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  1. Owner instructs each class and black belt members assist by leading stretches, etc.
  2. Really you will have to talk with that particular club's leader because each club will be run differently. Our dog club prefers parents to stay, we might use them as posts, making sure their children pick up after their dogs, etc. but the one parent always goes on a bike ride during our meeting or leaves UNLESS we tell him he must stay! 4-H is volunteers. During extra outings such as Bake sales, etc we require parents to help in someway. Bake, take a shift,etc.
  3. She needs laser therapy asap, I would recommend asking your vet is they offer or if they have someone who offers it near you.
  4. Killer Bunnies is great as well! Can play with just 2 people or up to 8 people I believe. We are loving it so much my children made their own add on cards for it!
  5. Rolling Acres has a low cost, good German course online or you can do the self study version of it as well.
  6. Patricia Briggs : most of her books but the Mercy series is good. fantasy and urban fantasy styling Jim Butcher : both of his series are great. fantasy and urban fantasy styling
  7. Washing with Dawn can help however it will destroy the Advantage that you applied already. Just an fyi.
  8. Good luck! and I believe you made the right choice.
  9. Collars or harnesses left on in a kennel/cage/crate set up is a hanging risk. Also, even in a week with a proper fitting one can cause sores to develop. The kennel would probably not allow them to be left on.
  10. If you like Munchkin then we recommend Killer Bunnies! Lots of fun!
  11. Both this and Coursera's Equine Nutrition Course are done very well. Highly recommended and I teach both of these classes to Veterinary Technician Students in college for a reference :) My daughter completed the nutrition course earlier this year and is in the Intro course right now. Really pleased with them!
  12. My daughter is scheduled to take it as she thought it sounded interesting so no review yet but can let you know after she takes it.
  13. I do so it is fresh in my mind as well. I have turned to audio books for some and other than that I am a fast reader who sleeps very little :(
  14. The English that I have listed is for the combined English 10 credit. Muse on the Loose fall semester is based on Greek, basic English and LLFTLOTR(spring semester to finish the rest of it). Those 3 items together = 1 English 10 credit. A& P we are doing for 1 semester as an elective.We are planning only 3 days a week with labs on weekends and CPR/First Aid training courses added in. With that math it should equal out to about 84 hours total so half credit. The car 1/2 credit is being done in the spring because she will be 16 next summer and that works out well for timing of studyi
  15. She has experience with Lukeion so we are fully expecting a heavy workload with those 2 courses. Muse in the fall and then back to the rest of LLFTLOTR in the spring. Additional lit as we want or find on our bunny trails. Our extracurriculars are fairly extensive plus she has her own outside sewing business that takes us to shows occasionally and has her sewing at home. I can say it feels less than this year :) so I am hopeful and we decided to drop the botany again :(.Thanks!
  16. We do not need anymore PE so karate and exercising our some of our extracurricular. It was recommended in the past to keep our dog club/ training/stewarding/4H as our extracurricular activities which I was comfortable with. Thanks!
  17. Yes, it will be described much better with the course description and syllabus. I was just going for brief here. Thanks!
  18. Not really sure but I am not sure she would enjoy that as much. She really enjoys learning and is very driven with her schooling.
  19. Car care is a book elective ( I just cannot remember the full title at this moment) and then she will be taking a automotive course at the college that I teach at on automotive care, upkeep and maintenance. It is a college level auto mechanic course. Not padding as she will have a grade from the instructor of the class, etc.
  20. The 1/2 credit sciences are her electives next year so no, do not really want to drop them and we already have her art and other outside activities being interest driven. She really needs the A & P due to some of her volunteering that she does. it is a requirement with First Aid and CPR but we could hold off on the botany I guess, although she has been waiting and that one keeps getting pushed off :(. I could probably convince her to drop German but she likes to read some of my grandparents books, etc in German so she wanted to go on with that. okay, going to edit original post. T
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