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  1. Pam, yes! My daughter LOVES birds. She has been passionate about then since she was a little girl and just recently, we finally acquired two birds as pets for her. She would love to spend a year in a serious study of birds! :)
  2. My daughter will be in 8th this year. I was considering Apologia Biology at the local co-op, but I'm not sure it's the best choice for this year. My daughter learns easily, but hasn't done a rigorous science course yet. Do you know of an avian science course that would be appropriate for an 8th grader and would be rigorous enough to prepare my daughter for taking biology the following year? Thank you!
  3. I've been very pleased with TT. My 9th, 7th, & 4th graders are using it and my younger children are using Horizons.
  4. Thanks for that explanation! I've been intrigued by Bullet Journals, but this was the missing piece. :)
  5. That's a great feature! I'm using Google Calendar on my laptop, so I don't think they have anything like that for the web version.
  6. I really LOVE this idea. One question: How do you handle future tasks? For instance, if I need to remember to bring something to co-op on Friday morning, how could I use a Bullet Journal to remind me?
  7. Do you keep your to-do lists in the "Tasks" section? I'm curious because I use Google Calendar for appointment and reminders, but not for to-do's.
  8. One of my four loves math. He's doing Horizons 1st grade.
  9. This would be very frustrating to me. I don't understand why people will sometimes take no precautions to avoid exposing others to whatever illness is going through their home ... especially a stomach bug!
  10. I second the pumice stone. I actually use mine on my heels while I'm in the shower, then lotion up with Eucerin after my shower. This makes a huge difference when I'm consistent with it.
  11. I am praying for a good outcome and peace for you.
  12. I just ignore posts like that, and if someone adds me to a group without asking me, I just leave the group.
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