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  1. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Monday!!😩😩😩😩😩 It is raining, which is a good thing. It’s been dry all winter until this past weekend and now it’s supposed to rain all week.🌧 School and work!! Bleh.
  2. This game is getting chippy. That’s what the announcer said. 🤣 I think that means lotsa fights.
  3. I was finally able to get on. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Went to church this morning and watching Sportsball this afternoon. Go Chiefs.
  4. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Saturday!!! Slept in this morning!!! That was nice. I gotta go to the Big City to get.my fingerprinting done and do a Costco and Winco run. Formal is tonight at DD’s school and DD isn’t going so she’s having some friends over, so I need to get ready for that. DS was involved in scouting for about a year. I wish he would have continued, but he has social anxiety issues and just really hated it.
  5. All my girls got hurt this week. Oldest DD got a concussion from banging her head in the shower. Middle DD crashed her bike and has huge bloody wounds on her elbows and knees and one on her side. Baby got a blister, but apparently it’s a bad one.
  6. It’s been lovely. Wet and gray. Everything is clean now.
  7. But it only worked once. Now I’m back to waiting. That’s butt.
  8. You are so smart. I don’t know why o didn’t think of that. It worked. Yay!!
  9. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday!!!! Hallelujah!!! School and work!!! they are forecasting an unusual occurrence in these parts. They said that moisture is supposed to fall from the sky in the form of small droplets. It is very exciting.
  10. I ate too much for dinner. We went to my mom and dad’s house and had Mexican food. It was really really good.
  11. I need to get a good book. I read a really good book at the beginning of the month about a spy, but I picked up a book about WWI which is ok, but I need to get through it. One of my reading goals this year was to learn more about WWI. Like why, for instance, were they fighting. Because it was a pretty bloody war, but I can’t really see that an assassination of the leader of a small nation is really reason to fight like that. It had to be something else. The book I am reading now is “The Great and Holy War: How World War I became a religious crusade” by Philip Jenkins.
  12. I have been having a lot of trouble loading ITT on my iPad the past couple weeks, which is one of the reasons I have been kind of scarce lately. It takes forever to load and navigate the site.
  13. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday Eve!! School and work. Forecast calls for rain tomorrow and next week. So glad. We are bone dry here.
  14. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Humph Day!!! School and work!! Nothing much else going on around here. Just the January blahs.
  15. There are some neat hotels on The Strip. The Luxor is cool. The Venetian was my favorite. You just have to avoid all the signs for strip clubs and shows.
  16. The first one I took was dumb and it made me mad. It was pretty political. But the rest have been ok. They are more methodological. There’s also a lot of information on the laws regarding English Language Education and how we got to where we are. I’m sure it was all very well-intentioned, but so much of it is just stupid. For example, the Home Language Survey doesn’t give any leeway to parents who, while they may be fluent in English, have chosen to speak Spanish at home so their children will be bilingual. The way the questions are worded, if you primarily speak another language in the home
  17. I am working toward my CLAD. I have no idea what that means, but it’s an authorization on my teaching credential to teach English Language Leaners. When I got my credential in the early 1990’s, it wasn’t required, but now it is, so if I want to keep my job, I have to get it. It’s 5 classes, and I’m on my 4th one right now, it’s a lot of work, but all on line through UC San Diego.
  18. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Tuesday!!! School and work!!! I slept horribly last night. Don’t know why.
  19. Nobody is taking this thread seriously. I exercised, went to the grocery store and got this week’s work done for my college class. Ugh!! I’m just lucky I am a good writer.
  20. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Holiday Monday!!! Happy MLK, Jr. Day!! I started my day off right by sleeping till 7:30. I have no real plans for the day. I have a few things to get done for work, but otherwise I need to put away some last Christmas decoration boxes and do some life-planning sort of things. The kids want to do something, but honestly, I have no idea what to do. I don’t like driving in the mountains, and it’s too cold to go to the beach. Theaters aren’t open or I would be happy to take in a movie.
  21. I am loving the Progressive Insurance commercials. This one just kills me.
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