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  1. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday Eve!!! We have physical fitness testing today. DS’s game has been moved till tomorrow. The only way I got out of bed this morning was promising myself I only had to do this one more time and then I got to sleep in.
  2. Stop it. Seriously. It’s not as important as you think it is. Just read good books and write a lot.
  3. That word does not mean what I think it means. i do love Yiddish, though. It’s my favorite language.
  4. I like my middle-aged hair. Hormones have give me much more curl, so all I do is mousse, scrunch-and-blow dry, hairspray and go.
  5. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Humph Day!! School & work. Piano lessons, Awana.... bleh!! I want summer vacation and I want it now!!
  6. Please send your rain out West. The words “drought” and “early fire season” have started cropping up again. booya/h!!
  7. That’s how I felt last year. I had a few winners, but most of what I read was mediocre at best. 2018 was really a Great Books Year for me. This year has been fine. I read a puppet of good self - half (ok, not puppet, but couple and not self-half, but self-help, my iPad is acting up again) books and I am really enjoy g this bio on George HW Bush.
  8. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Tuesday. Happy Mardi Gras. School and work. Yesterday was brutal. I hit the ground running at 5:30am and didn’t quit till 10:00pm. I don’t think today will be that bad, but I have a lot to do and I am having trouble keeping it all straight In spite of, what I consider, a thorough to-do list.
  9. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE,!!!!~D Monday!!!😩😩😩 School & work!!! It’s supposed to get into the 80’s this week.☀️☀️ I am not ready for summer. We need rain!, Jeannie, I hope you get some relief.
  10. We had bacon and waffles for dinner. I made homemade applesauce to put on the waffles with a little sour cream. It’s really good.
  11. David Caruso. Swoon. I love it when he takes his sunglasses off. And then puts them back on again. Swoon.
  12. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Sunday!! Church!!! DS and I have a Mexico meeting this afternoon. They want me to share about my overseas experience teaching in Brasil. What I learned and all that. I don’t remember what I learned. I was an idiot back then. Booya/h!! A young and foolish Booya/h.
  13. I’ve been watching kitten videos. Now I want a couple of kittens really bad.
  14. DH and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s a nice evening out.
  15. I need to go to the AFSA for grocery pick up. I don’t want to. I am happy at home. Why do you people make me do these things?.?
  16. Score one for the thrift shop. DD1 needed a 1933- style (whatever the heck that is) fabric coat for the school play she is in. She found something she thought would work on Amazon for $37 + $5.99 shipping. I had already bought a white shirt and black shoes. So, today we went to the thrift shop and found something that should work for...... wait for it..... $1. Woohoo!!
  17. Ok, I have been putzing around all morning. I need to wash the goat and get to cleaning the house. Hopefully I can be efficient and then have time to read or something. I can dawdle like nobody’s business when doing housework.
  18. I had a vegan breakfast. It was good. Avocado toast with roasted chick peas. I am not going vegan, although I would like to. I am trying to have the attitude of replacing meals with a vegan meal from time to time, and hopefully I will pick up steam. I am finding that I cannot handle/sustain major changes in lifestyle. I need to work on small changes and habits. Yoga has definitely stuck with me. 2 quarts of water daily is a struggle, but I am working on it. Cutting sugar out has been hard, but I am working on it. I am hoping that heading toward vegan will help my hormonal issues.
  19. Old Navy the Store is butt. I shop online from them.
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