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  1. Well, I am here. I made it to the Afsa. Bore some resemblance to Communist Russia, but otherwise was fine. No TP or flour. I managed to get kitty litter and Ezekiel bread. The hail canons are going off, but I don’t think there are thunder storms imminent. I did laundry, read some and now I need to start thinking about dinner.
  2. That’s awesome. I’m sure you were a spy or something, likeSydney Bristow.
  3. Good Morning!,!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Monday!!! I will need to go to the Afsa today to pick up a prescription. Not looking forward to that at all. I’m hoping maybe they will have flour and I need kitty litter. Ugh, I feel like I’m in Communist Russia or something.
  4. Would that work?? It’s itching because of the scab.
  5. What do you think of that book?? I read his book “In the Garden of Beasts” which was about William Dodds, America’s first ambassador to Hitler’s Germany. It was an amazing book. The book I’m reading now, “Chanel’s Riviera” (about the French Riviera in the 1930’s) has Churchill as a regular in the social scene in the south of France at that time. I’ve thought about picking up the Larson book about Churchill, too,
  6. So, the area on my shoulder where she took the mole off is starting to itch. And then I absent-mindedly scratch it. And then die because it really hurts bad.
  7. I slept, I read. I’m making bread. Hey, that’s a little poem. Ode to a Rainy Sunday Afternoon by KrissiK I slept. I read. I’m baking bread.
  8. I’m reading a book about the rich and famous on the French Riviera in the 1930’s. It’s a really good book. I also took a nap it’s rainy out.
  9. Good Morning!,!! COFFEE!!!!~D Blessed Palm Sunday to you all!,! I have baked oatmeal in the oven for breakfast. That was a very good read, Paradox. Thank you for sharing, We have Zoom Sunday School and church online today.
  10. I am reading a really good book “Chanel’s Riviera:Glamour, Decadence, and survival in Peace and War, 1930-1944” by Anne de Courcy. Basically it’s about Coco Chanel and all the other famous jet setters who hung out on the French Riviera in the 30’s. Very interesting reading.
  11. Fresno has an awesome zoo. They are making it more natural.... so instead of animals in cages they are working toward large multi-animal exhibits. It is amazing how the safari exhibit is designed. As your eye sweeps across the exhibit it looks like rolling hills, but there are really deep ditches that separate the lions from the gazelles. It’s pretty cool.
  12. Mint.... mint... mint. Grow it in a pot like an annual. Let it grow one season, throw it out, get another start next season. It will break the pot.
  13. Don’t feel bad. It’s not just the toilet paper. It’s the strain we’ve all been under. Hugs!!
  14. Good Morning!,!,! COFFEE!!!???~D Saturday!!!!! Demon possesses iPad, so forgive the errors. Easter?? We’re going to dinner at my mom’s house. She’s a crack-up. Last week she wanted to have coffee with her friend. Her friend lives at a retirement village on lockdown. So they made a plan to meet at the back of the cemetery (ironically, the retirement village is right across the street from the cemetery) so they wouldn’t get caught.🤣 my mom brought to-go coffee and her lawn chair and her friend sat on a cemetery bench. They observed social distancing rules, or course. Susan, I feel the same way you do about the whole “new normal” thing. Bleh!,
  15. Owls are really wonderful. Sometimes we are in the middle of a trifecta of owls, all hooting from the tops of different redwood’s really cool. Mourning doves have a very distinctive call.
  16. Now in the spring we have mourning doves. In the summer we have mocking birds. And at night the owls serenade us.
  17. I placed my take-out order. Burgers and fries tonight. I’m being a good citizen of our small town and helping local businesses stay in business.
  18. It was a Times article from the U.K. that she quoted. Susan summarized it very well. I think what has been bothering me (and this is just my perspective, I am not saying I am right) is the apparent ease (emphasis on Apparent) that people seem to be, or feel like they are expected to be able to cope with such a major and unexpected change in their lives. We might have had inklings, but generally speaking most of us went from “that life” three weeks ago, to “this life” in a day or two. I guess, I just don’t feel like we are being encouraged to cope with fear and trauma in a healthy way, hunker down, slow down, take stock, evaluate, rest, get our bearings and figure out what to do. Instead everyone is running around like chicken little, blaming this, blaming that, making masks, hoarding toilet paper...
  19. SWB posted such a good little blurb on FB today. It wasn’t original to her, but it sure hit the nail on the head as to how I’ve been feeling the past several weeks and why I’ve been unfollowing people who post their color-coded schedules and pictures of family game nights and lists of “things to do during quarantine”. I’ve never unfollowed none on Fb before, no matter how annoying they were or how much I disagreed with them. But I’ve unfollowed at least 6 in the past several days.
  20. Yep.🤣 I managed to change “orders” to “olders” with quite a bit of trouble and panic, so I decided to leave Vancatuon alone.
  21. Good Morning!!!,! COFFEE!!!!!~D Friday !! The little girls and I are on Easter Vacantion now . The two olders still have today of school.
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