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  1. I bought the A Beka K5 kit. It's been really good. The boys are doing very well (I'm doing kinder with my 4 & 5 year old boys) and they seem to enjoy the time spent. We only spend 1 hour or so a day on school.
  2. I have a 2004 Sienna. Love it! love it! Love it! We tried the Odessey, too, and found that (in our opinion) the Sienna had more comfortable seats, better lumbar support for those of us with back issues. It has awesome "get up and go"! I love passing people! Woohoo!:) It's got a great turning radius. It's an awesome car. I'd buy it again!
  3. That's an interesting question, Stacey. I was wondering how you felt about what she said? Did you feel like you missed out or had selfish parents? I don't mean that in a bad way. I'm just wondering because sometimes I feel like there's all this pressure to play with my kids, "don't miss out on these years", etc. etc. and while I am a SAHM and I do give my kids a lot of attention (though I don't play all day with them, and do like to have clean clothes, healthy meals on the table and a reasonably tidy home), I wonder how children managed to grow up and be normal functioning adults from the begi
  4. No, I don't. But, I don't think you're a freak. I don't cry because when I'm at that point, if I start crying, all sense of control will be lost and then... it's all over. Forget it. So, I try really hard not to cry.
  5. I'm sorry to be a party pooper, but I didn't like it. I thought it went too quickly and frankly, I was a little bored. My boys were, too. OK, I like colorful stuff. Apparently my boys do, too. I switched to A Beka, and my boys are doing well. We did the A Beka K4 program and now are doing the K5 program and it's at a pace that's better for them. Plus, one thing I like about A Beka, (besides that it's colorful) is that everything is scripted (I know OPG is too!) and there's phonics and handwriting and everything all set up for me.
  6. We just finished a DR dvd series in Bible study. It's good. I've done Crown Ministries, too. DR is much more entertaining.:) Yes, he is a little more harsh and the easily offended are probably offended. Some things I agree with what he says, others... not so much. I know he pushes paying off your mortgage early, going with a 15 year instead of 30 year. But, DH and I ran the numbers and in our situation, it was better to keep our 30, and pay more per month to pay down our principal. So, it's just stuff like that. But, as in everything, you evaluate and do what is best for your family. We were
  7. It doesn't really matter to me. I just don't allow "scribbling" when I know they can color. To me, that's just wasting a coloring page. But, they can color whatever color they want and I praise coloring in the lines, but ignore coloring out of the lines.
  8. I taught in Brazil for 2 years, so our New Year's parties were swim parties. Funny thing was, though, the malls and stuff (I lived in Sao Paulo) all had picked up on the western/northern hemisphere type of Christmas kitsch. Big shiny Christmas trees, a snow village (though everyone was in shorts). It was kind of pathetic. I'm sure in the smaller towns things were a little more traditionally Brazilian, but I felt like I was missing something.
  9. I used to teach jr. high science and we were on a very tight budget (Christian School) and I raised enought money to buy Brocks. I loved them. They're pretty bare bones, but I loved that they were durable and worked well. And, I loved that they were lit with the fiber-optic thingy. No cords or bulbs or anything.
  10. I can really tend toward that way and I get really stressed out and depressed. I was in therapy about that once and my therapist told me to just flake on something once in a while. Give myself permission to flake. And then realize that the world hasn't come to an end. It helps. It's a discipline and it's not easy to reprogram your way of thinking. But in the end it's worth it.
  11. Well, it sounds like there are more issues than just an unmotivated kid. It sounds like he has not been disciplined at all. Putting him in school isn't going to help, since his problem isn't academic, and at this stage in the game, they're going to have a tough row to hoe with him.
  12. I'm hsing my 4 and 5 year old boys for kinder. My 4 year old is catching on to reading much more readily than my 5 year old, so it's been a source of frustration for me. But I keep needing to remind myself that one of the myriad reasons I am homeschooling is that I can teach each of my children where they are academically. I got very frustrated with my 5 year old today and for my sake, we decided to end school early. All the other posts have been right on. Reading and math are developmental milestones in kids and if they're not ready, they're not ready!
  13. Well, I thought my daughter was unique, but I guess not. She humms herself to sleep. We always know when she's drifting off because she does her humming sound. My boys, I have no idea if they do anything. They didn't as infants.
  14. Our children were adopted through the County fost-adopt program here in California. We want to adopt #4 (and possibly #5 as a sib group) and have changed from our county agency to Koinonia. We are still in the process of getting certified with Koinonia, but we have been very happy with them so far - their philosophy, etc. etc. We got very frustrated with the county. We HS our kids, too, and know that we will be unable to do so with a foster child. There are a lot of really silly rules and regulations and it's a tough business to be in. We did have visitation with our kids' birthmom (supervis
  15. We adopted our three children through our County CFS. It's free, we got a reimbursement while they were foster children. The boys were 13 months and 4 months when we adopted them (they're bio brothers). Our daughter was 2 days old, we picked her up from the hospital. The wait for them was pretty short (3 weeks for our boys, 6 months for our daughter). We are trying to adopt again and we've been waiting well over a year now. Initially we were very pleased working with the County, now we are very frustrated. However, our children are wonderful. They came from a very scary background, but I'd s
  16. Central Valley, CA - hate the weather and the smog and California politics, but family is the only thing keeping us here. Bay Area, CA (East Bay) - Hated the traffic and the politics and the high prices, loved the weather Central Kentucky - loved it, no family there, though. Sao Paulo, Brazil - nice weather, hated the traffic, it was a big, stinking, horribly smoggy city. But, it was definitely an adventure.
  17. Hmm, good question. I just attended my grandmother's funeral yesterday and I can't say I noticed what people wore. Church clothes, basically. I think head to toe white would be a little inappropriate for a funeral.
  18. We will be spending less, but not because of the economy. Our kids just have too many toys and they're turning into selfish little buggers. They will be getting things for Christmas, but we're also trying to teach them about giving and that just because it's Christmas they aren't "entitled" to a big haul.
  19. I just drink Yuban. Works for me. I started drinking coffee when I taught in Brazil for 2 years and their coffee is awesome.
  20. I use it diluted to mop my tile floors. I use it straight with a little baking soda to clean the grout in my tile counter tops.
  21. As much as I was addicted to those books when I read them, I will not see the movie. No one can duplicate the Jamie I made up in my mind. And I certainly don't want to see anyone replacing me as Claire.;)
  22. I taught Saxon in junior high for a year and I hated it, too. It's horribly boring.
  23. I never taught either of them, but I taught at a Christian school where it was strictly A Beka, except for History. Our admin. insisted that BJ History was a better program, so we used that. I taught science, so I never actually taught the stuff, but that was her opinion.
  24. I never got flu shots. Until 2 years ago I got the flu. And it was the worst experience in my whole entire life. I was literally sick in bed for 2 weeks, and then after the whole thing was over ended up with a raging sinus infection and bronchitis. My whole family gets flu shots now.
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