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  1. Definitely, and it was such an awesome event - everyone was going full out and trying some really high difficulty tricks. By the end I didn't even care who won - I was rooting for them all!
  2. That was super intense!! I was really hoping for a Canadian 1st, 2nd, 3rd - but holy smokes what a tight competition.
  3. My creative kiddo is my younger - she's in 4th grade and she is a very talented, natural writer. I just need to casually make a recommendation to her about writing, and off she goes with it. She's started Writing & Rhetoric Book Two and she really likes it. I think she'll do really well - but then, she does really well with anything writing or language related I throw at her. My son sounds like your less creative one - I think he would appreciate more detailed instructions and really is a linear thinker who thrives on that kind of structure. I think he'll always need a really heavy do
  4. Thanks! I keep meaning to look up who they are, while we're watching, but then I forget. The two commentators together are a good team. We're looking forward to tonight's big air finals. I'm gonna miss these two guys when this is all over :lol:
  5. So, are the workbook and teacher guides unnecessary for CW? I'm a pretty confident teacher of language arts/writing/reading, but haven't ever taught the progym til now (and only just really starting with my 4th grader who recently jumped in to W&R) Also, I'm glad you mentioned that about your STEM guy - - that's kind of my son. He loves science, wants to be an engineer (aerospace), doesn't care much for 'creative writing', but wants to write better because he'll need that to get into university here. He loves non-fiction, reads science encyclopedias as his bedtime reading, but has a HA
  6. My husband is the avid snowboarder in our household. I don't snowboard, I used to ski a bit off and on, but never touched a board in my life. I fell in love with the sport as a spectator watching the winter X-games, and have always enjoyed watching it just for the beauty of it. Our CBC commentators for the snowboarding events have been SPECTACULAR!! So funny, and so warm about everyone - and the best part is the one guy REALLY does a wonderful job of explaining what we're watching, and talking about why this trick is more technical than the other snowboarder who did something similar.
  7. This is helpful to me actually. When things are overexplained, my 6th grader gets really annoyed. I think that, in theory, WWS looks more useful for him - I like the topics, I like the way it progresses, and I like that it would help him be a stronger writer across the curriculum. But I think it might be too much right now. Maybe I'll do CW Homer now through into next year and then late 7th grade/early 8th grade I bet he'll be stronger and more ready for WWS, and then we can pick back up with a progym program in high school. I am really glad I've asked this here. I'ts hard when y
  8. Did you use the other subsequent levels of CW as well? There's just something about it when I look through one level to the next, on the samples at least, that makes me feel like it's just right on the money. But I haven't seen many people who use it, so I was wondering if there's something about it that I'm overlooking.
  9. I'm considering trying Classical Writing with my 6th grader. I think Fable would be too easy for him, even though I know they say to start at the beginning with everyone. So I'm looking at popping him in at the Homer level. I've gone through the next few levels online to see if it looks like something we might stick with, and I think it looks fantastic. His younger sister is using Writing & Rhetoric and she loves it. I love it too. My 6th grader said it looks babyish and he remembers trying that a couple of years ago (when his anxiety was through the roof and totally unmanageable). So
  10. I would appreciate a "why". I've been reading a few articles today and no one has addressed it that I've found. This is the first Winter Olympics to have Big Air as an event. So, it could be possible that they just weren't sure how to handle it. Big Air has been around for a while (outside Olympics) and the men's riders are HUGE talents with huge tricks and maybe they needed a way to handle that. I don't know. That's all conjecture. I'm going to go make some tea and try to calm myself a little ::lol::
  11. Yeah. That article nailed a couple of the issues I have with this set-up. There are some SERIOUSLY talented boarders who won't get their shot at the podium, because of the heat-based setup. I don't think I'd be as annoyed with this, except that they didn't set the women up in heats. They all competed in one group in the qualifiers. So it's not like "this is just how Big Air is done". They did it normally for the ladies, and this ass-backwards way for the guys. It's totally and utterly irrational that I am this annoyed, really. Lol
  12. Nope. One heat straight after the other. Each heat got two runs, and their best score out of the two is the one that would determine if they went to the finals. I think, if I were one of the riders who did NOT make it from heat two, but had higher scores than the guys who went on from heat one, I'd be really disappointed. The second heat also was STACKED with serious talent, which also seemed unbalanced as far as my DH and I were discussing as we watched.
  13. No, the two heats were totally separate groups of snowboarders. Heat One was first, and had, I think 14 boarders. 6 went on. Heat two had a whole other group of boarders, and 6 moved on. Heat One, after the second run this was the standings - you can see the 6 QF runs in that heat: https://www.olympic.org/pyeongchang-2018/results/en/snowboard/results-men-s-big-air-qual-000102-.htm Heat Two, after the second run and you can see the six QFers from that heat and their scores are MUCH higher than that of the first heat riders. https://www.olympic.org/pyeongchang-2018/results/en/snowboa
  14. Top 6 from Heat One go to the finals. Top 6 from Heat Two go to the finals. But a few of the guys who moved on from Heat One, wouldn't have had scores that beat guys who LOST in Heat Two. JUST to make it to the 6th place spot in Heat Two, they had to score 90.50 - - I'm sure there were guys in the middle of the top 6 from Heat One who didn't even have a 90 or higher score. If we want the 12 best boarders to compete in the finals, it should be the 12 best. I am sure there is a reason they did it this way, but I can't think of one that makes sense. The women's big air qualifiers weren'
  15. Also, it's not even reasonable that I am this upset about this but re: men's snowboarding last night. They should NOT have had two separate qualifying heats. Tyler Nicholson, the Canadian kid from Ontario, would have scored in the TOP THREE in the first heat, but came in 7th in the 2nd heat. There are guys who didn't make it from Heat Two (because that heat was stacked and everyone was on fire) who would have blown the guys from Heat One right outta the water. If they'd had to all run against each other, in one heat, we would have a much more accurate top 12 going to the finals, IMHO.
