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  1. We used Horizons for 1st and 2nd grades, I became frustrated with the lack of instructions (for me) in the TM and my son became bogged down with the amount of questions per lesson and eventually it moved too fast for him overall causing the lessons to take him an hour or more (and he was getting A's on tests). We switched to CLE 300 this year with *GREAT* success. I have seen CLE referred to a marriage between Horizons and Saxon on steroids, as funny as that sounds I have to agree. I love that it has great instructions written directly to the student, includes drill work, and the lack of color has been a plus. My son says CLE is "easier" than Horizons. In actuality, it is NOT but the way the lesson is presented is much more logical and simplified therefore it seems easier to him. I hope that helps. Blessings, Trishe
  2. Here are mine: Sonlight SWR notebooking- liked them for a couple of weeks then fizzled fast Winter Promise- the combo of read alouds and notebooking... bombed I am sure there are more, but that is what I can think of off the top of me head. Blessings,
  3. I happen to know that a *new* revised edition of this book is coming out next month, so you might want to wait a wee bit. :) And welcome to the beautiful chaos that is California. :001_smile: Blessings,
  4. From Dh: I operate a fleet of 350 vehicles and it's very diverse. We have most every make & model of car, truck, van, SUV, etc. I don't currently have any "bad" units. Each has it's quirks but nothing major. If you're looking for mileage and seats, minivans are the way to go. (Unless you need 4WD) We've owned Domestic & import minivans, crew cab trucks and full size SUVs since we started the family 10 years ago. The Honda Odyssey has been the best overall. Great reliability & resale value. Seats up to 8. 17-18mpg in town. Power sliding side doors. (a huge plus when you get pinched into a parking stall) 2nd & 3rd row seats have many configurations to suit your needs. Built in Lincoln, Al. It's a great all around vehicle. We've got Suburbans & Expedition ELs in the fleet at work. They're bigger than a minivan. They're harder to park & maneuver. Terrible MPG. (9-13 in town) Seats don't fold into the floor or remove as easily. Generally, don't hold up as well over time. Everyone's experiences will vary but I hope this helps.
  5. I will write more later...heading out to Costco....But According to hubby (who is ASE mechanic and fleet superintendant): Stay away from the Ford Flex because they have engine problems and the real world gas mileage is *13* miles per gallon. Blessings,
  6. We were just there last weekend when we took in the sights at the Carlsbad Flower fields..then headed down to SD to make a weekend out of it. Blessings,
  7. Terri, I am using those 3 resources with my current first grade dd. Yes, there are times when things overlap but I consider that another "exposure" to the material from a differing persepecitive. I plan to continue with these next year as well. Hope that helps. Blessings,
  8. I *really* hope they will have recordings available for purchase as well.:) Blessings,
  9. Bumping for Heather since I just joined the group. :) Blessings,
  10. :iagree: My son loves his HA undies. They don't have a tag,the elastic is fully encased and they are very soft too. Julie- HA undies go up to size XL btw. :) Blessings,
  11. Prayers for Cameron, you and the Dr.s for a speedy diagnosis and easy treatment. Please update us when you can. :grouphug:
  12. :party: CONGRATS! I can still remember the feeling I had when I found out that I had passed boards and was an RN 22 yrs ago. My first job was on an Ortho floor and I learned many crucial skills that helped me during my career. I am sure your family is *very* proud of you. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Blessings,
  13. I will pray for safe travel and peace for your whole family. I am so very sorry for your loss.:grouphug:
  14. :iagree: I have used these products for over 15 yrs now and have tried store bought (name brand) detergents a few times over the years and have *always* gone back to SA8. I have soft water and a front loading machine, 1 box lasts me 6 months with a family of 5. Blessings,
  15. :iagree: I have used Singapore, Rod and Staff, Scott Foresman and Horizons with my ds. Although he did well with Horizons, the color and pace made math a nightmare (even though he continued to ace the tests). I finally found CLE and will stay with it. My dd is using the 100 level and is doing very well. I read once that someone said CLE was like Saxon on steriods and a "marraige" of Saxon/Horizons, I would have to concur. Good Luck,
  16. :iagree: We are doing the same. Blessings,
  17. Sandalwood, I started my ds with SWR but he rebelled over the "process" , although he tested well I didn't want to "drop" spelling for him. He likes workbooks and after researching R&S I really liked the excercises so started him with 2nd grade last year. He balked at the word list at first because they were too "easy" for him...*BUT* the excercises really challenge him (so he no longer thinks it too babyish for him ;) ) Blessings,
  18. :iagree: Although my ds is using 3rd grade currently, the exercises are still challenging for him (he tests at 7/8th grade for spelling) and I like how they make him *think* instead of just memorizing a list of words. I plan to use this all the way through. Blessings,
  19. :iagree:I am as well. I am also using level 1 with my first grade dd and I think both levels are perfect since my ds still doesn't have narrations down....level 2 "walks" him through it beautifully. I sure hope the level 3 workbook will be available for the 2009-2010 school year. Blessings,
  20. (imagine the spewing my coffee onto the monitor smiley here) Oh man! that is too funny :lol: Blessings,
  21. It's very easy. Marinade the london broil all day (overnight is best) in a pan (or plastic bag like I do) of Catalina dressing. Grill or broil, the marinade tenderizes the meat and gives it a great flavor. Blessings,
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