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  1. I can't imagine getting sheets for a less common bed size. Getting sheets that don't drive my oldest nuts is hard enough with a common bed size.
  2. We get our kids double beds from the beginning. They work as guest beds when we need them to, and they are long enough for the kids as they grow. Our boys are both supposed to be tall (over the 6'). Single beds can get pretty cramped if you have a boy that's really tall.
  3. I'm a homeschooled homeschooler. I spend a lot of my time hoping and praying that my kids will have better memories of it all then I did. I HATED Saxon with a passion. I'd use a stronger word for it, but I don't think that's allowed on here. I oddly remember grade 7 Abeka history videos rather well. (I liked the teacher's style of doing things) I cheated for numerous years in elementary and was never caught. It wasn't that I didn't know the material, it was that if I got below an 85% on a test, my mom would get really angry, so I would cheat to ensure that I would get 85-90%. I alw
  4. The oldest two are taking a break from their usual math for a bit and doing the Simply Charlotte Mason Pet Store math. I have found them both much, much, much more willing to do math when there seems to be a purpose. My oldest seems to think that he'll be set to open his own business when he's done this. We were floundering with math before. Conceptually he has no problems with math, but it was like pulling teeth every single day. We needed a break. This has been a lovely break. I have recommended it to a couple friends.
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