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  1. I live in the LA area. We've been using reusable bags for a few years now - I have quite the collection in the back of my car! The change wasn't a big deal for me, but I was checking out at Target the other day (right after the bag law went down) and there was an older man having a tantrum. He was incredulously repeating, "Ten cents?! Ten cents?! This is what you get when you vote for Trump!!!!" He gathered up his items and huffed out. The poor teen checker was dumbfounded. I had to laugh.
  2. Please go! It will a life experience you'll always remember and talk about - a fantastic family memory! And, once you see that you can do it you;ll keep on traveling..... My 11yo dd went to Australia and New Zealand last year with dh for work and it was just an all around great trip. Travel with kids is just so worth it!
  3. I vote rent. Unless you have another opportunity to snorkel soon....Otherwise, why store equipment you might not use again for a few years (like 18! lol) But, I'm on a decluttering kick - my place is too full of stuff I don't want to be roommates with anymore :lol:
  4. I've been there! And really frustrated, too. So, I decided that attention seekers would have to eat in the hall where no one could see them. It worked. I announced the new policy one morning and it went "live" at dinner that night. My son only had to eat inthe hall a few times. He loved to make noises and do gymnastics in his seat....Now, I just give one warning 'If you're getting up that means you are finished eating." If a child get up to "just go look at..." or " I was just stretching!" I say, great! Go look! Stretch! You are done eating and I'll see you at breakfast! I also am one that's DONE by dinner time - husband isn't here most dinners so he's not factoring in to the equation, but I know he's on board when he's here. Who wants to eat and patrol at the same time? especially after a whole day! You can do it mom! You got this! : )
  5. Loved it! DH's company bought out the theater so all the employees could go...so yes, I saw it with a horde of rocket scientists. This is the company that plans to "Occupy Mars" The most fun for me was hearing the folks around me talk back to the screen about what they were doing wrong/right/"Hey! I think that's crazy!"/etc. Good Times!
  6. I shudder to read these - bc I'm packing to go camping tomorrow!!!! Worst trip: 3 of my mom friends and I took our kids camping in a very nice area of CA - Malibu. At a state park by the ocean. Beautiful! 4 moms and 12 kids. Things are great until about 9pm. Kids are in the tents winding down after a day in the ocean, moms sitting by the campfire. Suddenly, a man on a bike veers into our site and crashes into the firepit - which was lit btw!!! He laid on the ground, talking to us and denying injury but saying he was "tired, man, really tired. just gonna relax" We were all stunned, but then we realized he was ok, just high on something. But he wouldn't leave - he laid there for about 10 minutes. Then we noticed another man had wandered back to where our tents were - with the kids! We told the guy on the ground to get up and leave immediately (since we'd already been doing this for the last 10 min we seriously hoped he'd go) and some of us went to the check in kiosk to report the whole crazy scenario. The college kid in the kiosk was completely unimpressed and we had to request the police come. They did and searched around but couldn't find either man. It was a very uneasy night. In the morning, one of the kids found the guy who laid on the ground's iphone. We took it to the Kiosk. About 10 min later he shows up at our site! Still acting weird...he asks if we've seen his phone. We told him we just took it to the kiosk. He left after asking what we were making for breakfast. What a nut!
  7. My dd has had 2 hamsters. Both have been the teddy bear type and female... They have been great! Dd is very good at caring for them and being very gentle and calm. She was 8 yo when we had the first hammy and then when it died she was 10yo and bought the next one. I only have experience with the hamsters we have had, but they seem to need short periods of interaction with people. I don't think either of our hams would have slept on the windowsill. As soon as they are awake they are in constant motion exploring, trying to escape when being held, and generally very mobile. They aren't a "sit and cuddle while you read a book" sort of pet. We've never had a biter. She'll hold hammy for about 5-10 min and then give her a break or put her in the exercise ball to roll around the house. I didn't know hamsters could scream! Maybe Syrians are more vocal and aggressive than the teddy bear type - they seem kind of pudgy and bumbling. We did have the hammy stay in her new cage without any handling for 2 days when we brought it home from the pet store and after that just for a few minutes for the next day or two but then it was a free for all of holding the hamster. It was a joke that hammy would be sleep deprived bc a giant hand was always reaching in to grab her from her naps! Best of luck with your new ham!
  8. Jean, Oh hon, so many hugs to you and your family. I will be praying for you all. I worked as a CNA while I was going to school for my RN in a nursing home's memory unit. I vividly remember the heartbroken sons and daughters that left in tears - they hated the dementia that had stolen their family members's memory and the intense pain of realizing "I'm at the end of what I can do" is dreadful. Many times I hugged those sons and daughters. It still makes me tear up thinking of it. I wish with all my heart that dementia never happened to anyone. You and your family have been true heroes and we can see that. Be gentle with yourself, you are my hero. Michele
  9. Girls! Get typing! I'm going to have 48 child free hours with my dh in Paris.....He travels regularly in the US and has been to the UK and South Africa , but never to France. So we both don't know what to expect. I'm not counting the day on either end b/c its all travel to France. He surprised me with this trip and I can't wait to go...for obvious reasons, but also so I can stop packing my kids, pets, and remembering all the details you need before leaving home. I know I'll be staying near the Moulin Rouge and plenty of Metro stops are close. I plan to: go to Eiffel Tower (I'll book tickets before I leave home) Go to the Louvre to see Mona Lisa, Winged Victory - but only stay for about 3 hours b/c DH hates art Jardin de Tuileries is outside of the Louvre Notre Dame walk along the Seine Arc de Triumph on the Champs Elysees Just wander around and eat until I can barely waddle. What else does the Hive Travel Agency recommend? I live in LA so I can expect it to really cold and people not to be into "Surfer casual". I know to dress in layers, comfy shoes, watch out for pickpockets, say "Bonjour" ,and drink lots of wine. And pray for my girlfriend who is hosting my 3 kids. Tell me what NOT to do and your experiences. Au Revoir! Michele
  10. Best laugh today yet!! (i think i fall into this category as well) Cheers! Michele
  11. Answer: Your dh should buy EVERYTHING!! confession - I super duper love TJ's and I was so upset when they stopped making my favorite...but I have forgiven then bc they still have so much awesomeness on their shelves....Sometimes I actually go by myself and just enjoy looking around without my kids bickering (that was embarrassing to admit!)
