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  1. Raw vegan doesn't work for me but diet was a HUGE part of being able to put my autoimmune disease into remission. Good luck and I hope that this, or something else, will work for you.
  2. I really wanted my kids to be interested in a lot of the Story of the World activities, but they just weren't. We read the series together once and my kids each read each of the books on their own a second time and they really liked it. We've read some of the other books mentioned here as well as The World in Ancient Times books - which my kids loved! Right now they're a little over half way through the A History of US series and it's the first time we're doing anything extra (just maps and timeline). Something they really like is going to historical places using Google Maps - it's like a mini virtual field trip.
  3. I know a person who is brilliant at carpentry math that involves fractions but struggles with using fractions in other domains. It seems odd on the surface, but I suspect that something is missing in their mental model of fractions.
  4. It really sounds like your daughter is going to have an awesome math/logic/cs foundation for her future. My husband, an engineer, and I have been talking about how we wish we'd had access to resources like iMacs offers as kids. IIRC, about a quarter of my freshman year Intro to Computer Science class dropped the class and many changed their major after the class. The class used scheme, like UCS1, and my alma mater is still, more than 2 decades later, using scheme in the intro course. So many of my classmates weren't used to working on more challenging problems that they couldn't just apply an algorithm to.
  5. This is a really HUGE topic that I'm not going to be able to fully engage in, but let's say that I had to show proof of vaccination to go to the DMV because the CDC/local health agency said so under public health. Even if I wasn't required by law to get a vaccine, life would be.... really hard. If that were to come to pass, perfectly healthy people without a communicable disease could be limited. I think that the "nudge" philosophy of making it hard for people to do things so that they'll comply is antithetical to living in a free, liberal, world.
  6. I can understand that and it hits on a major issue - not everyone agrees on whether or not covid-19 warrants our current response. Hard to agree on solutions when people don't agree on what the problem is....
  7. I should be more specific - I have a beef with anyone who would require it by law using the justification that we have to force people to protect others. If a "vaccine passport" wasn't on the table I would be content with people going about believing whatever they want and acting in ways they choose w/ regard to covid. For those who would not require by law, I'm only annoyed with those that would claim others are "selfish" for not choosing to do something that they think protects them/others. For people who get the vaccine because they want it, and they others to get it, and it makes them feel like life is safer, I feel no animosity. Seems very golden-rule-ish to me.
  8. If people choose, even in part, to get a vaccine because they think it protects other people that is up to them. I would not and will not ask them to do that . This might be subtle, but people who want others to get the vaccine because they want to be protected by other people is where I have a beef.
  9. I don't have a "normal" immune system either. I would never ask you to be responsible in any way for my health. My Dr. suggested an immune boosting vitamin protocol and to skip the vaccine. She helped me put Hashimoto's Thyroiditis into remission and I trust her. As in, I no longer even need thyroid replacement hormones. Working with her advice works for me - and I won't try to push it on you or your family and friends with immune problems. Hmmm... so what you're saying is that the experts that you believe are right and any others are wrong? What makes you qualified to decide *for other people* (I trust that you can do you)? There's a lot of opinions and research out there and it's not easy to sort through everything. My reaction at the beginning of covid was *extreme* caution/precaution. We used masks while they were on the news telling people not to use masks, LOL. With time and new information my concern level has changed. For example, Since the news is focusing on the push to vaccinate and control the behavior of young people I was just trying to look at some of the CDC data this morning for U18yrs and it looks like non-covid pneumonia resulted in 3x as many deaths over the last year as covid did. Covid and the flu were roughly the same. I don't see how that justifies recommendations I see being pushed.
  10. Influenzas also have strains that are more infections, cause more serious complications, result in more deaths. My perspective is that this new coronavirus is now endemic and that we're going to have to move forward with it being part of the diseases that humans have to deal with.
  11. My mistake, and that's good to hear! I still think we read the same article and had different things we took away
  12. I happen to find it very comforting that for a very large number of people their natural immunity will provide protection to not only COVID-19, but also variants/mutations/other strains.
  13. I have no idea about what is driving the behavior of the OP's acquaintance, but I did want to share this person's perspective. I haven't 100% decided what I think about this, but it is interesting to think about/consider: Crude and Unethical: Why Boris Johnson was wrong to try and terrify us into submission https://www.thedatapsychologist.com/post/crude-and-unethical-why-boris-johnson-was-wrong-to-try-and-terrify-us-into-submission
  14. You skipped a whole lot of interesting and thought provoking information in that article to try to try to come up with some sort of "gotcha". I happen to agree with Ho - if you stop the virus from replicating.... you stop the virus from mutating. Isn't that sort of elementary!? But, he also says: Sooo.... it's already going in a direction that is causing it to escape from our current vaccines? Well so much for the magic jab! But this perspective offers some hope: https://www.pandata.org/how-broad-is-covid-immunity/
  15. Since the theories of Geert Vanden Bossche being discussed in this thread, I thought I'd drop this off. Sorry for the formatting, I'd try to fix but I don't have more time right now. https://www.cuimc.columbia.edu/node/23354 New Study of Coronavirus Variants Predicts Virus Evolving to Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments News March 8, 2021
  16. We started using Homeschool Planet last fall and I gave up on it in March. In theory it had what we needed - a calendar, and the ability to create and track completed assignments under a course heading. A big draw was that I could purchase and load onto our calendar the assignments for a couple homeschool curriculum items we use. I ended up abandoning it because carrying over or moving assignments was frustrating and glitchy. It wasn't easy to deal with assignments that were something like "This week, get pages 10 - 20 done." I had to manually touch it every day to make sure it stayed on the calendar. Now I just have a Word document that I update weekly with each child's assignments and a weekly calendar I made in Excel for each child that shows any time specific commitments. My kids like it better and it takes me 1/10th of the time.
  17. Same here, no benefit of the doubt on the next suggestion no matter how often someone starts off reluctant and then drastically changes their mind. 🙂
  18. I'm about to crack open Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts by the awesome poker player Annie Duke. In homeschool I'm always wondering if I'm making the right choices with time/money. I'm not looking to make everything optimal, just to feel like I'm making decisions that will "win" overall. I'm curious how her insights to decision making as a poker player will apply....
  19. I've always liked the "inspire, not require" type philosophy in theory but I've had similar experiences with my kids so often that I think sometimes a bit of requiring is the way to inspire 🙂 Love that he's enjoying the book!
  20. MIL called yesterday. FIL had bad reaction after 2nd shot - would have been considered a Grade 3 reaction in a clinical trial. Luckily no hospitalization needed. Then FIL downplayed it all on his social media. MIL was fine.
  21. We have a complaint department that I refer all complaints to - the closest trash bin 😀 Not sure if that would be appropriate an ASD kid. Hope you find something helpful soon.
  22. I'm sorry that I wasn't more clear. I wasn't asking for deep programs. I thought I had missed some information about programs they consider "deep" and was trying to understand what they were. About angst: Answers aren't compulsory; life is not a proof.
  23. I finally am catching up on reading here and am glad for all the interesting and meandering posts. It doesn't sound like I've been missing out on any super secret awesome programs that have popped up that I didn't know about :-).
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