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  1. I did order the Seatwork Teachers Guide. I'm using it. I'm not using it for writing, since I, too, am doing manuscript. However, I do assign seatwork for DS and I use about 2/3 the assignments for the seatwork. I guess it's a toss up if I should have gotten it. The rest of what you mentioned, I didn't get.
  2. My kids enjoyed the History, but the science was nothing to write home about. THey had more fun and learned more when we went on nature walks and did little experiments on evaporation and that sort of thing.
  3. The sugar is what makes it soooo yummy and sooo dad-gum addictive. I love that stuff. I have to keep it far far away or DH will find me slumped over in the corner of the kitchen with cinnamon-sugar crusting my lips.
  4. I'm using A Beka. I started with their K4 program and we're now doing the first grade. I am very satisfied with it, although I am supplementing with FLL and I'm also using Writing for Power to help supplement the writing aspect. So, hmmm, I guess I must not be all that satisified if I'm supplementing so much. OK, let's say I'm happy with their phonics program. It's really good. They boys are reading very well and I think whoever does the graphic/visual aspect of their workbooks and readers is awesome.
  5. Yeah, I used to convince myself I wasn't doing anything wrong when I'd down a handful of the kids' Gummy Vites. "Afterall, they are vitamins!"
  6. I should have clarified - Daniel - the one who is the biggest offender is my 6 year old, testosterone pumping, all boy, not mean, but extremely annoying child. Jonathan - the biggest tattler, is my 5 year old who'd rather stay in the house and play dolls with his 3 year old sister, who whines whenever Daniel brushes up against him. The boys are 9 months apart in age, but Daniel has 5 inches and 10 lbs on his younger brother. I am pretty sensitive about this because I grew up with a younger brother who terrorized me and my parents never did anything about it. But, I also want Jonathan to stick up for himself, but he's quite a bit smaller and weaker than his brother, so.... I'm at a loss.
  7. OK, my kids are 6,5 &3, the primo years for tattling and it's driving me crazy. Yes, there are some things I obviously want to be told about - destructive, dangerous behaviour, that kind of thing. But then there's the 99% of other things that are, yes, breaking house rules, but it's not the end of the world and I just don't know how to deal with it. The "Daniel said 'stupid'"s of my day, and "Daniel hit me", when I really know it didn't hurt, it's just annoying and I don't blame him for not wanting to be wacked, but Daniel just wacks people when he walks by. I guess what bugs me, too, is that by me ignoring Daniel wacking people or his saying "stupid" (when he knows we don't say "stupid") am I condoning it? Or saying, "It's ok as long as Mommy doesn't see or hear you?" But, I know the other kids don't really care, they just want to get him in trouble, and I certainly don't want to reward that. Plus, if I dealt with every little thing Daniel did, the poor child would just have to set up camp in time-out! It's driving me nuts! Any comments?
  8. We sort of have autumn here in Central Cal. It's hotter than the dickens right now, but it's supposed to cool down a bit starting tomorrow. The trees do change color, but nothing like the autumn I spent once in Central Kentucky. Wow! I still remember driving through the mountains and just having to pull over and look. I had tears in my eyes looking at the wash of brilliant reds and oranges on the mountain sides. It was incredible. I, too wish we had "real" seasons here, instead of summers that last 5 months, spring and autumn that last about 3 weeks and cold foggy winters. Not that I'm complaining (that much!). We do have a pretty good growing seasons.
  9. We adopted all three of our children through the foster care system. Our boys are bio brothers, adopted at ages 13 mo. and 4 mo. The adoption went fairly smoothly. Our daughter we adopted at 2 days old thanks to the Safe Surrender Law. Because of her circumstances there were no problems at all. In our previous adoptions, the longest we waited was 6 months from finished paperwork to placement. We would like to adopt again and it's been over 2 years and we're still waiting. It's been frustrating. Adopting through the foster care system is a wonderful thing, but it is also very frustrating. It is working with a government agency, and that should tell you a lot right there. I believe the social workers do have the children's best interests at heart, but sometimes the way that plays out.... isn't all that great. It's tough, and sometimes you end up in the nitty-gritty and ugliness of people's screwed up lives. It's a real chance to minister to children, and a lot of times their bio-parents, but you do have to look at the whole process realistically. I looked at it, as I do a lot of things, through rose colored glasses, and those were yanked off right away when I had to take the boys to visitation with their birth-mom. Woohoo! This girl had an education, for sure. But, I don't want to discourage you. My children are the most wonderful thing in the world to me (even my oldest son who's spending time in his room for being disprespectful for the umpteenth time today), and I wouldn't trade them, or the experience for the world.
