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    Lending icy thermometers to friends in need. They decide where to stick them for maximum effect.
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    Mom. Wife. Nurse.
  1. Did what I could on mine. So, so sorry you're having all this trouble. Ugh.
  2. I'll bet I'm mixing you up with Janie. But I guess I thought she was in NC. Hmm. Been away too long. :-)
  3. Jane, no, you're selling books, I've sent you money, you've sent me books. Several times. :) ETA: Or maybe not. I just assumed it's you.
  4. Aww, you guys are sweet. I miss you all. Janie, honey, you've sold me about half your library in the past four weeks. I'm still here, just on facebook. :) Now I need some chocolate no-bakes. Goodness. Worse than crack.
  5. So sad to hear this news. If you're reading this, Kay, love and strength to you for the journey.
  6. Just checking to see how you're doing. Missed you on the boards. :)

  7. Hey, long time-no see on the user list. How is RNing going?

  8. Hey Pam, are you still on? I see your last activity was today. I'm not stalking you, I just was looking thru my friends list as I was changing my avatar (to ds' picture) and clicked on ya--hope all is well with you.


  9. And when you're done, you have to watch the movie, Serenity, to see how it all :sniffle: wraps :bawl!: up.
  10. Kari, there are no words. Holding you and your family in my thoughts tonight.
  11. For not too many people would I break my board fast, Nadia darling. But here you go: :001_huh: :D :lol:
  12. Yes. Dd just used the one from the SSAT people, and she also credited ALEKS math (online tutorial) for a good specific prep for SSAT. Ds just took the actual test in 6th and 7th for practice and evaluation at his small private school, then for high school admissions purposes in 8th. SSAT tests by grade level, yes. You are scored with the cohort of the grade that you report your child to belong to. (Test as a 6th grader, get compared to other 6th graders.)
  13. Starfall.com Jumpstart (Um, yes Virginia, the same ones you got at home.) Peep (and Chirp and Quack) That's about it for K-5 here. Point, click, etc. Jan Brett BBC Scotland More BBC FOSSWeb Insects
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