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  1. I realize this is an old post but it looks like I will be joining your ranks in September. Initially I wont be working, but that will change during the school year after I finish updating all my stuff for my RN (have been out of field for 9 yrs). I am so happy to see other single moms out there who have been successfully homeschooling, it gives me tremendous hope. I look forward to gleaning wisdom from all of you. Blessings,
  2. Thank you Ladies for all the prayers, I feel them. I finally fell asleep around 5am this morning and got a few hours of sleep. Please keep the prayers coming this week as they will be GREATLY needed.
  3. Im a long time lurker here, which means I "know" many of you but few know me. I posted awhile back regarding sending my children to school next year. This was because my hubby of 23 yrs was telling me he wanted out which left me devastated. Trishe
  4. Thanks for this advice, this is something I would have never thought of.
  5. For various reasons which are too painful to mention right now... I need to get my kids ready to attend public school. At this time, I think I have until the Fall, so that is what I am working with. I currently have 6th, 4th and K. They have never been to a "school". I need practical curriculum advice so I can make changes with the school year I have left. My 6th grader doesn't "write", what is the easiest (overall) way to get him ready for 7th grade composition. I do not know what he might need. I am sorry to be so vague, but I am struggling to keep everything together until the kids go to bed. Thank You Trishe
  6. I agree, beautiful area. You can go to Monterey Bay Aquarium. There are many wonderful, quaint B&B's. I second this idea.
  7. I have family in Copperas Cove.... I send her a link and asked if he delivers mail to her place. :)
  8. I wanted to use VIE... but could not stomach the cost for 3 kids. We have gone with R&S after ditching Shirley. We *loved* FLL, I really wish all the levels were currently done. Maybe for my (current) K student.:D
  9. Can I make another suggestion. I am in my 8th year of homeschooling, and have started K with my youngest. With my oldest we took weekly field trips to the museums, zoo, park, grocery store, bowling alley, fire station, main post office, beach, wetlands...... you get the picture. He is in the 6th grade and will *STILL* talk about those trips. They are only this young ONCE....my youngest doesn't get those fun field trips because her siblings are 6th and 4th grade...and..well.... we have to be Home to school. Take advantage that these places (for the most part) are not crowded during the week. Do crafts...do and Mommy and Me class.. JUST HAVE FUN... There is PLENTY of time for academics next year. Blessings,
  10. My hubby cycles around 200-300 miles a week on his road bike and mountain bike. He recommends going to Performance Bikes (.com), he has used them extensively and has had good service. He sent me this link for your son to look at: http://www.performancebike.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/mProduct4_10551_10052_1112059_-1_catNav He said you did not have to buy *this* light combo, but you can get a good idea of what you might want. They are having a great sale this weekend, so if you can take advantage of that... you could get a higher quality product at the cheaper price.
  11. Using an Aristocrat wool cover was what worked for us as well. I also used a felt liner right next to the skin to help keep it "drier". Good luck. :)
  12. This is basically where I am as well. Love the look of VIE but cannot do the cost. We too will continue with Shurley and then buy VIE when the homeschool co-op sale happens.
  13. Thank you for link. I have never heard of Meaningful Composition and it looks very interesting. I am off to look at more samples. Thanks again!
  14. I agree, but make sure she takes the placement test... do NOT just buy her current grade level. CLE also has "levels", not grades on their light units so she (the student) won't know she isn't "at" grade level. Good Luck!
  15. Can you *please* share how you get through a shurley lesson in 5 MINUTES :w00t: I must be doing something wrong. And I am seriously considering ditching the IEW for WWS.
  16. Meatball soup and corn bread. I am trying out a new meatball soup recipe :)
  17. Thanks... I will check out those places for used options. Does anyone know if there is a significant difference between the 2006 and 2011 versions???
  18. I have been looking over the 2011 Voyages in English samples...and I like what I see. What I dont' like is the *price*:scared::svengo: Is there a cheaper purchasing option out there?? Blessings,
  19. I have not been on the boards at all in the last week. I did not know about AAL's cancellation. Thanks for the heads-up. I will have to take a look at the other recommendations SWB made for Grammar. Thanks!
  20. Just wanted to add, that because of FLL, my son has a good grasp of grammar and diagramming. Thanks!
  21. Hello Everyone, I am in a quandry with the 6th grade ds. He has used FLL 1-4 and WWE 1-2 then we used CLE LA last year with mixed results. We are in a co-op situation with another family for Classical Conversations.... she is using Shirley Grammar. During the summer this seemed "ok" with me, and since she would be "teaching" the Grammar/Writing portion of our co-op... I switched to Shirley 6 and IEW. I also have a 4th grade dd and a Kinder dd to give you an idea of workload. *I* am NOT a grammar person. Grammar and Writing were the BANE of my schooling existence. I am having alot of difficulty getting to Shurley and IEW with my 4th and 6th graders...part of it ..honestly..is I don't like the flow of Shurley and my kids *fight* me on it. They do NOT like writing. I use the white board to go over the lesson... I get the blank looks..the whining (which I DO deal with), and by the time we are done... *I* am having to (practically) write the paper for them. Because I won't do that, the lesson time takes at least an hour. I have always liked SWB's style and my ds has done well with her curricula. Should I try continuing with Shirley? Should I move on the SWB's new Grammar? Is it NORMAL for a Shirley lesson and an IEW lesson to take an hour each? My ds has some AP issues so I understand that I need to "teach" the lessons... but I am also trying to get my K dd going as well. I realize there is alot of babbling...and run on sentences...so please feel free to ask away. Blessings,
  22. Oh my goodness....this is my oldest dd :iagree:
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