  16. The men's Big Air qualifying runs were IN-SANE. My husband and I were floored that by the end of Heat Two, the guys had to score a 90.50 in order to QUALIFY for the finals. They were going super big for their tricks last night. I can't wait to watch the finals, we have THREE Canadian men in the top 12 and all three of them are good enough to medal. The Canadian guy who just missed getting in to the finals is a local kid, and I was really rooting for him. I think he was way better than the guy from GB who made it into the sixth place spot, but I'm probably biased lol. Women's Big Air final
  17. We watched the men's snowboarding last night, well until that one kid from Japan fell and it made my stomach lurch so we stopped watching for a bit. That was a BRUTAL fall, poor guy. We've been fans of Shawn White for a while, he always puts down very impressive runs. I find him a bit cocky, but he's had a fantastic career and is probably in his last Olympics before he retires so..we forgave him a little obnoxiousness. I was a bit disappointed we didn't have any Canadians in the finals, but it was still so great to watch. I am rooting for some heavy Canadian presence in the Big
  18. I'm in Canada. I've ordered from RR for years with very little issues. I did have one package that went rogue and never showed up - I contacted them, and they had a replacement shipment sent out that day. That one showed up and then maybe a week or two later the original showed up. They said since I'm in Canada, not to worry about shipping it back as it would probably cost more than the package is worth, and that I could pass it on to someone who could use it or donate it or whatever I wanted to do with it. They have really great customer service. I like ordering from there.
  19. Depends. If its a recently new thing for her, and can be linked to a situational issue that's come up, and the situation will clear up....it might be temporary. But if she's developing chronic panic/anxiety responses, a doctor could definitely help. Or she could find a counsellor who can help her figure out the root trigger for the panic as well as do some cognitive behavioural therapy. I've had anxiety disorder all my life, and it really ramped up as I've gotten older and my hormones and such are changing right now. To the point where I couldn't just power through it the way I'd done all
  20. Snowboarding events are the only ones we actually sit down to watch. The slopestyle finals last night were UNREAL. Two Canadian medals! One of the Canadians is from the next town over from where I live. I don't think he placed last night, unfortunately, but he's really good. Some of those boarders can rotate up to 1600 degrees and land it. That is INSANE.
  21. My husband and I are about 7 yrs apart (I'm the older one). A friend of his who is the same age as my husband, has been dating a woman for a LONG time whose son is younger than he is. When I first met them I thought "whoa, now I don't feel so bad about our age gap" and then I thought it was weird. But the more I've gotten to know them, and the longer they just stay together happily I'm like "well, good for her then!" She's a really beautiful, sweet woman who is really kind and easy to get along with. He's a really laid back guy and super friendly. They have a great relationship. We a
  22. It looks like most (if not all) of the images are from the show "Hannibal" which was a tv series about Hannibal Lectre (silence of the lambs etc). Knowing this tv show, the poem is actually pretty interesting. Particularly the "little lamb dost thou know who made thee little lamb part", which plays into the Silence of the Lambs movie. Also, orchestral music was a bit part of Hannibal's character background, so was science and...obvs biology. I am not versed well enough in poetry criticism to really parse out or explain why all these elements work well together, but they make a very striki
  23. Wow. This thread's got me ugly crying. We're smack in the middle of my oldest's 6th grade year. He just is not...excited..about anything. At all. Ever. Even things he actually loves - he just is so blasé about it all. He's super bright, LOVES science (particularly astronomy), will do any work I set down for him to do - but everything is all "ho hum" and he does what he has to do, and nothing beyond that. And if it's something he DOESN'T love? He's like Eeyore, just ambling and groaning through the day. He tells me every day that he wants to be an aerospace engineer, or an astronau
  24. I can't believe my oldest is going into 7th grade. When the heck did this happen?! He's not very schoolish or academic. His overall, general lack of enthusiasm about school has been a bit of a sticky-point for us this year. He likes what we're doing, but he's not super excited about anything either. But...12 year olds, right? He wants to learn, just...this year he doesn't want to do any WORK to do the learning. Sigh. That's a topic for a whole other thread lol. Anyway, so far this is what we've got in mind. Nothing set in stone yet, we're about to start up a few new things for the sec
  25. This is helpful. I hadn't thought of not using the workbooks at all, I'll go take a closer look and see if that will work (the workbooks are $24 ish, plus shipping, on my side of the border so if I could work with both kids using the songs and teacher guide, that would be awesome and save me a ton).
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