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  1. I'm sorry. That was my DS last year.
  2. Six students, two gold medals. 🙂
  3. Have any of you received results yet?
  4. Thanks for your reply. My kid has been effectively unschooling himself in math while I wasn't looking. 🙂 Just looking for a quick and painless way to formalise his knowledge before forging on ahead with a structured curriculum at a higher grade level.
  5. Thanks Gil. So I don't need to worry about doing fractions before decimals, or decimals before percents, or anything like that?
  6. I'm about to start using these to fill in a few gaps before DS starts an Australian year 7 text (roughly prealgebra and early algebra). What do I need to know about the sequence? Are there any topics which are prerequisites for others?
  7. The Trees Choose a King Narration One day, the Trees went out to anoint a King for themselves. They said to the Olive Tree, "Be our King." "Should I give up my oil that both men and gods need?" said the Olive Tree. The Trees went to the Fig Tree and said "Be our King." "Should I give up my sweet fruit to be King?" said the Fig Tree. Then the trees went to the grape vine and said "Be our King." "Should I give up my wine to be king?" asked the Grape Vine. Then the Trees went to a thorn bush and said "Be our King." The bush said, "If you want me to be y
  8. You can use prodigy math without paying anything. 🙂
  9. I've also hung out with Rosie and her girl a few times in person, and maize and I exchanged music lessons (by video link) for our kids for a short while.
  10. My son works well for 30 - 60 minutes at a time, with nice long breaks in between lessons. If he finishes assigned work quickly, he plays his fiddle until the break time we've agreed upon.
  11. The Tale of the Chinese Farmer Narration Once there was a prosperous Farmer in China who owned a tall and strong Work Horse. But then he escaped. The other farmers came to say "we are sorry for your bad day." And the farmer said "How do you know it's a bad day?" A few weeks later the horse returned with two other beautiful female horses. The farmers came to cheer for his good luck. "Three from one that's a good day!" and the farmer said "How do you know it's a good day?" The next day his son tried to catch one of the wild horses and broke his leg. The farmers came and said "We are
  12. The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf Narration A Shepherd Boy tended his Master's sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. He was bored, "Im so bored. All I can do is talk to my dog and sheep are boring they just - baa baa - eat grass." he said. The sherperd said he could say, WOLF! In case a wolf came to eat the sheep. That gave him a good idea for some fun he shouted,"WOLF WOLF WOLF HELP." The villagers run to help him but found no wolf and it happened a few days later. One day a wolf really did come to the herd of sheep to eat he shouted,"WOLF HELP IT'S REAL THIS TIME WOLF WOLF W
  13. DS did gymnastics for about 18 months. Now he does violin at home with me, and we go busking together. We're turning this into a more social activity by inviting other homeschoolers to join us. DS is new to fiddling and needs lots of breaks, so it would be great to just rotate through a few kids at the one spot. He also attends roller derby training and will start competing next year. He skates with friends on weekends.
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