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  1. Yes, I know it, but it was from my high school days.... a long long time ago.
  2. I’m here. Portal wouldn’t work this morning. School and work today. Nothing much else to report. The girls are courting a stray Tom cat. They call him Toby and put food out for him. He seems to have a liking for our cat Lily, though I don’t know why because Lily just doesn’t have the correct plumbing for a boyfriend anymore. He needs to be neutered, but as I am not positive he is a stray, I don’t feel like I can make that decision at this point. Plus, I don’t have a vet I could take him to.
  3. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Tuesday!! School and work!!! I don’t know whether I am sick or it’s just allergies. I have post nasal drip and I just don’t feel great. However, it’s not cycling like a virus, so I’m going to assume it’s just allergies. The trees are all blooming, the weather is mild.... bleh!! I hate spring.
  4. Hey, I got on. Couldn’t this morning!! We had pork loin and hash brown casserole for dinner. It was delicious!
  5. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!! Church!!⛪️ DH can come to church with us now, since the Supreme Court said churches can be at 25% capacity. But he’s got to leave Sunday School and go pick the kids up from camp. I had to go find Jeannie’s portal to get on ITT. It’s the only thing that works. I feel like I’m in the Chronicle’s of Narnia or something. Or maybe Alice in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole.🤣
  6. Anyone want to come do my dishes for me??? Anyone? Bueller?. Bueller?
  7. I can get on again. I can’t believe it!! We had spaghetti for dinner.
  8. We went to Home Depot. Got some things. I mad cleaned today. The girls’ bathroom was so gross and they claim to be cleaning it every week. So I cleaned it. And they got a scolding. And a lesson on how to clean the bathroom.
  9. I cannot believe that I am on for the third time today!!
  10. I got on again. I can’t believe it. The portal hasn’t closed yet. Jeannie has the magic tough. We’re going to drop the girls off at their party and go to Home Depot. This is our date today.
  11. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D (not ready yet because I got distracted when I was making it last night, but it’s almost ready) Saturday!!! The weather is absolutely beautiful. I heard a mourning dove when I opened the door to let the cats in. The bad part about this is that we have had one storm this whole entire winter and that is a very bad thing. Don’t know what I’m going to do today. I did my grocery shopping last night when DH was gone taking DS to camp. The little girls have a birthday party for a while this afternoon, so there will be a time when there are no chil
  12. We are going to finish it tomorrow. The girls are tired and DH can’t follow the plot. This plot is a bit vague. But Will Turner is soooooo cute.
  13. I haven’t seen this one. It is really really weird. Not that the other ones weren’t weird. This one is just really weird.
  14. I tried to play chess once. It wasn’t a good thing.
  15. Hey, I got on. Jeannie opened the portal. I haven’t been able to get on ITT in three days. Svengo. We are watchng Pirates of the Caribbean, pt.3 tonight. Will Turner is sooooo cute. DS and oldest DD are at winter camp.
  16. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!L~D Monday. We have another Monday off. Don’t know why, but I’m taking it. I have a list of odds and ends to get done today. I have a PowerPoint I need to make. A coworker and I are doing a book club on the book “Snow Treasure” by Marie McSwigan. It’s an awesome book, but it needs a little back information, specifically on the Nazis and German aggression, so I need to get that done. We are going to try to model the club after “Deconstructing Penguins”, which I think is such a cool book, but even between the two of us, we are struggling with determining the pr
  17. No, dear. I think you need some ice cream, too.
  18. The sermon series is on the book of Nehemiah. They were rebuilding the wall. Our church is going through a bit of a “rebuilding” of its own, having had some struggles. So, today was on Nehemiah ch. 5, how the Jews’ own selfishness became detrimental to their work and their unity, and so we need to look at ourselves and how we treat others in the church and how it doesn’t matter how good our programs are or how nice our campus is, but rather how we show love to each other. It was a good sermon and very convicting. my ice cream was Love Potion #31, which had chocolate and raspberry s
  19. Church was good. Very convicting sermon. We took lunch to DH’s parents. Then to Baskin Robbins for a late Valentine’s treat from my parents. I love their ice cream.
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