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  2. Hey Carrie,


    Just trying to reach you. Hope everything is okay???


  3. :iagree: martial arts would be right up there if she found the right dojo for her and the whole family could do it together as well.
  4. I agree with everything she stated above. Seperation is important right now, he will adapt just fine.
  5. We use the sports bands from Medic Alert. Great quality, lasts and washes well. You can update everything online for ease or on the phone. Very simple to use.
  6. no but I do have to remind my daughter not to spend too much time talking. For example 3 hours: She LOVES tlaking to our eval and would discuss animals with her for days if I allowed it. :)
  7. We combine everything except animal bedding. That gets seperated and washed by itself. Cold water only for all. We do use the dryer though as we had too many items stolen when we first moved here and put them outside to dry.:confused:
  8. I have never heard of fries on a salad either. I grew up in Lehigh County, went to school in Lackawanna County and now live in Susquehanna County PA. But we do have some strange names for food, or so I am told they are strange;) So what are pick up stix???
  9. I was on Topomax for 21 days for migraines and a relatively low dose. I ended up getting kidney stones:confused:. I AM a water drinking fool (it is the only beverage I actually drink except tea sometimes) and have no history of ever getting k.s. but I got them. It was one of those freak side effects that hit me, but otherwise I had no other side effects from Topomax. I just decided that being able to urinate was more important to me, at least without severe,agonizing pain;)
  10. bulmia is a mental disorder though not just a eating disorder and yes it does affect the whole family. Finding a group counselor would be recommended because your other children do need to relaize that it will affect them as well as your daughter who has the problem. Your daughter with the ed needs to be treated as someone with a severe illness, the likelehood of it getting better on her own in a short time is very, very unlikely. And unfortunately her telling lies is a part of the disease. She needs help now. As a family you need to have her see and doctor who hopefully has an understanding
  11. I will be 47. I already work outside of the home part time and right now will assume that I will be working then as well. Then I will just transfer my homeschooling time more to my dogs.
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