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  1. I love Collard Greens, if you want to cheat a little you can get a few can on Glory Greens, throw some cooked hamhocks, neckbones or your choice of meat, chop a few onions up in it and no one will ever know they came from a can. They are good and quick. Just another option.
  2. I am in my 1st year of homeschooling and I LOVE it. I love watching my children learn, and I love being with them. I see homeschooling being something that i want to do for a while(hopefully until they graduate high school) but I am seriously contemplating leaving the relationship I am in. (we are not married but have been together for 6 years) It is not a healthy relationship for me or my children(2 of the 4 are his) and I am ready to get out of here. One of the things keeping me here is that i can homeschool them and be with them and I really don't want to put them in public school. Is it possible for a single parent to homeschool?
  3. This is a great idea. I will have to try this. This is my first year homeschooling, but we do 6 weeks on 1 week off. We will take a 2 week Christas break.
  4. Strider- Thanks for all that info. I am going to look into some of the co-ops.
  5. Wow thanks for all the replies. I think I will give R&S a try, and I will also look into CLE for math. Thanks
  6. Yes we just give up for the day. Today was one of them. We did math and reading and that was all.:lurk5:
  7. I wake up between 5-6am and drink my coffee and read my bible or a book for awhile. My kids start waking up about 6:30-7:00am. They brush their teeth, wash their face, and get dressed. They do their morning chores while i get breakfast ready. After chores they eat. While they are eating I go over the lessons for the day and get everything we will need out and ready. We usually start school between 8-9am. 9am is the very latest that we start or it will throw my whole day off.:001_smile:
  8. I am going through the same thing with my 4 year old. We do timeouts (a lot of them), and i take away his favorite things(his ds, dessert, halloween candy for the day, favorite trains or other toys) for a day. I think it is just the age, but crazy thing is that i didn't go through any of this with my 2 older children.
  9. I am researching curriculum choices for next year for my kids and I was looking into R&S for Math and L.A. I was just wondering if the math was a good curriculum. It will be for 4th and 2nd grade. I was going to go with saxon 54 but i am reading so many bad reviews on it I wanted to see what else there was. Right now we are using a mish mash of stuff for math. (MEP, Math Mammoth, and Khan Academey). Also are there any other recomedations for math for a mathy 4th grader, a not so mathy 2nd grader and a K'er? Thank You:001_smile:
  10. I love Khan Academy. My oldest is only in the 3rd grade but it is very helpful when he isn't understanding something. I plan to use it all the way through high school, even college. I want to know if anyone uses it as a spine also.
  11. Peppermint hot chocolate Peppermint white hot chocolate Those are my favorites
  12. Does anyone use the website lesson pathways for their children? What do you like and dislike about it?
  13. I live on the west side. We are looking to move to the suburbs soon(oak park, forest park, around that area). Do you know of any homeschool groups in or near the city?
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