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  1. I've had one for a couple years but we never use it. I guess I just don't know how to cook spiraled vegetables.
  2. My biggest issue with meal planning is that I can plan and shop all I want, but if I don't actually prep and prepare it ahead of time, it'll never happen. There are 2 men here all day long yet I walk through the door at 6pm only to be asked what's for dinner. :glare: My response is usually whatever you make. If they wait for me to make it, they'll probably be going hungry! Since it's still early in the month, I think I'm going to start making a list of everything we eat for lunch/dinner in January. That should give me a good start for next month's planning, right?
  3. I'd have to buy a 16# bird for just the 3 of us! I have 21# and 23# turkeys thawing to feed 13 with leftovers.
  4. Here are two variations of roasted sweet potatoes - one is sweet, the other is not. Simple Maple Roasted Veg Simple and Savory Roasted Veg I'm sure you could substitute a butternut squash for the carrots/parsnips.
  5. I was wide awake when I woke up at 6:30. I'm so glad we're back to regular time. My internal clock doesn't follow DST and I live those months continually sleep-deprived.
  6. Following because we're hosting this year and I'm cooking MY way. Anyone that doesn't like my menu is welcome to stay home. :lol:
  7. I didn't even know there was a 1941 version. I'll have to look into that one too. Good to know about the 2008 film. I didn't realize it was a made for TV version. That's probably why I don't remember ever hearing it about it. LOL I know we're watching the 1931 Frankenstein film, which comes after our Dr. Jekyll unit, so I think the old b/w classics will be the way to go.
  8. In a few weeks we'll be reading Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. I'm debating on which movie version to watch, not being familiar with any of them. I'm leaning towards the 1941 version with Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman but noticed there's a 2008 version with Dougray Scott. Has anyone seen one or both of them and can speak to specifics about it?
  9. I have below-waist length curly hair, with wide streaks of gray at the temples. I'm 41 but recently started dying my hair again (stopped several years ago) because the gray streaks make me look older when I wear my hair pulled up, which is often. I use Garnier Olia 2.0 Soft Black, which covers the gray nicely and brightens the color of the length.
  10. Do you die at home or at the hairdresser's? I really hope I won't die anywhere anytime soon, but at home in my sleep would be my preferred choice.
  11. That is completely inappropriate behavior and I agree that you need to call the church office and speak to someone high up in leadership. IMO it sounds like they don't have enough adult leaders to keep track of all the kids, or have leaders that aren't bothering to keep track of them. We have an active youth group - about 100 kids that attend every week. Our games consist of basketball, football, volleyball outside before/after service and more appropriate indoor friendly games during services. All adults are assigned a specific area to monitor and any issues have to be reported to the
  12. I second the goodreads app. It's great for tagging want-to-read books from the library too. I have a special "library book" shelf just for those.
  13. I was in the middle of working my way through Law & Order SVU. Only managed to make it halfway through season 12 before 13-16 were removed. I did know it was coming, but there was no way I could watch that many episodes in time. :glare:
  14. According to DH, asking him to do something he doesn't feel inclined to do is being manipulative. Telling him to do it is being demanding and rude.
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