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  1. My kids use their tablets for audiobooks during quiet time, but I have them set up with a password so that they can't access anything while listening. I turn the book on and then lock the screen. They bring them to me to shut off when finished. You can follow The Read Aloud Revival for deals on Amazon/Audible books. I've purchased a few books for $1!
  2. Our library had digital books on a dedicated mp3 player called a 'playaway'. I ordered them through interlibrary loan and just had to supply my own headphones. (We have since moved to audiobooks on tablets using Audible and the library's Overdrive app.)
  3. Just an FYI-if you go with Singapore, there is a Common Core Edition which lists the standards covered by the book by page number at the back. ðŸ‘
  4. "the nursing mother's companion" by Kathleen Huggins is work a shot. ETA: Sorry, no lactation cookies!
  5. Oh, dear god. Now I'm going to have to go buy a pregnancy test (said the hot, tired, lazy, grumpy woman).
  6. Call-in talk radio shows... I'd rather puncture my own eardrums.
  7. I've only ever lived in Massachusetts, so I've never thought about it being a HCOL place. I'm feeding 7 people (me, DH, and sons 21, 8, 5, 3, and 9mos) and spending +/-$800 a month, not including pizza Fridays. Do you have a Market Basket nearby? ETA: Oh, the Berkshires... Sorry. I'm just north of Boston, on the NH line.
  8. When he was born, he was allergic to wheat, oat, soy, barley, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, shellfish, and finned fish (I think that's everything). He was so allergic, I had to stop nursing at 5mos old (doctors didn't recommend a restricted diet for me, and I was too young to know better). His pediatrician actually asked if I had enough money to bury him - he was THAT sick. Of course, DS21 now eats a terrible diet full of crappy processed food and takeout. :-\
  9. My DS21 was allergic to wheat! He outgrew many allergies by about 15-18 years old. Being able to add dairy, wheat, and eggs into his diet during puberty certainly helped his height/weight issues. (He was the zero percentile his entire life, until his allergies changed.)
  10. Thanks very much for all of your answers. You've expanded my thought process about this topic a great deal. I appreciate it!
  11. Where does simply being good at something become gifted? I can't find the words to coherently expand on my question without delving into my children's strengths/weaknesses/quirks in gory detail, so I'll just ask in general. When does someone who is good at something (several things) move to the point where people would consider them gifted?
  12. Have you every checked out the camelcamelcamel website? You can check price histories for any Amazon item to see what the minimum and maximum prices have been. You can follow items and have the site email you when they hit a price that you are waiting for, too.
  13. We are doing slightly the opposite - DS8 finished his SM 2A/2B in April after we started piggybacking a hard and an easy lesson each day (still only spending an hour, max, on math each day) and then he started BA. He worked on it an hour each day (sometimes two hours, he liked it so much) and was finished 3A and 3B by the end of June. (He's still working through 3C during the summer, and I expect he will finish 3D before the end of summer.) We are going to use SM 3A/B this coming year as the refresher/practice. I have all 6 books (2 workbooks, 2 textbooks, extra practice, and challenging word problems) and will pick & choose from each as needed. I will probably still piggyback easy & hard lessons. He will start BA 4 when SM3 is finished.
  14. My boys have Kindle Fire tablets and the headphone jacks are broken/breaking. Do you have a favorite brand of durable, reliable, not-too-expensive wireless Bluetooth headphones? Bonus points if they are volume-limiting. Thanks!
  15. Thanks, everyone. He's still super cranky and obviously exhausted but he doesn't seem warm today at all. Here's hoping that we're turning a corner and getting better. I'm fried.
  16. Julius Jr and Mickey's clubhouse are on Disney Jr and Max and Ruby is on Nick Jr, so I'm still leaning towards it being a PBS issue?
  17. Anthropomorphic animals! Also, they are all on PBS, so maybe it's a common commercial, rather than the shows themselves?
  18. The baby is almost 9 months old. He's been cutting multiple teeth for a few weeks. However, he's always been an easy, happy, calm baby. Very suddenly, last Friday, he became very fussy. He doesn't want to be put down, he doesn't want to play. He is nursing much more frequently, but he is also still eating solids. I figured that it was his teeth plus some separation anxiety, but on Sunday he started running a fever. This is now day 4 with a low-grade fever and no other physical symptoms. He does seem more tired than usual, and won't crawl across the room to get to me, rather he stops part way and puts his head down and cries. We went to the walk-in hours at our Pediatrician's office yesterday and she said his ears and throat were perfect. He doesn't seem to have any localized pain (like a stomach ache). The pedi checked him for hand-foot-and-mouth, but he had no other symptoms. She thinks he is just fighting off a virus and should be better in a few days. I'm not sure if I'm asking for advice, support, or BTDT stories with happy endings. I'm just tired and worried and want my happy, easy baby back!
  19. FWIW, both my son (8, reading 5th/6th grade level) and my girlfriend's daughter (7, also reading 5th/6th grade level) had trouble with The Girl Who Drank The Moon. Every chapter is from the point of view of a different character, often seeing the same scene through different eyes/interpretations. Letting your readers know about that ahead of time might be helpful.
  20. I suggest Matilda, before you leave Dahl! My boys liked The Hundred Dresses very much.
  21. I wish I could offer words of wisdom, but we screwed that age up pretty badly with DS21. We are all still recovering from it. What I can say is talk. Talk. Talk. And talk some more. Talk about your expectations and your faith and your beliefs and real world vs cyber world and respect and responsibility and everything else that comes up. Talk freely and honestly. It seems to be the only thing that worked for us... (Also, setting up the wifi to shut off at a reasonable hour helped. We still have that in place!)
  22. An Audible subscription + 3 Kindle Fires (Christmas gifts from Grammy last year) + 3 sets headphones makes for an awfully peaceful Quiet Time each afternoon! Praise be the audio book!
  23. Homeschool here. We start after the holiday, following the public school calendar, because DH is a public school teacher
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