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  1. I was wondering if there is such a thing as a curriculum that has the students writing an 5 paragraph essay each week? I was thinking of doing this with my freshman next year, but why reinvent the wheel? If someone else has already come up with an actual curric for this, that's one thing off my list. I know the IEW topical books are almost one a week, but the topic books don't sound that interesting to my ds. Ideas? Thanks!!!
  2. Dh and I were just talking about having our kids do a finance simulation like many of us old people did in high school. We did this whole semester or quarter of a simulation- We got a "job" and had to use that money to buy essentials, pay bills etc... all in a simulation. I really don't want to have to make this up on my own. Does anyone have any recommendations of a fun-isn game type simulation to give my highschoolers a wake-up about real life money responsibilities? Thanks, K
  3. I am still using OLLY. I like the program, but the transcript page is "meh". I have a senior this year, and I will probably print out my OLLY records using the regular transcript page, but I will be looking for something more professional-looking. -K
  4. I have come to the same conclusion that grammar really doesn't help that much. I have been doing formal grammar with my 3 oldest since 3rd grade, but I don't see my kids applying any of the concepts to their writing. My kids tend to see grammar and writing as 2 completely different subjects. My youngest is now doing more grammar in context of proofreading and writing instead of plain grammar, and I do see her writing improving. Seriously when will anyone ask a person to diagram a sentence; it's not practical. I do agree with the pp about her daughter needing grammar for languages. I,
  5. If anyone's kids are bored this summer, here's an idea mentioned by another poster a while ago. Prodigy math (I won't link -don't want to be accused of using the board for membership benefits) My kids call this game Poke-math. It's pretty much Pokemon with math problems. Kids have to "fight" monsters by beating them in a math problem. The math is not just easy stuff, but lots of different kinds of problems. Parents can see progress on the parent page and you can assign specific kinds of problems that you know your kid has issues with. Its more motivating than just 15 problems on a m
  6. Thanks so much for all great responses! I not trying to be dishonest about anything, I am just trying to figure out how to help ds fix this grade. HIs class was from a non-credited, overseas school. He struggled with the math part big-time and that is pretty much why his grade was low. I am leaning toward some kind of credit recovery class for at least the second semester of physics. What does a credit recovery class look like in transcripts? If he was going to a public school and took a summer school class to improve a grade, how would that look on his transcripts? A second class
  7. I am looking in to this for next year for some extra courses, like econ or government. Has anyone had any experience with these classes? How about Acellus? I am looking for cheaper online classes that are decent and these 2 have come up as possibilities. Would love any input. Thanks! K
  8. I have seen this online program listed in a couple posts. It looks interesting, and the price is reasonable. Any reviews from actual users? Thanks, K
  9. Ok, my ds tried, but it just didn't click. He just finished physics from an outside source and got a D+. Not awesome and probably not going to help a grade point. He has taken all the other Apologia science for high school and technically our state doesn't require physics for college. Has anyone just left off a bad grade from the grade point? and what about using the 8th grade science grade course as a high school credit? Or, I guess another option is doing a semester or summer of make up Physics to add to his course list, then this better grade can help average out the grade point.
  10. We were buying furniture a few years ago and the salesman was trying to make conversation with my dh. salesman: What nationality are you? dh: Guatemalan salesman: Oh, my wife is from the Philippines and you have a similar look. Guatemala is like really close to the Philippines, so that makes sense. dh: ummmmmmm- yeah. :lol: :lol: :svengo: :svengo: :svengo: :svengo:
  11. does anyone have a recommendation for ACT test prep--an online prep program? My junior in high school just took the test and definitely needs to improve. I was thinking about the Kaplan one on Homeschool buyers coop, but didn't know if it is useful or not. Suggestions welcome , THANK YOU! k
  12. My ds 16 has no idea what he wants to do as a career in the future. None. He is a junior and does have some time, but most of his friends at least have interests, many have already chosen a major. Ds has no real interests and to be honest, school is hard for him and no subject seems like "the one". We live overseas and don't have a lot of contact with people in normal careers. What's out there for interest inventories, career choosing classes, or career info? Thanks! K
  13. I am SUPER frustrated with Olly and was wondering if there were any other programs that are not online like Olly for homeschool planning. I have bought a new computer and have been asking for a year for them to send me a new license to put Olly on it. I finally just got it, but found out I need to use dropbox to sync it and that isn't working. There are so many glitchy things about Olly that never get updated that I am getting tired of. I don't like the whole pay monthly thing on all the other programs, but maybe I will have to go that route if I want something that actually works.
  14. Wow! I hadn't heard of that one. I think it might be the winner. I love that I don't have to teach it, but I can still do the activities with her to be sure she's getting it. It's one year access and thats all I need . Thanks for the suggestion! K
  15. I have curriculum ADD. I admit it. My last child should be doing the same material that all the others have done, but I need something different. She has done some topical years in the past, and 6th grade will be the ellen McHenry chem. So, this year, 5th grade, I would like to do a year of general science. I have been looking at different options but I am underwhelmed. I need something easy for me to implement and not too expensive as I won't be using this more than once. I am open to any options. We have used Christian things before, but it really doesn't matter right now. Tha
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