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  1. We are reading thru "Living History of our World" books by Angel Odell. We absolutely love them!! http://www.angelaodell.com/a-living-history-of-our-world-history/ I do add some living books for free reading. Have you looked into Beautiful Feet history guides? That might be something that your DD would enjoy.
  2. I am on there!! Add me. Same user name as on here.
  3. I had an Oster for years, and I was burning out the motor with all the new green smoothies I was making. Then, the glass carafe broke so we decided to upgrade since the motor was going as well. We bought a VITAMIX. It was the best decision. I make smoothies at least 3 times a day. That thing can blend to no end! My fave smoothie: big bunch of organic baby spinach frozen mango chunks (from Trader Joe's) water + ice melted extra virgin coconut oil blend till smooth. YUMMMMMM
  4. Ugh, I wish I was in shape... I feel like slug going thru her workouts! (but I can see a little muscle definition!! I have a lot of padding to burn off)
  5. May I ask, when did you order it? I heard that in recent weeks, there's been issues. :confused: On a lighter note, how do you like the workouts?!?! I did her 30 Day Shred and am working through Ripped in 30. I love JM.
  6. I want to order, but am worried about some issues I read online about problems with shipping, bad customer service, and even credit card issues? Anyone experience this? How long did it take for you to receive your order?
  7. Such a tease! I checked my local listings and didn't find it there. :angry: :)
  8. I've never had a C/S before, but I have left my family to give birth in the hospital. My parents live nearby, but I still wanted to make things easier for them. Yes, have some meals made up in the freezer. If I were you, just make your kids' favorite casseroles and freeze them. Some things I like to have on hand: homemade chicken pot pie homemade chili homemade pizza dough lasagna and other pasta bakes banana bread blueberry muffins homemade waffles or pancakes (make a big batch and freeze) As for activities, I think that providing $$ for the local zoo would be nice,
  9. First of all, is sounds like he needs a lot of healing on the inside! The viruses hit him hard, probably because he is a smoker. :( My dad was a smoker and quit probably 30 years ago, and he STILL can get hit pretty hard when he has a cold. If he can quit that, it would be the bEST! Anyway, he also needs some gut healing. I would suggest the GAPS diet, but it's a big commitment. Or, you can take some simple baby steps. Here's something that we follow from Heal Thyself http://heal-thyself.ning.com/notes/14_Steps_for_Healthy_Guts Some supplements that we take to stay he
  10. We own 8 chickens altogether. They are amazing little girls. 4 of them are about 3 years old tho, so their egg production is slowing down. Once they stop, we'll have to give them up and get 4 or 5 more chicks.
  11. I haven't seen it either. My county libraries have them, but there are like 150 people wait list. A friend of mine in another county got them for me from her library. We had a Downton Abbey Season 2 marathon this week. You should check your library!!! P.S. it's SO GOOD. ;)
  12. I'm on Diaperswappers and never had an issue :confused: Anyway, my suggestion is to REALLY kill the bacteria. Oxyclean doesn't kill bacteria. You can do this a few ways: 1. Cold soak with Bac-Out, then a hot wash with Dawn Non-Ultra dish soap, then a couple of rinses. or break out the big guns: 2. Wash bleach and Dawn Non-Ultra. Can you sun your diapers? I would REEEEEEALLY recommend that, especially if you are dealing with a possible yeast rash, the sun will kill it. Plus, the sun gets rid of stains really well. Can you switch to prefolds? Some kids are sensitive
  13. I use wooden or bamboo with my S/S pots and pans. I own All-Clad and I don't like to see scratches. :D
  14. yes! The only "real scones" I've had here in the US are from English Tea rooms. Wonderful! Wait a sec.... so how DO you pronounce scone??:confused:
  15. I am a firm believer in coconut oil! Unrefined is what you need to buy. I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs.
  16. I was going to purchase HWOT for DS. I'll have to take a look at my Target for this!
  17. DS was 9 mos old when I got pregnant with #3. I nursed all the way thru my pregnancy. My milk changed, lightened up, but he still kept going. I tandem nursed till he was over 3 yrs old.
  18. :iagree: FWIW, my mom is called Grandma. The kids see her on a daily basis (parents live a block away) MIL is called Grammy.
  19. I vote for LOTS OF READING! :) Also, if you visit Ambleside Online or Simply Charlotte Mason, you can get a nice booklist for kids that age. For my K'er this year, we'll be reading from the AO and SCM lists, doing Bible as a family, then AAR, HWOT, and MUS. Oh... it's gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!!! :D
  20. I read the Hunger Games trilogy earlier this year and loved them. I even got my hubby to start reading them. :D I have about 4 books going right now. I need to just finish one of them and move on to the next.
  21. I was going to suggest chili as well. Chili, cornbread, and a nice salad.
  22. Yes, it would definitely be worth getting your thyroid checked. I personally don't have any thyroid issues, but it's always in the back of my mind since it my mom and sister both have thyroid problems. It would also be good to get your vitamin D levels checked.
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