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  1. I think SEA is a bit...over the top. I was in that group for a long time, and left for a year or two because I just thought they were ridiculous. Someone would ask about the Charlotte Mason philosophy and I’d get my hand slapped for suggesting that the best way to learn about her method was to go to her actual books, because all the books ABOUT the CM method were just other peoples distillations of it. I get it, though, I really do. When I started homeschooling 7-8 years ago, there was nothing for secular homeschoolers. A handful of curricula and if those didn’t work for you (RSO for instan
  2. Puck Bunnies are a very real thing. I first started watching this show bc I wanted to make fun of it since it looked like such a ridiculous idea for a show. Then I realized I quite enjoyed it. For my DH and I it’s fun to pick out which sub groups our various family members or friends might fall into. The Skids are my fave though, they CRACK ME UP.
  3. I agree with this. One of my closest homeschooling friends are from Quebec, have lived in Ontario for a long time now with their family, and we still find there are some cultural differences as to things like speaking loudly, speaking very brusquely - and they are VERY ‘say what i think, no sugar coating’. It caught me off guard a bit when I first was getting to know her, and I swore she hated my guts for the first year we knew each other. But that’s just her way. Aside from that, I have never known anyone with a bigger heart or a bigger laugh, and man they are a FUNNY family - we always
  4. Can confirm. 🤣 Actually, there are quite a few peeps in my town who would qualify into the Degen category. But generally people are much more like the Hicks (and has-been never-were local hockey players who still want to be chased after by the Puck Bunnies lol). This thread made me go look for more seasons, and I realized I am 1.5 seasons behind so I’ve been binge watching it like crazy this week. Some episodes are lame, but some of them just get me rolling.
  5. Ive been reading this thread from the start, and I don’t actually often hit reply - but this comment made me laugh out loud for real. I live in the town where most of Letterkenny is filmed. That show is one of my faves and makes me laugh - mostly because it’s so terrifyingly accurate. The way they live, the things they do and say, is actual life in my area of Ontario (and from what I gather, also some small towns in rural prairie areas) I adore Letterkenney, and I feel strangely protective of it lol - but I do agree that it’s weird af.
  6. My 5th grader is working her way through Writing & Rhetoric, and it’s really lovely. Her writing has definitely benefited from it. She’s a strong writer naturally, so I feel like W&R is helping her polish her writing and find new ways to write more elegantly. We’re finishing Narrative 1 right now, and she and I both love it.
  7. Memoria Press isn’t secular, for sure. However, they do have their Charter site which is where I get most of my MP materials from and they seem to have done a good job of removing the religious content. I have not, however, used their Charter edition geography books yet but they’re on the plan for next year. The Geography 1 set (even from the Charter school line) still seems to have more religious stuff than I’d like - but levels 2 and 3 seem much better and look like they’ll be a solid geography curriculum (which we’ve not really ever done in a structured way because I could never find an
  8. We’ve moved into mostly Memoria Press this year, and I think next year the plan is for my youngest to hop into a full core package for 6th grade. We’re secular homeschoolers so we’ll use Charter/Public versions of whatever we can, which actually looks to be available for most of the components in the core 6th grade. All the important subjects have a Charter version, anyway. I’m still debating whether I want to move her into MP’s Classical Composition, too, or leave her working on Writing & Rhetoric since she seems to like it well enough. It might be less tweaking to just get her to do
  9. My 8th grader will be moving into the 8th grade core package from Memoria Press. We’re going to use Charter/Public School versions where possible, since we prefer more secular materials, but will otherwise be using the full core as is. He’ll have to do Latin and Composition at the level he’s at, of course, which right now looks to be Second Form Latin and an accelerated plan to do Classical Composition Chreia/Maxim and Refutation/Confirmation. He’ll do AoPS Algebra for math, I think. Though, the MP package comes with Prentice-Hall Algebra so we may give that a whirl. That’s my loose
  10. I was hoping to use UM Year 7 with my oldest this school year, but back when I was ready to start ordering resources and getting the plans down, Year 7 still wasn't released. So we opted for a year of BYL8 (my son loves science, so I thought this would be a nice year for him since BYL8 focuses on history of science) and I'm pretty glad we decided to go this way. I think I may move him into UM7 next year, but he wouldn't have been ready for it this year, I don't think. I'm hopeful that the authors of UM are able to get back at it soon. I'd love to see their schedules - but I do know that
  11. My oldest is starting BYL8 tomorrow. He's looking forward to it, but it will be a pretty full year by the looks of it. For the first week of school we are just doing BYL8,nothing added (except math) and no Morning Time yet. Just getting a feel for what the workload will be like for BYL8 first. Next week we have a 4-day week because of a science center outing, so that will be a "just BYL" week as well, as we see how it works out trying to do it in 4 days instead of 5. He wants to do as much of it independently as he can, but we will work together on the writing assignments (he is not a stro
  12. I went through this. I told my primary care that while I understand her reasoning for not wanting me to keep taking lorazepam for night anxiety/insomnia, it's me who has to cope with zero sleep and anxiety through the roof (which is exacerbated by poor sleep in my case, so just a couple nights of low/no sleep can trigger really intense anxiety for a week or so). Our agreement was that the lorazepam (0.5 mg before bed) was working. And if, at any point, I felt like that low dose was no longer effective then I would wean off it and try something else. And that's what we did, ultimately.
