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  1. I'm adding a little bit here rather late, but I haven't been on the forum for some time and when I came in here today this thread caught my eye. This is a major problem in my family and it bugs me. My one aunt and my mom are Messianic Jews. They hate the concept of Christmas though and they are very much against it. It has been so harshly pushed on my other aunt (mostly by my first aunt not my mom) that my second aunt has become defensive and now often posts things such as "it's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays". It is more from pure defensiveness, not because she is pushing something herself. I, on the other hand wish that people would take a chill pill. I don't really care if secular groups, or satanists, or Jewish people, or Christians, or whatever want to put up decorations wishing others a happy holiday in their own way and from their own perspective. We talk about being inclusive and accepting, but it is not either of those things if we are unable to accept other people's views and well wishes. If we want to be accepted by others, we need to be accepting of others. You wish me a Merry Christmas, I will wish you a Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah? ditto. Happy Holidays? sure! I don't care what you celebrate. I think it's awesome that everyone can celebrate something that makes the winter more fun and enjoyable. Why not share that happiness to others in your own way, even if it just a greeting. Accept the greeting as simply well wishing, not a shoving of beliefs down your throat. People want to put up festivus poles, I'm supportive, people want to put up nativity scenes, I'll support that too. I consider myself Christian. We celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah in this household.
  2. I can't imagine getting sheets for a less common bed size. Getting sheets that don't drive my oldest nuts is hard enough with a common bed size.
  3. We get our kids double beds from the beginning. They work as guest beds when we need them to, and they are long enough for the kids as they grow. Our boys are both supposed to be tall (over the 6'). Single beds can get pretty cramped if you have a boy that's really tall.
  4. I'm a homeschooled homeschooler. I spend a lot of my time hoping and praying that my kids will have better memories of it all then I did. I HATED Saxon with a passion. I'd use a stronger word for it, but I don't think that's allowed on here. I oddly remember grade 7 Abeka history videos rather well. (I liked the teacher's style of doing things) I cheated for numerous years in elementary and was never caught. It wasn't that I didn't know the material, it was that if I got below an 85% on a test, my mom would get really angry, so I would cheat to ensure that I would get 85-90%. I always made sure that I didn't get 100% either. I once got an honest 100% on a test and my mom drilled me and checked everything near me because she was sure I had cheated (that was grade 3). I used to hide my mom's old nursing textbooks under the couch ( often sat on the floor in front of the couch and worked on the coffee table) and I'd pull them out and read from them instead of doing my work when my mom left the room. I was super proud of my ability to cook a full, well rounded meal for everyone by the time I was about 11, and at 12 I was responsible for all the cookies in the house. I swore I wouldn't homeschool my kids.
  5. Unfortunately we do have a few of those nasty, rude, immature people running around the globe acting as representatives of our country. It's shameful. The majority of us do not seem to be so lacking in manners.
  6. I'm kinda floored that there might be people who want to identify by the continent that they live on and not by the country they live in. Americans are identifying by their country name, not by the continent. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me that they are Eurasian next instead of German.
  7. As a Canadian, I always call folks from the U.S. American. I am NOT American. Their country is, after all, called United States of AMERICA, so it makes sense that they call themselves American. Everyone knows who you are talking about if you mention Americans. It's not confusing. USians just feels, looks, and sounds awkward. My best friend grew up in Brazil. She says people from the U.S. are called Americans down there too.
  8. Best way to see those things is out away from any other source of light. Then you can hear them sing. Can't hear them inside or really watch them dance.
  9. I've never seen sheets of ice like people are talking about here either. Mostly just fluffy snow and the wet heavy stuff. The little bit of ice that we usually see breaks before it flies anywhere because it's thin and fragile. I suppose if we were closer to the coast or further south it might be a different story.
  10. Cleaning off the vehicle roof isn't something that's done around here. But then it would be a pretty constant job some weeks. Not to mention scraping some of that ice off would damage the vehicle. If it was such a thin amount that warming the vehicle would melt it off that would be different I suppose. We just give people more room and look jealously at the people that have clean cars because they can park them inside. I'm less concerned by what blows off the top of the suburban in front of me than I am of the large chucks that fall off the bottom of the semi in front of me. There's nothing he can do about that, the truck just picks it up and drops it as he drives, but if I'm too close I'm left driving like a maniac in order to avoid it so I don't wreck the front of my car. All part of winter driving. Turn the wipers on and stay back.
  11. The oldest two are taking a break from their usual math for a bit and doing the Simply Charlotte Mason Pet Store math. I have found them both much, much, much more willing to do math when there seems to be a purpose. My oldest seems to think that he'll be set to open his own business when he's done this. We were floundering with math before. Conceptually he has no problems with math, but it was like pulling teeth every single day. We needed a break. This has been a lovely break. I have recommended it to a couple friends.
  12. Which Story of Canada? Do you have a link or authors name?
  13. I don't have any dogs that will do that now, but my old doberman used to. He is not longer alive, but he would crawl into his bed and push all the blankets off and then adjust them so he could pull them when he went to lay down. It's was a hilariously long procedure.
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