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  1. Chiefcook - this exactly : "He can discuss and analyze verbally far more than he can communicate coherently in writing." This has all been so helpful!
  2. Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful replies. All of them validating and helpful. Given my DDs precociousness, it has been hard to guage whether the level of engagement and support for my son's needs is appropriate. Lori D. - I agree with you 1000% and am already placing my brain on standby to drop or adjust the higher level studies if they start to impact his enjoyment. I may touch base again with his instructors this week to feel them out on reducing some of the requirements.....particularly since he will be starting IEW this week and will have another writing-intensive item on his li
  3. Our family has returned to Homeschooling after a one year hiatus. Based on our initial experience, we are doing things much differently - much more outsourcing, much less mom-designed work. For the most part, things are going well and this is a setup that allows us to continue homeschooling within the limitations and realities of our family dynamic ;-) DD 13 is very independent and autonomous - always has been. She is doing very well and requires little to no input from me - although I do covert monitoring daily to make sure everything stays on track. DH 10 is another story altogeth
  4. Thank you for the suggestions! I will give them a look - much appreciated :001_smile:
  5. Our children are heading back to school this fall after 2 years of homeschooling. For a variety of reasons, both kids are a bit behind in math and need to ramp up before the fall. Their tutor (who will be their Math teacher this fall - bonus!), feels that they need to review grade level concepts as well as increase their fluency / speed on basic functions. Can anyone suggest a solid, open and go workbook that will do the job for my 6th Grader? We have been using giftedandtalented.com for new concepts and are very happy with it, but we need something to supplement that will help her s
  6. We haven't used readers & workbooks until just recently....DD had a (very) short stint at a PS with an IS option. It didn't work out for us BUT she discovered a literary analysis program that she absolutely loved from Teacher Created Resources, and from my view, was thorough, engaging and not too pricey. I plan to get another unit with book for her to study - you can find them here... https://www.teachercreated.com/books/literature-units?level=6th-grade I haven't taken a thorough look at it yet, so I'm not sure how 'open and go' it is (we received a bundle of photocopied pages from t
  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement :001_smile: I am making good on my commitments to better self-care as well and started a course of acupuncture this week. It is something that has worked very well for me in the past, and should help me get on the rails again. Bigger picture changes are also afoot with regard to workload and generally the way we organize home, school, work and life. The whole family is 'done' with the current set up and motivated to change....gently, yes, but change absolutely Oh boy! You know it!!!! Hang in there Ausmumof3..... :grouphug:
  8. A HUGE thank you IEF !!! I had no idea single grades were available! I've already ordered the Grade 3 package, plus some play money from Amazon (RR was out of stock) and we are good to go. I am soooo kicking myself for not having given Saxon a try earlier - both my kids are using it now (DD 7/6 and DS will start 3 as soon as it arrives) and it is exactly what we need right now. :hurray:
  9. Popping in quickly to update.... We are slowly righting the ship here....I moved quickly to enroll DD in the independent studies program - she had her first teacher meeting Monday and has been chugging away on her assignments since then. It is not ideal from a content standpoint, but it is a style of working that suits her and it will ensure that she's moving forward, unimpeded by my inability to plan everything for her right now. Met with a tutor for DS....wonderful woman with a ton of experience, both as a homeschooler and a teacher....only to discover that DS is working within his
  10. Thank you everyone for the input! We are going ahead with Saxon 3 - he needs the facts practice, and it does look like the review will be manageable. A quick follow-up question if anyone is still around....did you use the manipulatives kit?? I see that Sonlight / Bookshark offer a kit targeted at 'just' SM 3, so we wouldn't need to get the full K-3 kit... Thoughts??
  11. We are switching DS 8.5 to Saxon Math for a variety of reasons, the most important being that 1) he is just not as solid on the fundamentals (basic math facts, fact families etc.) as he should be, and 2) he could use some confidence-building in math before we start to tackle more advanced concepts. I've just completed the Saxon Math Placement Test with DS, and he is 'right' on the cusp of Saxon Math 2 and 3, and I'm looking for your thoughts....he is literally one point off of 'passing' to Math 3. He performed the test well and confidently, and only hesitated on a couple of concepts - ar
  12. Closing the loop here....we've decided to go with CLE for the 'core' LA skills training and continue with ELTL on the side for literature study and narration. Will also keep plugging away on the Getty-Dubay and work torwards beginning cursive soon. BTW, I was amazed at how decent DS's spelling was in the assessments! We've never done anything formal - just a ton of reading and copywork.....go CM go!! :-))
  13. Indeed! Quick follow-up - do you use the Teachers Guide?? I think I have this on hand (oh goodness, all the tools I have that have not been used!! :blushing: ). Thanks for the reminder!
  14. Hi Katie - I'm looking through the units and this looks like exactly what the doctor ordered!!! We will do the diagnostic test to see where he fits best, but I am officially heaving a big sigh of relief... :o Having everything in one place so we are SURE to cover things off on an ongoing basis is key - our life needs a bit of simple right now. I'm fine with the religious content - we used CLE math for a time, and enjoyed the gentle spirit those references lent to the lessons. Huge thank you!!!
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