  12. Farrar, I get what you're saying - it is sad that people have had to deal with 'friends" that make them pass the bean dip. I have folks like that in my life and many family members. Who doesn't? I'm sad that I have to be cornered by people that I think are really just being nosy (and truthfully, I was annoyed and feeling defensive too) But, what Creekland said resonates with me too - there are people that really want to understand, not so they can judge negatively, but to learn and be open to others insights. Those people I don't mind. Yes, my few "real friends" (not just people in my neighborhood, coop folks, and the family that invited us to a BBQ tonight) have been supportive or my HSing and our choice for ds. We have things we don't agree about in each others lives, but it's not a stumbling block to our friendship. But the folks we will see tonight and other neighbors and acquaintances just make me feel bad (even tho I shouldn't.) They are the ones I needed wise words about...because yes, Dawn M, I have a few just like your mom who seem to exist to prove their superiority to others. I'm a mild and mellow kind of gal so this is a bumpy ride for me! The varied opinions here helps me grow as a person - not to be quick to make a judgment or miss a chance to share the why in a convicted way are great take aways for me.
  13. Wow - thanks everyone for the support. Sometimes I just need to get out of my own head and get perspective, y'know? I feel better...I'll keep on with the "it's the best choice" line... My other kids are very happy at the coop and hopefully after the shocking news circulates I'll be done answering questions...until people want an update on how he's doing! I can't say how helpful it's been to hear other families experiences with different types of schooling. I hope this thread helps another mom and dad in my shoes! Yay, Hive!!! Michele
  14. Ok, Hive. I know it's Labor Day and we're supposed to be enjoying that last bit'o summer. But I need your help, your combined eloquence, your experience, your mercy! Oh the drama! : ) The story is this: we have decided to send our ds to a local small private Christian school for 7th grade. We are really hoping that he'll "win the lottery" and be admitted to a public charter that is for science for the following year. So cross your fingers for us! In the meantime though, we are putting him in 7th grade at this small school b/c we have deemed it his best interest. Our coop has mainly younger kids, the class for older students would have a total of 3 kids (he would be one of the 3)and one student has behavioral issues the other severe dyslexia - the focus of this class would be reading and analyzing novels via discussion and writing. I can't see how that will happen, even though I respect the mom teaching it greatly. I looked high and low for online classes and other opportunities - there are some in my area, but the driving and trying to piece together a complete year made me cold. I also have other, younger kids. He's a bright guy, does his work willingly, scored an A for the year on his online writing/Lit course, but needs a challenge...loves science, loves to be around people. This year he built a filter for our pool and loads of other things. He's outpaced me and the kits I've bought. He's not a genius though - I'm sure the transition to school will be tough. Here's the issue - me. After 6 years at the same once a week coop, he's leaving and it seems to be all the talk. Do I continue to just pass the bean dip (He needs more than I can give right now, the program here is fine it's just not a fit for him....) as at least 4 or 5 moms approach me to chastise me or tell me of some great online/local place/give me a pep talk.One mom went as far as to tell me that my son's school may have gay people there (spoken in a whisper) b/c the denomination supports gays. Ay yi yi! I softly told her that it didn't affect my choice, she continued on in this vein until I announced it was ok with me and the world is full of things we may haven't have met yet...and btw I have gay family. She let me alone then. I'm getting exhausted and starting to feel bad about our choice. Today a HS family has invited us to BBQ with them - they don't know yet but I'm sure it will come up and I'm really dreading it. I'm wary of them not letting their kids play with ours anymore bc the mom has made a point of keeping her kids away from not HSed kids and she's chastised me in person and in writing for other choices we have made. All in the spirit of "love" of course! Plus the reaction of public school neighbors who will be happy to see evidence of HSing "failing" for ds and us. They are very involved and snarky. I'm generally a live and let live kind of girl and haven't embraced the "HS until the end b/c it's the only way" banner. Its been year by year for us. I'm just dreading the fallout b/c I feel like I don't have a good answer - even more so b/c we haven't defaulted to our local public middle school (it's not a complete mess it's just not the culture we want our kid in - super relaxed academics and morals, scoring poorly and also in the midst of a construction project) I can live without the 'save the earth' 'embrace diversity' curriculum - we have those things covered! So, should I just keep on repeating my statement and wait for people to move on? What have others here done to make it thru this transition? Ay yi yi! What a novel! I hope someone made it thru and can share their experience... Michele
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