  10. I have to agree with the rest of the posters. My six-year old son is very intense and loves an argument and tries to do everything to engage me when he's in trouble. It takes an effort, but I just have him look me in the eye, I say it once, and then ignore the rest. It is hard, but he's starting to learn. Slowly.:glare:
  11. I didn't get cranky, but I do eat a lot of beans. I have to have something that fills me up and veggies just don't do it for me. BTW, when any of you were on phase 1, how strictly did you stick to the whole absolutely no sugar, even in salad dressing and ketchup? Now, it's not like I eat a lot of either, so I'm not worrying about that. My phase 1 consists of, well, following all the rules except that, and it's been almost 2 weeks and I've only lost a couple of lbs. I just wonder if my metabolism is rebelling and hanging on to the weight or if that tablespoon a day of salad dressing is really making that much of a difference.
  12. Jean, I know what you mean about mental tongue-lashings. I didn't grow up in the environment you did, but I verbally abuse myself almost daily. Well, I used to until I realized what I was doing and discovered it was a real source of my depression. How could I not have been depressed because every day I told myself how stupid I was and why did I say that? People must have thought I was an idiot. Etc. etc. I'm not sure what your faith is, but for me, I remembered the scripture in Philppians that said to think about "what is pure, what is honorable, what is lovely...." and I really forced myself to take hold of my thoughts and either a) work out the truth of the situation, or b) just recite verses of Scripture. I knew that I couldn't just "not think like that!" I had to replace those bad thoughts with good ones, so Scripture helped a lot, there.
  13. We're doing BJU Heritage Studies 1 and I bought a very nice looking time-line that goes with the curriculum. My boys have no concept of time, really other than things happened "a long time ago", but I'm really buying into this idea of exposure to a subject, even before they can fully understand it and not requiring mastery. I think the brain is so much more capable of things we don't even realize, so I have the timeline up (it has nice pictures) and as we go through the curriculum we talk about the pictures. Can't hurt!:D
  14. My boys do a couple worksheets semi-independently. I think it's an important skill to develop, even at a young age, to receive instructions and complete a task. My boys don't have a ton of seatwork (we do A Beka, but I don't do nearly all they assign. They assign a lot!), but I think they are capable of doing it and they should!
  15. I've used Brocks before. .THey're really great. Very very simple, their light source is a fiber-optic tube, so you can take them anywhere, outside, inside. They're durable, few moving parts. I used them when I taught jr. high. http://www.teachersource.com/MicroscopesAndMagnification/MicroscopesAndMagnification/BROCKMicroscope.aspx?gclid=CPTFmPqwiZ0CFSUsawodgQ0W5w
  16. Looks pretty muddy! BTW, I scrolled down at your flowers... the orange one you didn't have a name for is gaillardia. (sp?) I have some in my yard. I love it!
  17. I lost 15 lbs. with WW in a little over a year. It was hard for me, but I have trouble with carbs and just counting points didn't do it for me. I'd get frustrated and use all my bonus points in one day, and if that was at the beginning of my week, then my whole week would be shot and I'd just cave. I think WW is a good program, but it does take a lot of self-discipline. I'm doing South Beach right now, and maybe I'm just in the honeymoon phase, but it seems easier, once I got purged of the carbs.
  18. Last year we did kinder and it took 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. a day, depending on if we did a lot of art projects or other hands-on stuff.
  19. I'm so sorry, Denise. It is so hard when we adopt a child and try to love them and raise them and give them a good life and you wonder, at times, if the damage done to them is just too great. Hang in there.
  20. Here in the great Central Valley of California it is supposed to hit 101 degrees today and hotter tomorrow. I cannot take this anymore. When is summer going to be over????????
  21. I hear ya sister! I'm still in phase 1 of South Beach and it has been working for me. I just feel better in general. I don't feel as discouraged (maybe because my blood sugar isn't as up and down as it used to be), I'm not quite as tired. I don't snack nearly as much and when I do - it's almonds or a cheese stick. But, all I can say is... don't give up. If you blow it, just keep working on it. I have had some carb cravings this week, but... I eat almonds. Or a glass of skim milk.
  22. My boys (K & 1st) get a great deal of my attention during their seatwork time. I, too, wonder how old she was when she was adopted. My children are all adopted (13 months, 4 months and at birth) and they don't seem to have any of those issues.
  23. We're using BJU Heritage Studies 1 and it's part of the curriculum. That's part of the reason I'm using this curriculum. The boys already know how to use a compass rose and are pretty good at identifying the major continents.
  24. Of course conservatives recycle, but for a different reason. I recycle bottles and cans because of societal pressure - but I also recycle my vegetable peelings in the compost bin because I want my garden to be awesome, my kids and I all wear recycled (aka hand-me-down) clothes because I'm cheap and I'd rather spend my money on other things (plus, I can get second hand designer clothes I'd never be able to afford otherwise). The root of conservative is "conserve" and that's what we do. Our family conserves our resources so we can take care of ourselves, and in that conservation of our resources are are also not using up the earth's resources. We take care of our paid off car and will drive it till it kicks off. We don't re-decorate every 5 years or buy every new gadget that comes on the line. True conservatives are the true environmentalists!
  25. I'm quite conservative. I'd say I agree with the fiscal planks of the Libertarian platform (what I know of them), but not the social planks of their platform.
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