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  1. Both of my girls are getting mp3 players and headphones. I think they will both be pleased, but especially oldest. Our house can get kind of crazy, and she is an introvert and will love being able to retreat with music.
  2. I did my walk and some core exercises.
  3. We've made it to Wednesday! Just for clarity - these threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in making sure to intentionally do some sort of movement/exercise each day. Anyone who wants to is free to jump in at any time. 🙂
  4. I love it! Thanks for sharing! 😁
  5. We are taking this week off from school/work, so I did a later and longer walk this morning. 3.8 miles, and then I did some core exercises (after I cooled off!). There's a lake I pass by on some of my walks. This morning a bunch of wood storks were hanging out there, along with a great blue heron.
  6. You can't just say this and not post pictures of it.
  7. We usually do it right after Thanksgiving, sometimes before if we're traveling for Thanksgiving and we don't think we'll have time that weekend. We are not traveling this year. I think tomorrow will be our decorating day, because I am ready for it. I've seen plenty of houses with outdoor decorations lit up already. And a couple weeks ago, I passed a guy working on stuff in his driveway and BLASTING Christmas music. 😄 People want something happy.
  8. I did my walk and arm work this morning, though both were quick because I wanted to get to the grocery store right at opening time. I should be set for the week with groceries now - until I figure out some essential item I forgot and have to go out the day before Thanksgiving, because that always happens to me, lol.
  9. My 6.5yo who loves video games also likes t-shirts with favorite game characters. Maybe a magic tricks book/kit?
  10. My 6yo enjoys Labyrinth, with the modification that he can look at all his cards and decide what order to do them in (older siblings and adults have to go in the order the cards are in the stack).
  11. I walked this morning, 2.6 miles. Also did arm work, but my arms have felt sore yesterday and today so I didn't push very hard.
  12. I just started a daily movement thread.
  13. For those who wanted to continue something like this after the 20 in 20 challenge! Come post your daily movement. 😊
  14. Georgia Tech, not MIT. I have seen this several times and find it useful, though I do take into account things like the habits of the people attending the gathering, whether people are coming from the same household, etc.
  15. And done! 1.6 miles this morning plus arm work. I really appreciate this challenge and how it's helped me establish the arm work habit. 🙂 Thank you, @Slache!
  16. 2.6 miles walked this morning, and arm work done. With one day left, I feel like this challenge has really helped me establish arm work as a habit when I get back from my morning walk. 😊
  17. I mean, I've had babies throw up on me plenty of times before... ...but maybe I'll just enjoy the pictures. 🤣
  18. I posted in the other thread, but I'll do so here too: did 2.5 miles this morning, plus arm work. (Also did 3 miles this afternoon, and as soon as I got home from that, kids asked to go to the playground, which added another 1.2 miles, bringing the total for the day to 6.7.)
  19. I will post today's here for now as well - 2.5 miles walked, arm work done. @Slache, hope everything is okay with you!
  20. Isaac! I just want to snuggle him. ❤️ I did 1.5 miles, plus Google Fit claims I walked over half a mile doing grocery shopping at Walmart. Also did my arm work.
  21. There are multiple places in town where one can get tested. One of them is completely free - they didn't even ask for my insurance card when I went a couple weeks ago. No referral needed, don't have to be symptomatic. Appointments or walk-up are both available (it's at a stadium with the line outdoors). It's rapid testing and I was texted my results before I even got all the way home. If you get a negative but are symptomatic, they ask you to return to the testing site and they will give you a non-rapid test to confirm the negative (I did not do that part - I was pretty sure I didn't have it).
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