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  1. Owner instructs each class and black belt members assist by leading stretches, etc.
  2. Really you will have to talk with that particular club's leader because each club will be run differently. Our dog club prefers parents to stay, we might use them as posts, making sure their children pick up after their dogs, etc. but the one parent always goes on a bike ride during our meeting or leaves UNLESS we tell him he must stay! 4-H is volunteers. During extra outings such as Bake sales, etc we require parents to help in someway. Bake, take a shift,etc.
  3. She needs laser therapy asap, I would recommend asking your vet is they offer or if they have someone who offers it near you.
  4. Killer Bunnies is great as well! Can play with just 2 people or up to 8 people I believe. We are loving it so much my children made their own add on cards for it!
  5. Rolling Acres has a low cost, good German course online or you can do the self study version of it as well.
  6. Patricia Briggs : most of her books but the Mercy series is good. fantasy and urban fantasy styling Jim Butcher : both of his series are great. fantasy and urban fantasy styling
  7. Washing with Dawn can help however it will destroy the Advantage that you applied already. Just an fyi.
  8. Good luck! and I believe you made the right choice.
  9. Collars or harnesses left on in a kennel/cage/crate set up is a hanging risk. Also, even in a week with a proper fitting one can cause sores to develop. The kennel would probably not allow them to be left on.
  10. If you like Munchkin then we recommend Killer Bunnies! Lots of fun!
  11. Both this and Coursera's Equine Nutrition Course are done very well. Highly recommended and I teach both of these classes to Veterinary Technician Students in college for a reference :) My daughter completed the nutrition course earlier this year and is in the Intro course right now. Really pleased with them!
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