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  1. Did what I could on mine. So, so sorry you're having all this trouble. Ugh.
  2. I sent it only seconds ago! Thanks for accepting. You are a very neat lady.

  3. I appreciate your stance *and* your ability to articulate it.

  4. Hi, Ms. Dawn. *mwaaaa!*

  5. Your Pedro button is priceless!

  6. You da bomb, Soph! *mwaaa!*

  7. "...a guerilla fighter in the BFBC." Bwahahahaha! Priceless. You win.

  8. I just really love you, you know that? :grouphug:

  9. Thank you for your strong yet kind tone and lack of snark. Very useful strategy for a Spy.

  10. I'm the one who is honored that you accepted, m'dear.

  11. LOL, I know! I think it will take MONTHS to finish this "friend" thing.

  12. Hi, Ms. Kelli. You are the bees knees.

  13. Yay! Good for you, *anj*. I also did not notice this thread was 7 mos old! LOL
  14. The really awful thing is that apnea makes you gain weight. So you're back to which came first, the apnea or the weight gain? Some moderate gain may have worsened the apnea which made you gain more, etc. I have a friend whose husband got a c-pap. He says he woke up for the first time in YEARS, and he lost all the resistant fat he was carrying around (which threatened his Army career) in six months.
  15. No way. Really?? Math takes away earworms? How?
  16. Goodness, no. I imagine him smiling very frequently. But then I'm married to someone who reminds me of him. Emphatic, likes to make his point, a little taken aback when his vehemence offends.
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