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  1. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Humph Day!! After maximum coaxing, the portal finally opened. School and work today!! It’s supposed to be hot, too.😩😩☀️☀️🔥🔥🔥 It is only mid-May. I am not ready for this. We went to DD’s school’s Spring Choir Concert last night. Wow. It was amazing. All sacred music, except the Men’s Choir performed “Shenandoah” which was just beautiful. And of course “Be Still My Soul (Sibelius)” just brought me to tears. All in all a thoroughly delightful evening.
  2. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Monday!!😩😩😩😩 School and work. 4 weeks until school is out. It cannot come soon enough. I have a long staff meeting today. It’s supposed to heat up this week. Almost to 100 degrees. I hope this is not a harbinger of the summer to come. Had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. Went to my Aunt’s house. Their home and yard are like a magazine. Just beautiful.
  3. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!! Church this morning and then we’re going to my aunt and uncle’s house for lunch. It should be nice.
  4. I made it through the AFSA, it was a harrowing experience.
  5. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Saturday!! I slept till almost 8:00 this morning!! It sure felt good. And DH closed the bedroom door so no affection-seeking kitties would come in and wake me up. Not much going on today!! Housework, I need to go to the AFSA (svengo).
  6. I am reading Firefly Lane. It is ok. We had dinner at my parents’ house. Calzones from the local Italian eatery. Very yummy.
  7. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday!!! School and work!!! I will be so glad when the school year is over. I need a break!!
  8. I got in, too. Baby has been taking this Outschool class called Tour of Italy. I haven’t had to cook dinner all week. Tonight we are having Turkey meatball sandwiches. That Outschool thing is awesome. Middle DD is taking a drawing class.
  9. Spoiled cat woke me up this morning 5 minutes before my alarm went off demanding high quality loves. 🐈
  10. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday Eve!! Someone left the Portal open last night, so I slipped in. School and work today!!! A couple of parent meetings.
  11. I think I read the first page or two of a Henty book and just couldn’t do it.
  12. Awww, Because of Winn Dixie is such a good book. I got middle DD a collection of 6 Kate diCamillo books. She’s in love.
  13. Well, this should be interesting then, for us. We are flying in from California the last week in June. We usually go to Disneyland, but with the opening so iffy, we just said, “screw it,” and planned a Disney World vacation instead. Our kids are growing up and this will likely be the last summer we will be able to do anything as a family. We are used to the heat. Central California can have 100+ temps for weeks and weeks on end, but I think the humidity might be a problem. Oh well. We’ll deal with it.
  14. I agree with you here. I don’t do Kindle, but I am looking for something that is semi-well-written.
  15. The girls are with Dr. Perrin (via DVD) trying to learn some Latin and I have STAR360 results to collate and email out, but the Portal was open and I needed to take advantage.
  16. I got nothin’! My reading habits have plummeted lately. I started Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, and it’s okay. I need to finish it, though. I’ve been wasting too much time watching Hallmark movies. That’s about all I have the mental energy for these days.
  17. I’m not sure that would help. I have trouble getting on the Chat board, too.
  18. Good Morning!!! COFfEE!!!~D Humph Day!!! It’s gonna be a hot one today. 97 degrees, I think. School and work. I need this school year to be over. Hopefully next year will be better, at least regarding work. DH got his braces. He’s doing all right.
  19. Wow, the Portal opened right up this morning!!! Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Tuesday!!! School and work. Work has been rough lately. Lots of my high schoolers really struggling. DH is getting braces today. He is not looking forward to it, but he really needs them. Not just for cosmetic reasons (that’s not why he’s getting them, but his teeth are very crooked), but he actually broke a tooth back in January and he has had to have several crowns because of his bite. So, braces it is.
  20. We went to oldest DD’s school for Open House. It was fun. They fought the County last fall and won and will have had 180 days of in-person leaning this year and no Covid outbreaks.
  21. I found another cucumber almost ready for picking. It was hiding behind some leaves and I was training the vines up the trellis and i found it. Woohoo! Points for quoting myself.
  22. I need to go check on my cucumber. It’s almost ready to pick.
  23. I can’t believe the Portal is open again. The Portal gods are smiling on me. Bedroom and bathroom are clean. Cleaned off dining room table, changed table cloth, threw out dead roses and replaced with another bouquet. Hey, it’s a Booya/h!!
  24. Svengo, Susan, you need to put your feet up and watch a Hallmark movie.
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