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  1. Edith Schaeffer's book is excellent, as is her daughter's Susan Schaeffer Macauley's book "For the Family's Sake" and also "For the Children's Sake".
  2. I got rid of my last sinus infection by rinsing my nose with saline solution. And I mean, I rinsed. I put 1 quart of the stuff up my nose 4-5 times a day, every day for about a week. And it went away. And it felt good to do all that rinsing. I never go on antibiotics unless I'm dying because I have a lot of trouble with Candida.
  3. I am a forever reluctant homeschooler. I don't love homeschooling and if someone gave us a full scholarship to the local Christian school my kids would be there in a heartbeat. But, DH and I do not want our kids in ps, we have definite reasons to homeschool and so... I homeschool.
  4. DS 6 learned about 6 months ago. I can't remember how. I just remember DH running up and down the street with him and letting go of the bike now and then without DS knowing about it. DS 5 just learned, too, the same way. I think the most important thing is having a bike that's the right size.
  5. I don't think anyone mentioned The Giver or Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Those books are definitely fodder for discussion.
  6. We just started homeschooling in earnest this year and I know my kids are young and they do a lot of playing in their free time. Actually, that's almost all they do, with the exception of a few daily chores. But, they should do that. However, I'm looking down the road a few years and I know they'll be spending more time on school work than the 2 hours we spend now, but what do you do with your older kids the rest of the day? We live in town, and I can only assign the kids so many chores, even now. I'm also struggling with not wanting my kids to just be involved in activities - sports, music, etc. I'm talking to DH about maybe getting some acreage (just a little) and getting involved in farmer's markets or something like that. I don't know. Do any of you struggle with this? Have any of you come up with good meaningful activities for your children other than just things to fill up the day?
  7. I read Where the Red Fern Grows as a read aloud to my fifth grade class when I was teaching and I bawled when I read the last chapter. The whole class was in tears, too. We were quite a sight.
  8. My kitchen-aid stand mixer, my vegetable steamer and my micro-plane zester. That is the coolest little thing. I love it!
  9. Holy cow, yes. I have 5 & 6 yr. old ds and 3 yr. dd and they talk non-stop. To me. And require an answer that is more than "Uh huh!" or "Oh really?" It drives me crazy. And what really drives me nuts is meal times. I don't understand or appreciate their humor. I don't burst into peals of laughter when someone says, "Underwear" or "bottom". I don't find it amusing to say something over and over and over and over again. I guess it's true, mommys have no sense of humor.:glare: But, I really try to be patient, knowing that there will be a time when they are not so willing to talk to me.
  10. I have no idea about BJU math. We're doing A Beka, with my first graders right now, and I have no real problem with it. It seems fine to me.
  11. I have 2 boys - J is 5 and D is 6 - they are 9 months apart in age (I didn't birth 'em, we adopted them, heehee. though they are bio brothers). I started both out in preschool at the same time, we did A Beka K5 last year and they're both doing well in first grade (we're doing A Beka LA and Math)- even my 5 year old, who technically should just be starting K this year. Well, I should say, they're doing well in reading. My 5 year old is actually flying through the readers, but... he's not doing so well in math. Not surprising due to his age, but the question is.... what do I do? He's not getting the concepts, which makes me really think he should do kindergarten math again until he gets a little older. But my 6 year old (who's more mathematically minded than his brother is anyway) is doing fine in first grade math. So... I'm wondering, I'll keep 6 year old on track, and maybe order something like R&S or BJU or another kindergarten math curriculm for 5 year old? I don't want him to re-do A Beka's K5 math program. He did ok with it, but I knew last year he would struggle going on to first grade. I was hopeful that he'd pick it up, but we're on week 3 of school now, and he doesn't get the concepts and I feel bad that I am getting frustrated with him.
  12. I'm not too into adult fiction (and I don't mean "adult" as in... "adult", but rather adult as opposed to children's fiction). Sometimes I'll find an author I really like, but I tend more toward young adult fiction for some reason. Could be that I taught jr. high lit for a while and acquired a taste for it. Lately I've been reading Karen Cushman's stuff "Matilda Bones", etc. and have really enjoyed her. I also like Avi, and Cynthia Voigt.
