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Pam "SFSOM" in TN

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    Lending icy thermometers to friends in need. They decide where to stick them for maximum effect.
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    Mom. Wife. Nurse.
  1. Did what I could on mine. So, so sorry you're having all this trouble. Ugh.
  2. Just checking to see how you're doing. Missed you on the boards. :)

  3. Hey, long time-no see on the user list. How is RNing going?

  4. Hey Pam, are you still on? I see your last activity was today. I'm not stalking you, I just was looking thru my friends list as I was changing my avatar (to ds' picture) and clicked on ya--hope all is well with you.


  5. you're response to reya about letting 6 year old be a 6 year old was brilliant! I wanted you to know, but I don't want to post in that thread.


  6. Hi Pam, Just saw your note about your degree. Way to go!

    Hope the new year brings all good things your way!

  7. Pam,

    I don't know if I'm doing this right, but I'm hoping you get this message! Just wanted to send a huge congrats on your nursing accomplishment. My Mom is a nurse practitioner and worked as an RN for most of my childhood. She now works for the State Dept as a Medical Attache. Her career has been interesting to watch. She became an NP at the age of 50. Anyway, just wanted to say good for you! What a terrific achievement!!!

    Kate (aka KJB!)

  8. Congratulations on getting through nursing school! You ROCK!:party:

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