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  1. I'm adding a little bit here rather late, but I haven't been on the forum for some time and when I came in here today this thread caught my eye. This is a major problem in my family and it bugs me. My one aunt and my mom are Messianic Jews. They hate the concept of Christmas though and they are very much against it. It has been so harshly pushed on my other aunt (mostly by my first aunt not my mom) that my second aunt has become defensive and now often posts things such as "it's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays". It is more from pure defensiveness, not because she is pushing something herself. I, on the other hand wish that people would take a chill pill. I don't really care if secular groups, or satanists, or Jewish people, or Christians, or whatever want to put up decorations wishing others a happy holiday in their own way and from their own perspective. We talk about being inclusive and accepting, but it is not either of those things if we are unable to accept other people's views and well wishes. If we want to be accepted by others, we need to be accepting of others. You wish me a Merry Christmas, I will wish you a Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah? ditto. Happy Holidays? sure! I don't care what you celebrate. I think it's awesome that everyone can celebrate something that makes the winter more fun and enjoyable. Why not share that happiness to others in your own way, even if it just a greeting. Accept the greeting as simply well wishing, not a shoving of beliefs down your throat. People want to put up festivus poles, I'm supportive, people want to put up nativity scenes, I'll support that too. I consider myself Christian. We celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah in this household.
  2. We can't do more than one of them a year, but my oldest thrives with them. There is a spot for more discussion and it opens things up well for more in depth probing. It has helped my kids slow down and really think about the book. They are a little heavy, and my youngest doesn't find them very exciting, so more then one a year for each kid is just too much. We look through them and pick one out for the year. Then we pick a literature study from another group just to have variety in how we look and think through books. I love having variety.
  3. My youngest has been tested and is gifted, but is emotionally immature and acts like a typical 8yo in some ways and younger in others. Gifted doesn't always mean more mature, it just means they are able to absorb information differently. 3 grade levels ahead would make me think gifted and it usually runs in families so it's silly to discount her as being gifted simply because it feels and looks like familiar behaviour and skills.
  4. I can't imagine getting sheets for a less common bed size. Getting sheets that don't drive my oldest nuts is hard enough with a common bed size.
  5. We get our kids double beds from the beginning. They work as guest beds when we need them to, and they are long enough for the kids as they grow. Our boys are both supposed to be tall (over the 6'). Single beds can get pretty cramped if you have a boy that's really tall.
  6. I can't believe Mrs. Vick is still teaching the science class. I remember her from the old BJU video science.
  7. We would use them. Individual titles would be preferred and consumable texts are what we seem to like around here.
  8. I'm a homeschooled homeschooler. I spend a lot of my time hoping and praying that my kids will have better memories of it all then I did. I HATED Saxon with a passion. I'd use a stronger word for it, but I don't think that's allowed on here. I oddly remember grade 7 Abeka history videos rather well. (I liked the teacher's style of doing things) I cheated for numerous years in elementary and was never caught. It wasn't that I didn't know the material, it was that if I got below an 85% on a test, my mom would get really angry, so I would cheat to ensure that I would get 85-90%. I always made sure that I didn't get 100% either. I once got an honest 100% on a test and my mom drilled me and checked everything near me because she was sure I had cheated (that was grade 3). I used to hide my mom's old nursing textbooks under the couch ( often sat on the floor in front of the couch and worked on the coffee table) and I'd pull them out and read from them instead of doing my work when my mom left the room. I was super proud of my ability to cook a full, well rounded meal for everyone by the time I was about 11, and at 12 I was responsible for all the cookies in the house. I swore I wouldn't homeschool my kids.
  9. Sorry I misread your post. I need to be more careful with my reading when I haven't been sleeping.
  10. I get your point. Yes you're right, calling him an abuser is going way, way too far. I just was a little annoyed that at the comment of "She also said her dad was a great guy, so, unless you are saying her mom was molesting her, you are picking and choosing which of her words you want to believe and which you don't." because really, calling someone a great guy means nothing. Just because she called someone a 'great guy' doesn't instantly mean he did nothing wrong, any more then him painting disturbing pictures makes him instantly guilty. And yes I was using my own experience to try and say that.
  11. Some man hurts a little kid and they'll usually think, I did something wrong, because all the rest of the time, that man loves me and cares for me.
  12. Yeah, so not the same as childhood sexual abuse. So not even close to the same scenario.
  13. It's not that unusual. It doesn't mean they are actually a 'great guy', but that to me, at that time, they fulfilled a need to be loved and cared for in some way. I felt emotionally connected and cared for. Many, many people from unhealthy situations are going to feel connected and loyal to those around them that are harmful to them.
  14. I don't understand how calling someone a great guy means they didn't do anything wrong. That certainly doesn't match up with what I've seen in my world. I call a couple of guys from my past 'great guys' and they still did horrible things that permanently damaged me. In fact I still see of them regularly.
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