  13. "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" is right up there, as well as most of the other ones mentioned. "Be Still My Soul" is an incredible hymn, not only the words but the melody just pulls at the heart. A couple years ago I lead devotions at a mother's group I attended and one of the moms had just succombed to a valiant battle with cancer. How do you lead devotions the week after that happens? I had no idea what to say, so I just copied off the words to that hymn and we sang it through tears. It was beautiful and all that needed to be done.
  14. Honestly, our service isn't much different than a Baptist church or non-denominational church. The service lasts about 60-70 minutes. We sing hymns and praise songs, no liturgy, our pastor gives a 1/2 hour sermon (very meaty and solid, but not terribly long), we do communion once a month. I grew up Mennonite Brethren and except for the Reformed Theology and paedo-baptism, I'm not finding things too much different. BTW, our church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
  15. I just peel and slice. No lemon juice, no nothin'! Great for cobblers, smoothies, etc.
  16. We're doing A Beka Phonics and I'd say it's mostly phonics, but they do throw sight words in, too. I guess I missed it, but what is wrong with having a few of the most common sight words in a child's repetoire as they learn to read?
  17. Interesting. We attend a Presby church, too, but our service is a little different than what you described. Is the one you went to part of the OPC?
  18. I have a deep freeze and don't know what I did without it. It's full of frozen peaches, strawberries, blueberries, persimmon, etc. for smoothies. I made dozens and dozens of zucchini muffins with all my zucchini from the garden, just ready to heat up for snacks. I made Rachel Ray Meat Sauce in a huge quantity and portioned it out and froze it. Some things freeze well, other things - ie. with pasta or cheese, not so much. Although, I freeze enchilada casseroles a lot and that does well. I make a huge batch of calzone filling and that freezes pretty good. I freeze stews. Some turn out ok, some don't. But, it's so convenient to have homemade frozen dinners for those nights I don't feel like cooking.
  19. Well, then... I guess I am being paranoid.:D Yes, I am in compliance with all state, federal and local regulations, but... I just get so much flack in my town, church, friends, family for homeschooling that somehow... I just feel like I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for the encouragement!
  20. My boys are doing first grade work, so we do school about 1 1/2-2 hours or so a day. Which leaves a lot of time that we are not doing school. They'd love to be out riding bike in the neighborhood, but I'm a little hesitant. I'm not sure about truant officers and all that. Our neighborhood is actually pretty empty during the day, but... you never know. I'm also wondering if it would really be appropriate for me to be taking them shopping or to the library during the morning. Am I just being paranoid, or is it better for us to lay low during the time most kids are in school?
  21. We have a tv, but no cable. The kids (granted they're young) watch 1/2 hour of PBS Kids a day and DH & I will occasionally watch network tv. I'm just amazed at how much trash is on. Last night DH and I were veggin' and just had to keep changing the channel because everything on was either incredibly stupid or had some reference to something... you know. Even some of my favorite murder/detective shows (CSI, Law & Order, etc.) are just getting nasty. I mean, why can't people kill each other over something normal, like jealousy or money or something? Why is it always torture and perversion and all that? Ugh!
  22. We're using CLP stuff, too and it's good. We're a few years behind you, but the first grade book is on the Children's Catechism, which has been awesome.
  23. One thing I remembered reading when we got our boys (baby and toddler at the time) is that no child will intentionally starve themselves. So, basically, if they get hungry enough, they will eat what is set before them. That has helped me so much. I don't cook things I know the kid will hate, but I certainly don't cater to their finicky apetites. I make sure there's enough fruit around and I keep telling myself, "They eat a good breakfast, they have a good lunch, so if dinner isn't too appealing, they won't starve!"
  24. It takes us about 1 1/2-2 hours a day. CLP Bible A Beka Phonics FLL/Writing for Power A Beka Math BJU Heritage Studies 1 - MTW Science (TWTM way) ThF
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