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  1. Fruity pebbles. The smell was spot on but the taste was.... lacking. (I don't usually eat Oreos, but DS22 works in the supermarket and insisted I try one.)
  2. Thanks, everyone! I went with the 'Melinda'. Now, I just have to wait for it to be sewn and mailed...
  3. I have the mini crossbody found here: https://betterlifebags.com/collections/design-your-own/products/dyo-mini-crossbody (sorry, on my phone).
  4. I'm always wearing the youngest boy in a back carrier when we are out, so I prefer a cross-body bag, but do like the option of having the shorter handles. These aren't normally in my price range, either. However, this is going to be my Christmas gift PLUS someone gave my husband a $50 gift card PLUS they are 15% off through Monday.
  5. I've been looking for a new bag for ages, with no luck. I'm picky and I can't find anything that I like. Please help me decide between two online options (or point me in another direction)! I have a small purse; it barely fits my wallet, keys, and phone (and, if it has all those things in it at the same time, I can't zip it closed). I don't carry a diaper bag. I need a bag large enough to carry my stuff plus have room for some other stuff when I'm out with my little boys, like a disposable diaper & small wipe pouch, maybe some granola bars or a few apples, a small card game, a water bo
  6. Congratulations to you and welcome, Crispin! DS21 has syndactyly toes. DS8 had swelling in the kidneys prior to birth. DSs 8, 5, and 3 all have sacral dimples. I have absolutely no advice but to say that nothing has ever come of any of these things and all 4 boys have no ill effects. I will keep you both in my prayers.
  7. Netflix has it on DVD through the mail.
  8. Wrinkly black-skinned kind. They were green-ish yesterday, and soft and black today. I'm guessing we need to eat them ASAP or they will be bad.
  9. So, now, what do I do with them? I have a picky DS8, DS5, and DS3. The baby feeds himself and will try anything. How do I get these kids to eat these avocados? (I've never eaten an avocado myself. Ever. Eww.)
  10. Sorry, I've never heard the phrase before.
  11. Weep uncontrollably. As much as I would love another, I'm just too tired and touched-out for that to be good for my mental state.
  12. Seriously, I could have written this myself! Exactly! From the anxious kid who will clear the snack table at a party all by himself right down to the one sugary drink on Friday nights (with pizza takeout). They may also get one glass of chocolate milk during the week, but not always. However, my kids are obsessed about candy and juice all.the.time. *sigh*

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    I am desperately looking for The Young Reader's Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream by Adam McKeown. Thanks!


  14. *sigh* Now that they are outside, all they do is fight and SCREAM! Why? Why? Why? Why can't then just play nicely? There is one patio chair that my husband sits in - they are literally beating each other up over it. There is one playhouse, they were screaming at each other because each one wants to sit on top of it (and it won't hold more than one and the 3yr old can't even climb up yet). God forbid they play *together* inside of it! We set up an area of mulch/stones/pieces of wood were they could play/dig/construct/whatever... they won't touch it. Why is this so hard????? This is
  15. It's so hot and humid here today that the thought of having to make dinner makes me want to cry... Cheese sandwiches, anyone?
  16. This thread is full of such great ideas...that I keep thinking are impossible to do here. *sigh* Our driveway is slanted towards the street and in desperate need of repaving and our street is a steep hill. No riding bikes/scooters/whatever. We don't have trees to hang swings/tires from. Also, hanging one tire swing for these three kids? Civil war. DH hates sandboxes. (Also, we spent a LOT of money removing the literal half-ton of sand in the yard after tearing down the above-ground pool when we moved in. No sand is coming into this yard again, ever.) DH had the kids help him to
  17. He believes that they won't get used. There are lots of playsets in my area, but you never see anyone playing on them. We have 4 playgrounds within a five-minute drive, and we often go there after school time is over and on weekends.
  18. Weapons. Someone would require a trip to the er!
  19. How do you get your kids to go outside, and what do they do once they are out there? My boys (8, 5, and 3) NEED to go outside during the day. I have built-in breaks during school time mid-morning, and before/after lunch. (Only DS8 does any work after lunch.) DS 5 & 3 could be outside most of the day, if I could get them to go! They just don't want to go outside. DS5 would prefer to spend all day upstairs using Legos. DS3 will go outside sometimes, but wants to be doing whatever his brothers are doing. DS8 prefers to read and/or annoy me for attention during breaks. They do better w
  20. My first thought is PANDAS/PANS. Throat swab and antibiotics would be on the top of my list!
  21. As a mama of 5 boys just starting this homeschooling journey, thank you for sharing!
  22. My littles are 7, 4, 2, and 2mos. The guy who works in the dairy department at the supermarket is my biggest fan. When he saw me last week all by myself he was stunned! My oldest is 21 and can be a help, if I really need him. Otherwise, he's not around much. I miss that kid...
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