  13. Other: They smell really pretty, and a nice scent or aroma in the home can help me calm down a bit. But I don't think they really do anything besides just smell nice.
  14. If I don't think it'll cause a major accident, I honk. Then again, I live in Ontario and it's zero tolerance here for ANY distracted driving. It used to be focused on 'texting', but has recently been changed to anything that is distracting the driver. So...GPS, opening a coffee, phone for any reason, all are treated the same way. My Mom's GPS unit (she has the one that you can suction cup to your windshield so it kind of sits on your dash) slipped and she grabbed it and was trying to get it to just sit on the dash til she could pull over to reattach it. She got pulled over and was given
  15. I'm in Ontario Canada. About 6 hrs drive north of Toronto. I grew on the east coast of Canada (Newfoundland).
  16. Mine's in my signature. I'm just dusting it off after a big long break (needed to refocus some priorities around here). I used to try to write more regularly, now I write when the inspiration strikes or if I come across something I really want to share.
  17. Yes, it's basically 'just' a schedule. But also a well-considered, robust booklist, plus lists of extra resources (documentaries etc) Curricula like this are serving a need - not everyone wants to take the time to research and put together a booklist and resources. Not to mention the time it takes to then sit down and sort them all out into a week-by-week schedule. A lot of curricula take this approach.
  18. She wants to do life science but isn't a fan of the usual workbooky kind of science. She loves ancient history and we like the look of some of the projects they suggest for that and I like that LA is intertwined with the history (and she's a very strong writer so that will appeal to her). She reads voraciously, it's like breathing for her, so I'm not worried that she won't get in enough lit. We will also be working in some BW Arrow issues too, I think, which should help to round out that part of it. I have wanted to use OM (and, in fact, have purchased OM many years) but always ended up se
  19. Total Change of plans lol She'll now be doing Oak Meadow Grade 6 (probably paced a little more slowly than usual, but she's capable and interested in all of the work and topics so we went with OM6) She will do Latin, Classical Studies, and French with her brother and then when he goes off to do his individiual work, she will work on her OM assignments. We are VERY excited!
  20. I haven't used Level 3, but I did use Level 2 back when my kids were in 3rd and 1st. Honestly, that's one of our best years to date. It was so easy to follow and easy to plan out your week, the books are lovely, there's not a ton of busywork to weigh you down, and we were always done before lunch with loads of time to do whatever else in the afternoon. I'll be using Level 8 with my older this upcoming year and we're super excited about it.
  21. I think the Plan Your Year set from Pam Barnhill are editable and printable. And they're pretty, too.
  22. I've used BYL2 when my kids were 8 and 6 yr old. We loved it! We've used BYL's Evolution unit study (actually twice, because my kids enjoyed it so much - the book selection for that unit study is amazing). I just picked up BYL8 for my oldest to use next year. The booklist is extensive for Level 8 but we've already got book orders coming in, and every single book looks great. We're really excited about it - and for my hormonal 12 yr old boy to get actually excited about anything is quite a feat lol. I really like BYL - I went through a couple of years where I decided not to use
  23. Quoting myself lol So, we've made a big change in our plans. I got my hands on a copy of Build Your Library Level 8 (history of science). My son and I were so excited about the booklist that we high fived and went all-in and decided to start ordering the books, and we'll use this for him next year. In addition to BYL8, he'll be doing: Latin Math (TT Pre-algebra right now, then he wants to do AoPS pre-algebra next year since he'll only be in 7th grade) to firm everything up before Alg 1. Composition (I don't know what we'll use, we ordered Classical Writing Homer but
  24. I bought the iBook for Music of the Hemispheres, just to try it out - it's really beautiful. It's fairly interactive, also. In the one we have, MCT himself reads the poems. I really like the one we have, and I am considering picking up some of the others - the only downside is that you can't resell them.
  25. I'm secular. I've really enjoyed Climbing Parnassus. I recently read Latin Centered Curriculum and while there is mention of religion, it reads like a more succinct version of CP. They make a pretty good pairing. At least to me, having just started down the rabbit hole of reading about classical ed (beyond TWTM, anyway). I wish there were more options that are written from a truly secular perspective. For now, Climbing Parnassus has been my favourite.
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