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  1. Thanks y'all! We are looking forward to our trip and this helps focus our planning. I knew I would get some good pointers here.
  2. We are considering staying in Wiliams to be closer to Sedona if we wanted to do that.
  3. Well trained mind forums are where I always come for help in planning trips to parts of the country I am unfamiliar with. You all are a wealth of information! So we are planning on staying near the park from Sunday-Wednesday one week in June, essentially giving us only 2 full days (Mon and Tues) in the area. Of course we can do things on our way in on I-40 on our way to Phoenix on Wednesday. My main question is what we should plan on doing those two days. Both days on the South Rim of the Canyon? This is the first trip to Arizona for about half of our family and our youngest child is 5,
  4. I am looking for a place to buy a family member a gift certificate to a musical or theater performance in Portland OR. Any ideas of the best places to do that sort of thing in Portland? Thanks!
  5. The book Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea is the accounts of defectors from North Korea. Really fascinating and sad.
  6. Hi! We are traveling to New Orleans for a short vacation with our family this fall. I was looking for places to stay in the lower Garden district for atmosphere and convenience to what we want to do. Is that area an ok place to stay as far as safety and convenience? I lived in NO when I was younger, but neither my husband or I are very familiar with it now. We would love to hear about your favorites too if you have visited recently! Our kids are 14, 12 and 4. Thanks!
  7. Hi. I am wondering what my choices are for astronomy at the 3rd/4th grade level. We have used Apologia in the past and enjoyed it, but I was wondering if there are any new options or extra resources that I haven't heard about yet. I have searched online some and haven't really seen anything that has caught my eye, but maybe someone else knows of something?? Thanks ahead of time!
  8. Thank you everyone! We have quite a few to try now, many of which I had never heard of. I just want to sit at home all week and try them all!!
  9. We enjoy watching television in the evenings with our almost 11 and 13 year old children after the 3 year old goes to bed. We all love detective/adventure type shows, but have run into trouble with too much darkness and sexual content in the last few we have tried (Chuck and Blacklist). Any ideas of new shows we could try? We would appreciate the suggestions so much!!
  10. In the sentence: Will he be here tomorrow? does here describe will be and does tomorrow describe will be or here? Thanks so much! Working on diagramming this with my fourth grader and not sure.
  11. I will check out the resources you mentioned, lprstn. Thank you. It would be so much easier if I just teaching it all at home or using an online class as opposed to trying to fill in the gaps like this. Any other ideas, especially in science? My husband is in the science field, so I am hoping that he can do some reteaching. We just have to establish the routine of doing school with him in the evenings which we are not accustomed to doing.
  12. It meets two days a week, and she is home the other three days. She has some assignments for those other days, but I don't feel like the work load is very heavy. She does have extra time for some more instruction from me during the days that she is at home, but it will mean doubling up because she will still need to complete the tutorial work as well. The instructors at the tutorial are certified teachers who desire to work part-time. Hope that helps explain a little more.
  13. Hi. We have homeschooled for many years with the help of a tutorial and always had a great experience. Because my daughter entered middle school this year we changed tutorials, but this tutorial is not proving to be as academically sound as what we are used to. So, since we can't get our money back for this year, we are having to make it work. So far what has happened is they cover something in class and afterwards I realize how much they have skimmed over and then have to reteach the concepts to my daughter. Picture a math traditional math text being used, but only the most straight
  14. I probably can't answer all of the questions posed, but, elegantlion, I will respectfully borrow your words and say that scenarios where "things die grotesque deaths, minors are constantly in peril, they deface property (if by accident), and gods try to kill children," are not where I am concerned about my children being able to distinguish between what is a Christian worldview and what isn't. I feel confident that they see those things as bad, just like your children do. However, a boy who is sad and alone and struggling with these feelings is someone that they can relate to in many ways.
  15. Thanks for the information. My kids LOOVE these books, but this is something that has given us pause in allowing them to read it. We were made aware of this issue by a friend and chose to ask the kids not to continue reading it on the day it came out. While some families consider homosexuality an acceptable lifestyle choice for Christian believers, we do not. Therefore, we would not want them to read something that portrays this lifestyle sympathetically. We would never condone unkindness to a gay person, but we don't want our kids to see homosexuality as something that is normal or the w
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