suddenly want to need them...
  15. My dad paid the bills, got me to the bus, or drove me to school. I did not ask for, expect, or get any more than that. He took us camping, or on long car drives on weekends, but no bedtime stories, no hugs, no fun of any kind. He's not a generally happy guy. :-(
  16. Prenatal vitamins (breastfeeding) and occasionally iron (mildly anemic for a long time after giving birth). I keep meaning to add in fish oil (my mother swears by krill oil), but I can barely remember the prenatal most days. ETA: vit D during the winter, if I start feeling sluggish and moody.
  17. Thanks for posting this. We took summer off because DH has the summer off and wants to do fun stuff with his boys. However, after 3 weeks off, DS8 is showing signs of heightened anxiety and OCD issues. I actually had him tested for strep last week, thinking it was a PANDAS flare-up. (Test was negative for step.) I'm going to add some challenging work back into his mornings and see if that helps him get back to his 'normal'.
  18. During the school year, I have breakfast ready for the youngest 4 when they come downstairs, usually toast & yogurt or toast & protein/fruit smoothie. I've tried this summer to let them all learn to make their own breakfasts (choose a protein, a starch, a fruit, etc), but it's not going well... Just this morning, one is in tears, one is refusing to eat, and one is gorging himself on bagels. Fun times.
  19. I believe that The Car Seat Lady charges for inspections. She does, however, link directly to researchers (multiple times) who rebut the economists' findings. That's the important part...
  20. FWIW, my very leggy 8yr old (4'6", 73lbs) is still harnessed in his Britax Frontier 90, and has about an inch left before I switch him to booster. He can buckle himself in/out without any problems. As the baby is about to move out of his infant seat, we will be doing the car seat version of musical chairs soon. (We own 10 seats for 4 kids!)
  21. A rebuttal...
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